Monday, December 03, 2007

Metal: a Headbanger's journey

Few days back sapota has seen this documentary titled as this blog. Sapota had heard about this one for quite some time, but couldn't spare enough attention for it. However, fortune favors the brave(haa haa ;) ). This fella called Sam Dunn is a Metalhead like Sapota and has shown many things and few of them were quite new. He made this documentary to let main stream people understand why typically metalheads are "what they are?". He has done quite an awesome work in covering things, particularly step by step analysis of entire heavy metal phenomenon from its origin to metal culture. Spota loved everything about this documentary.
Sapota would like to highlight few things which sapota find interesting. The documentary was talking about origin, although disputed, but everyone knows Sabbaths are the fathers of Heavy Metal. They interviewed Iommi and Rush vocalist to get an insight, which was too cool. But then they interview Alice cooper, who is quite a character, Sapota always took him for soft rock, but he is one of the originators of shock rock. Cooper made news for being wicked and bizarre, many countries banned him. This fella is Big mouth, he said he originated Metal!
Then one more interesting personality to be interviewed was Dee Schneider of Twisted sister, this fella has written songs on teacher-student and parent-student clashes from subject's point of view. He was questioned by congress committee for his explosive lyric contents, and he is such a dude that he blew them apart.
They interviewed Capt Dickinson also, who is always as welcoming as anyone can be, Sam Dunn is one true devotee of Iron Maidens. Documentary analysed female participation in Heavy metal, Sapota would like to say this section seems more like trying to be politically correct kinda or may be this guy is trying to be as impartial as possible. However not much females are seen in real Heavy Metal, only few in alternative metal, and quite few in newer gothic or nu-metal bands. Sapota is not trying to be racist of Chauvnist, but Sapota has not seen any female in metal worth appreciating.
Now most interesting part was Black Metal. Venoman early band with early sounds of metal, quite dark and controversial. Venom made an album called Black Metal, which can be attributed to be inspiration for this genre. Now the journey took us to small Norwegian town near OSLO. This place has an old Church, quite important to Scandinavians, which was burnt by some black metal vocalist,who was sentenced for long. Anyway this town is home of Black metal, so many black metal fellas were interviewed. Here the race is to become most brutal band and do thing never done, anyway black metal derives its lyric contents from norse mythology and has quite an element of melodic metal.
Documentary inspected violence and outrageousness of Metal fans and bands alike, but no definitive conclusion, since bands are just trying to express wildest of their imagination. They interviewed Slayer vocalist Tom Araya, who says "offcourse God does not hates us all, but then its a cool album title", Sapota full heartedly agree, period.
They mentioned almost everyone but mentioned Metallica just once, saying the biggest metal band. Sapota would have loved an interview with Jaymz and Marilyn Manson or Mustaine, but no place for them :(.
Concludingly offcourse this guy went to huge concert at Wacken Germany, the documentary ended with Metallica song.

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