Saturday, May 09, 2009

Flight 666: An encore!

Its not everyday that Bustards like me get lucky, but beast has always been nice to me. So I went to PVR to see this documentary called as Flight 666. There were only 10-15 people in whole theatre. This documentary primarily covers IRON MAIDENS recent tour "somewhere back in time", which as compared to their previous world tour "World Slavery" is much bigger. Maiden were carrying entire maiden troupe, entire equipment, entire crew in the Boeing 757, the service is called ED FORCE ONE and the flight.... sukkahs... its Flight 666!!!

This documentary is directed by Sam dunn, who previously directed a film on heavy metal. He himself is a big maiden fan. Directing your fav band for a movie, nothing can be better.

Its an honour and a privileged that Maiden started this Tour from India, Bombay and I saw that concert LIVE!!! Bruce talks about crazy Indian fans and how spicy Indian food tossed Steve's digestion. From India they headed to Malaysia and then to Japan. Japan is well known for its hospitality, so maiden crew were overwhelmed with all showering of love and teenage girl running into the band. Not much population of Japan understands English but "Fuck what", Maiden Fans remains undivided even after linguistic barriers. So while they were showing Indian part of movie, they played "Aces high", atleast 6-10 people in theatre were singing.
From Japan they headed to Australia, where they played at Sidney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane! Holy eddie! 4 cities in a single country? Lucky bustards Ozies! And to my surprise all stadiums were full to capacity, what a killer fan following.. And to name a few, Adrian played tennis with Pat Cash, Oz tennis champion, who is a maiden fan too!

The Next stop from here was in US, Los Angeles. Needless to say, crowd response was amazing, people in their 40s who were listening to maiden for decades were here to attend the concert! Maidens have fans like Tom morello(RATM), who idolizes Steve Harris and then Nico Macbrain has inspire none other than Lars Ulirich(you fucking donno which band, Loser!). There were visitors like Kerry king and Ronnie James dio, all coming to see Maiden.

In between Maiden members were discussing about how Maiden members are part of one splendid family. Steve goes gaga about meticulousness of Adrian about sound and his guitaring. In between Steve's daughter three of them(*very hot* Drool stuff!!!) were making comment on how reserve daddy is?
Then the next Lag of Journey was Mexico. Bruce tells that real journey begins now, since the crowd of Latin and southern America is totally wild. I remember Rock in Rio Concert, the turn out for that concert in 1985 was around 300,000. In Brasilia, Maidens are worshipped like gods. So in Mexico it was a futbol stadium all ram packed. Bruce came wearing sombrero made by some fan especially for Maidens. Swarms of crazy fan making famous Mexican wave, singing in unison. Holy Eddie, I wish I was there.
Next stop was Costa Rica. I must say it was all teary affair in Costa rica. Maiden fans were on roads and streets and everywhere, waiting since days to get a glimpse of the lords. They were crazily mobbing around the hotel. By the end of concert there were dudes and chics crying, trust me, post gig depression can kill!
Next stop was Colombia, Bagota. On political grounds the security of this place was damn tight, Cops on horses patrolling everywhere. Fans were waiting in camps on the sides of roads for more than a week. Couple of them were complaining about lack of food and water due to security issues, but still they have swarmed the place like there will never be a next time. Maiden were floored with such a reception. What could be the the hieght of fanboism, there was a guy in coloumbia, who preaches Maiden writings in a church dedicated to maiden, he has 100+ maiden tattoos and calls himself Father Iron maiden!

so Maiden continued their onslaught in Brasilia, where they played futbol match with some local team. They performed at Sao paulo for an amazing crowd in a futbol stadium with many players wearing national team jersey on stage with Bruce.

Next stop was Buenes Aires, Argentina, from where they headed next to Santiago, Chile. Previously in Chile, Maiden were banned for spreading anti-Christ Faith. Harris commented that it was one of the totally misunderstood part. but, now after more than a decade, they are welcomed by frenzied mob of maiden devotees, who were on roads from Airport to Hotel room.
Next, the journey continued to New Jersey, US. The band member talks about how Steve harris is the backbone of Iron Maiden. Right from lyrics to finalization of songs, he is everywhere. I would say, he is one of the most disciplined musician around, his hard sticking to the schedule attitude has brought Iron maiden to this pinnacle.
So they had a crew song, "you are shit and you know you are", which they sang all time, whenever the plane took off for next journey(LOL!). There were couple of hot stewardess in the plane, who were having great time with band. The Last stop of this Journey was Toronto, Canada. Maidens were famous in Canada, much before it was famous in US. So Band is particularly fond of this place. The documentary ends with "Hallowed be thy name", I guess not a single soul in theatre can stop itself from howling and banging its head!
I was totally Maidenized, my addiction requires a regular dose of metal and this was it. Infact it was a really heavy shot of the toxin, which has mixed with blood so thoroughly that it will stay there until I pay my visit to lords, yet again.
\m/ up the irons!

Monday, May 04, 2009

The last marriage of the year

So no more fancy title name, but this marriage was last one in the year 2008. Sapota was utterly happy as this was marriage of one of the bestest chum. Sapota bought a fine suit, for the first time, just for this marriage along with Fatal Jutis and to make matter more sinister, Sapota wore 5 colored Jaisalmeri Turban.

One folk bought his swift, so we had fine time moving around. In the very evening of our arrival, we had grand booze party. Sapota has promised to dance his Ar$e off on this occasion. So Sapota jumped to arena and danced, all sorts of ridiculous funny dance moves, but who cares, it was all fun. Since evening 8 till late midnight the dance followed. The source of music was utterly ridiculous, but we had one song

Played for umpteen times and Mustandas were getting more and more wild with the dance.
Then Sapota is know for his "hain hain" dance, which he did religiously well.

One fella jumped to the stagnant rain water and then they splashed it all over, it was bloody funny! Then the dance continued in all colors and forms.
Next day we left with "barat" and reached Nasirabaad late in evening. Following our arrival we had great snack party and then they we were redirected to Corners for some booze.
After booze and all we danced with barat party with so called "Brass Band", now to locate other fellas, we lost the way and were wandering around! It became chaotic for a couple of minutes.
Later we(mustandas) and Barat reunited and then again dancing followed. The invitees in this marriage were quite imminent people some one like Governor of a state, So marriage was grand and quiet sober.
There were chitchats and clicking and dining all going on quietly. Later it was all very chilly, so we retired after this. But one of the sapota's gangy(yeah i invented it rite now!) was keen on seeing rituals. So at 2 am, we went to brides place to see nuptial rituals. A big gang of chics were sitting and giggling as priest recites rituals.
Surender's wedding

Sapota on the other hand was preaching some kids and cutting Lame jokes to pass time. Finally we came back and retired and next day proceeded to Puskar...