Thursday, November 11, 2010

the doppler shift

Have you ever wondered in your life about your strongest beliefs? The time when you believe in spite of being not judged, there is a compulsion forced upon you in order to be nice. The line between being cocky and "just trying to exhibit your ability" is so fine that you fail to take a right decision. Or worst you question your decision.
Your humility is not enough, the worst part is there is no way to measure it. Your actions are least cared about and you have no idea of what to expect. You believed "what is it that you can't tackle" but here you are struggling with the tiniest of problem.
Is your skill, experience and ability under a test to which you can easily succeed, but you still are so unsure. Your normal or in fact what you believed your mild indulgence is not really mild enough. What strength is still driving you? or are you just mad on yourself.
The adequate amount of sophistication or huge amount of savageness? what would you choose, is your goal is always to win? Are you treating everything your action to achieve an end.... or is the means; what worries you most?

There is not limit to what can puzzle you, confuse you. No matter how well versed you are with the universe, but it will throw newer scenarios at you, which will toss you like you never existed. Your quantification of unknown is always insufficient; Does it compel you to give up?
It is this time you stand up tall, you fight, you fight harder, the victory is not a matter of accomplishment, its a matter of good fight. Never give up, may be find an another way, may be try newer methods, but stand up to what you always believed in.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The TV thing

Since childhood, Sapota was watching Republic day parade on Telly except for when we have republic day celebrations in school and Sapota was among the participants. Sapota wondered how would it be to watch that thing live. Sapota somehow managed to get tickets for republic day parade last year. So this blog is more than a year late, but as always, Sapota can certainly come up with shitty reasons, but this time its just plain laziness.
Anyway, so we reached there on time, and it was early morning 6:40, bloody cold, and swarms of people coming to see the thing live. But still the turn out was low, because of terrorist threat and all that. Sapota just have one argument against that, If we are not safe at Janpath, we are not safe anywhere! Folks your houses are no fucking fortresses, get the fuck out of them to visit something worthy.
See Sapota had no overwhelming feeling of Patriotism or something. The reason is that there is literally nothing patriotic about singing patriotic songs, watching so called patriotic movies or for that matter watching parade at Janpath. Sapota wanted to see it how good our troops look when in they march in unison. All nations are equally good, so what is all that chauvinism about? Yes, Chauvinism and patriotism are two different things, but people fail to draw the line. Anyway, sorry for the gyan, but Sapota made his point clear.
So Sapota and his friend model settled on this uberchilly filthy metal bench and started discussing the program schedule for the day. So finally the Hon'ble chief guest Her Excellency the president of Democratic republic of India Mrs Prithbha Patil arrived in a black Merc limousine, waving to everyone. Following her were Guards of the president on camel. The funny thing was, there were folks, who were collecting camel dump, running just behind the camel troupe. The announcers(English and Hindi) were very typical Doordarshan style, which I prefer over anchors from private channels. So as Mrs President took her seat, the show begun. The first one to appear were Para commandos, they were on double march. Its most beautiful coordinated march I have ever witnessed in my life, they were all singing and they were fully armed with bag packs and Short machine guns. Movement of each and every foot and every elbow were in microsecond precision. Following them were Maratha regiment, they were equally good, except for the fact that they were on normal march and their uniforms were pristinely creased. Next to them were Rajputs, bloody tall and with moustaches that can make a lion pee in his pants(err lions don't wear pants).
Next there were many other marches from many units of Defence forces right from Navy to arti to Radars and what not. Then they displayed few missiles, not able to recall correctly, but it was agnee or prithvi(probably a replica). Then there were many other security forces like BSF and Delhi police and Delhi fire service. Interesting thing was seeing CRPF march, they were all tall and well built dudes with striking uniform with white boots and turban with butterfly like top yellow coloured, their march with clockwork precision was spectacular. Later the NCC cadets follow, they were playing "we shall overcome", given the fact, that they are just students, they were very good.
Most funny thing were exhibition from state. Some of them seem half hearted efforts, some of them totally disoriented. Sapota totally fail to understand if they have even made some progress to showcase. MP state's forest exhibition was totally a dumb idea, with no thoughts whatsoever.
Anyway, there were lot of school children singing and dancing, they were cute and well coordinated for their age. Sapota can't now recall the name of school or the dance they performed(see this is the disadvantage of being old).
Last portion was seeing signal guys coming on motorcycle. They are called motorcycle daredevils. Sapota have seen them in past, but seeing them live is another experience all together, these guys just steal the show. They are so well coordinated and all stunts are effortlessly performed. And all of them were of Royal enfield: army version.
Last part of the ceremony was seeing air to air fueling, which was invisible to sapota, as it was way too high in sky. Later, fighter plane soared in sky, one of them was quite low. The ceremony ended after Mrs President left in her limo.
This one was not particularly all that grand due to bomb threats and low turn out, but experience was fantastic. By this time we were too hungry, so we headed to breakfast at model's house.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

