Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My self

It is highly difficult to describe myself in a coherent manner. And here i am presuming, mostly people think so.
I am confused and always want to do thing, which i want to do. Well I am afraid of consequences, but not always, depending upon the severity of what am i doing?

Enough of this useless crap, i can say i am a thinker(hah... that's what i do the whole time). Think, think and think, the entire time and output........., i am afraid to say is hardly anything. And sometimes i wonder "why do i think so much?", but everyone else i know also thinks too much. Since I ought to think that, i am only bugged my myself; No it's not, its every other human being, who experience the same.

Secondly, i am a moody person, yes i am impulsive, i tend to acquire thing just in one single sweep. Why am i such a go getter? I just can't predict anything, all my prediction are always wrong all the time.
My favorite time pass is Saying what i want to just say ......... i.e. giving knowledge to others, which is hardly complete and insufficient.
Anyway when everyone else is doing the same , how can i be the last?

My passions......... Knowledge.........know everything and anything...... materializing two thing get zeroed down as for now........ROCK and programming in LINUX.

I do not know why i continued blogs again? But then I always think that ,i am hell of a writer, by now one would have realized, how lousy i am ? but that is not going to deter me anyway from writing(hah.... this is one more quality of mine).