Friday, February 12, 2010

The high marriage

What makes this wedding most interesting is that this is among the few last marriages of sapotas chums, which sapota will grace with his not-so auspicious presence. But you guys are bloody lucky, that Lord Sapota himself was present on the ceremony. So for the first time Sapota was traveling toward uttaranchal, so he was excited about the jouney. The dood is sapota's ex room mate, Sapota and dude had shared endless experiences in life. But Mr TATA-SUZUKI(the groom) has been around, and he has been so powerful with his entire killer personality that he made Mighty lord sapota to relocate his ass all the way to Capital from Pune, but then just anything for friends.
Sapota was quiet well in acquaintance with both merging Multi nationals(you read it right, TCS and MUL Joint Venture, i.e.). The marriage took place a bit in haste, we were expecting it in the end of the year, but somehow it took off in May(yes, right, the blog is too late, but sapota has no obligations to write, BOOM!!!). So the total turnout at marriage from the gang was low, and Mr. Groom was bit pummeled for this haste(please get us married, we can't live separate anymore, du'oh!)
Anyway, me and kanpa made it to the wedding party a night early and had discussion with one of the fellow Groom's brother in law all night and it was fun, but scary fun. In the morning Mr model as usual turn out late(yeah yeah, you r the hero, all high and mighty *rolling eyes*). So Mr Suzuki got an old olive green esteem(!!!!!) for his wedding; me model and kanpa and Mr Suzuki loaded ourselves into the SEDAN and the journey begun.
So we started out as usual discussing all the previous marriages and then drawbacks and advantages of relationship and what-not-bull-shit and then all high fundas of cinema and music. But the funny thing is in all this discussion, the only victim was Mr Naresh Suzuki Tata. He thought since he is THE groom, we will spare him(LOL, fools paradise). It was bloody hot, but thanks to AC car, we were spared. Then the discussion started venturing into the theories of bird-and-bee and stork-and-baby territory(u guys guessed it right!), again Mr. Groom was blushing and couldn't say much, which was surprising, we even discussed various elements of bee-and-bird theory to which Mr suzuki pleaded all the innocence, but we again victimized him and had good laugh. By the time we entered uttaranchal, the climate became wonderfully pleasant.
When we reached our hotel in almora, it was totally dark, so had little difficulty in locating the place. Finally we got ready for what-we-were-here-for(comon, dancing int he marriage party, Is it that hard to guess?), but at this altitude with up-the-slope walk, we hardly could keep up much. Finally we reached to marriage hall, which was one of the most awkward constructed building sapota have ever seen, but at this particular terrain, this building seems to be the only way. We entered at marriage hall, and we were overloaded with joy people had, because we danced so well(NAWTTT!). Now one more funny thing was the location of buffet, it was on the terrace of this marriage hall, and the view from the terrace made sapota dizzy.
Now all the nuptial ritual took place one after the other, sapota had the camera, which he used to his advantage, and was later caught for mis-use of camera, much to sapota's embarrassment. We retired after the photo session. We woke up early in the morning to see what is going on at marriage hall. Much to sapota's surprise, the negotiation for stealing-the-shoe ceremony was still on. Sapota knew it, extracting money from the vault of Mr. Scrooge is not that easy, and he made few chics upset with that. Later on, we had the usual chit chat with bride's family and after exchanging pleasantries, we took off from Almora. This time we were in Innova, with bride and grooms friends, return journey was fun, with loads of photographs taken at many strategic location. Finally, Sapota was invited at reception, but due to dislike for this kind of functions, sapota stayed back(Mr Suzuki-Tata already know that, but I have to come with something for groom's family, since they were expecting me).

For now sapota has asked all of his friends not to invite him for any marriage functions as long as sapota doesn't want it.