an emotional affair

Before starting, Sapota admits his technical ignorance as far as game of football goes. But in recent times, sapota has been following football madly and gaining some more insight in order to appreciate the beauty of game.
So before last Euro cup, sapota randomly picked up Spain, one reason is that sapota loves spanish language and culture and as you can see, this blog is themed in noobish spanish style. So Sapota has been supporting Espana for 3 years now. Raul was one of the yesteryears star sapota always liked, mostly because he was biggest name in Real and a very prolific forward. While sapota started supporting Espana randomly, they got lucky and won Euro. while sitting between 4 people, who were supporting Deutsch, holding a catalonian flag was difficult, but sapota is an obstinate bustard and he prevailed.

Since sapota was not having TV, he lived on for all the info. For this season of UEFA championship, sapota followed bayern very seriously. Bayern defeated ManU and Juventus and Bordeux to finally fight internationale in final. They lost but given their state of affairs, it was an acceptable defeat. Half of my team(yeah bayern) have player which belong to either Deutsheland or The Netherlands. Now supporting spain against these favourite ones was difficult task. Seeing your boy Swansteiger getting dejected after a loss is too much.

So the very first match sapota glued himself was espana vs swiss. The swiss defeated espana. Sapotas heart sank in fear and sadness for many days without loosing his cool. Sapota stopped watching matches. While Brasil, Argentina, The netherlands and germany were sailing easy, Espana were bit stumbling. The loss was majorly due to lack of coordination and killer instinct football needs. But it was a good shocker for them, which later proved to be beneficial to them. The thought which were haunting in sapota's mind were seeing brasil and espana play each other so early. Though today I can say Espana would have outclassed Brasil. But Brasilians would have upset them if they have strong morale given espana were still finding its form, but inevitable didn't happen and both team were saved. The next match which made sapota sad was German loosing to serbs. The serbs played as if they are on some army mission and they executed it perfectly, klose's departure sealed german fate. Sapota stopped watching league matches at all. Only thing he did was looking into fifa scoresheet in the morning. Somehow, all the favs had the same ranking as expected. The fear of first loss was not still away, so Sapota avoided Espana vs portugal.
Once Espana recovered fully, sapota was all set to watch Brasil vs the netherland. The worst part of this duel was seeing two favourite fighting each other so early. Sapota was confident Brasil will edge out dutch as easily. So he went for the live. Brasilian dominated first half as if dutch were no bodies. Dutch were at that time building the schema, after second half dutch started playing a strange physical game, which made brasilains upset and the first yellow card is flaunted thanks to Robben. Initially Sapota was sad as Robben's team would be out so early, but later Robben played unlike his original self, the desperation to win was so evident. He is supremely talented, very shrewd and if required can smartly get dirty. Barring two matches he played like a champion.
In the match bommel, van parsie and dutch defence tried everything they could to disrupt the brasilian rhythm, worst part is Brasilian gave up to what dutch wanted. The self goal by Melo was one of the most hurting moment of the match. Sapota believe Cesar would have saved the goal, if it wasn't for the melo to jump. Later on the german mechanics of kyut sniejder air headers killed the brasilian. In the mean time, sapota got angry, sad and upset all at the same time. Some folks at the venue of TV made sapota further upset by arguing with him, and this lead to general outburst of high pitch screams and what not. This all later proved out to be big moment of embarrassment due to triggered arrogance. Sapota cursed dutch team for dishonesty and cursed his fav player Robben for being such a foul player. Despite the fact that his Fav team was still in run, sapota literally disassociated himself with the futbol.
This was after 13 years that sapota had such emotional outburst with sports and he was heartbroken. Slowly and gradually the emotion was wearing off, and Espana was progressing steadily towards final. Sapota was lukewarm with spanish progress, but still not ready to watch any matches for the fear of loss.
The day final was due, sapota knew that dutch would play foul, but he knew spanish can do the same, not on that physical level but they can act like morons if required. Unfortunately, sapotas net connection was down, so he couldn't get the progress of match anyway from fifa site. Later in morning while in pool, he tried to overhear people talking about match but not really result. Sapota was at this time ready for any result. Later he saw the news in paper and was instantly happy.
At this moment, support felt like a weak supporter not having full confidence in his team. Besides, Its never about wins or losses, its about standing for your team, no matter what. But the last two matches have left sapota so ajar, that this time it could have made sapota get very depressed, if Espana would have lost while he was watching the match live.
In retrospect, sapota have learned to respect a lot of players including the english ones namely Gerrard, Lampard and terry. Have hated his favourite Robben and bommel. Acted like a cry baby and recovered back to his usual composure.
Sapota don't want to shove his team is so good attitude to anyone, that is unlike being a sports fan. But yeah it is a luke warm fun. The most enjoyable part is discussing it with people, who know what is being talked about.
Now sapota is looking forward for when the world cup returns to the holy land of Estdio de Maracana and that is when he will full heartly support A selecao.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Viva Zapata

