Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mustandas rox!!!

Well yes they do? do u disagree? if yes, then please fuck off. there are no exceptions to that. Some of sapotas friend will be disappointed with the fact that this blog is not about defining mustandas, well everyone knows that; U don't ?????, u looser! This blog is going to discuss sapota's visit to veer tha dhaba.
Well sapota has been to veer tha dhaba twice, once at real one and this time at the mini one. Veer the dhaba is not actually a dhaba by any means, it means that dhabas are completely something else, its unlike any dhaba. okay it is on a highway, owner is a punjabi, but then environment is totally different. This is a place where you see hundreds of dudes(literally!). They have come here to hang out with other dudes and have fun without much of hassles. You can see group of mustandas drunk and shouting and dancing and singing and huging and kissing(that's pretty embarrassing, but its okay, you do kiss ur brother, right!) each other.
They play loud music and most of this is kinda music sapota unlikes, but pretty apt for such venue. So here sapota was discussing some shit with his fellas and some guys were dancing and giving buday bump to one of them on some raised platform meant to dance. Songs were playing and then played this 90s song from some Pakistani singer "hawa hawa khusboo luta de" Oh My fawkin Gawd!!! that was like unleashing some monster, people went mad,every one was dancing and singing, even sapota was feeling euphoric. Every mustanda(hindi speaking... common ones), if he calls himself a mustanda, then he must have at one point of time in his life have loved this song, this songs is like one of the greatest romantic song which mustandas want to sing with his friends fantasizing a date with some chic. This venue is open under the dark black sky(we were there at night, offcourse!!!) near a highway and a hilly backdrop, all mustandas love getting drunk in such environment. Mustandas were doing all sorts of weird things, that possibly no one will even try in sane mind, but they were happy like a babies. Well Sapotas friends were loving this moment and yes, thanking each other for beautiful evening. Life seem so bright and simple out there.

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DBN said...

yeah that place is a total masti i ev also been thr a couple of times whn i was in calsoft, its very close to it.

But i think it was "closed" for a while b'coz of some license issues.