This land is yours. But you must protect it. It won't be yours long if you don't protect it. If necessary, with your lives, and your children with their lives. Don't discount your enemies. They will be back. And if your house is burned, build it again. If your corn is destroyed, replant. If your children die, bear more. If they drive you out of the valley, live on the mountain, but live. You always look for leaders, strong men without faults. There aren't any. There are only men like yourselves. They change. They desert. They die. There are no leaders but yourselves. A strong people is the only lasting strength - Emiliano Zapata Salazar

Idealism is a difficult trait, specially for the people closely surrounding the idealists. Idealist leaders may always be swarmed by followers but, those closely related to him are constant state of trouble due to their idealist behaviour. Sometimes followers would resist them when they bring change and deviation from what is otherwise understood as normal behaviour. Idealist inspire and motivate people, they are the heroes of masses. Everyone looks upto them but, no one wants to live with them. They do have logic of their own to believe in their actions and they tend to have a foresight for greater good of everyone. The vision may sometimes be short, but it bring hopes to repressed masses.
For the first time, Sapota has seen Marlon Brando as an idealist hero. His general portray of character is erratic, self indulgent and apathetic protagonist, who will arouse pity and disgust but, not heroism. Brando does it exactly the way it should have been. This may seem a bit of an overstatement; Portraying a Mexican hero in a cinema could be difficult, and Marlon Brando seems like an outrightly wrong choice, but he plays it well enough to prove that wrong. His style is engrossing and he evokes compassion.

Zapata could not read or write, but he was a wise man. He firmly believed that leader should be educated. He being a farmer himself have correct understanding of the needs of fellow men. One sequence in movie is particularly remarkable "Zapata become president and write name of the farmer, who cross questions him, this suddenly becomes a turning point where he threw away his presidency and started fighting beside the revolutionaries". This is where idealism kicks in. Like an idealist he is a constant fighter, he doesn't care for fancy suits and high offices.
The dubiousness of morality of government and military official in implementing the land reforms provokes his conscience to leave the presidency. He understood that in this era of civil war, there would never be any peace and revolution will continue. So, he chooses to stay with revolutionaries.
There is an amazing synergy between Elia Kazan and Marlon Brando, where both of them builds up marvellous tempo in the movie. Both are so idiosyncratic still they align so well. No wonder all their movie as a team are wonderful.

Monogamy was not such a great virtue in times of revolution, but Zapata had a sense of being loyal to one women and he tries everything to get her. But he could have married her only when he was rich or a ranking officer. Zapata during entire course of his life never had tendency of acquiring ranks and offices. He was inclined towards obtaining the means to sustain the revolution. During the war due to constant victories, he becomes general of southern armies. This makes it easy for him to marry the women he loved. But living with an idealist was no easy deal, he demanded his wife to teach him reading. As the revolution intensifies the life becomes hard, his in-laws wanted him to leave the war posts and sit in office like a typical general. The president even offered him a ranch, but idealist never want all that, he had bigger things to worry about, his current engagement was implementation of land reforms.
When his brother gets killed in an ambush, he takes him home for a normal funeral instead of a martyr's funeral. Since he died in a personal battle and not and not in the revolution. He created a new legacy for entire Mexico, even after his death, people never believed he died. And so the Mexican revolution continued even after his death. He created a new generation of leaders and revolutionaries, whose aim was to protect the land and interests of farmers.

Monday, May 31, 2010

forgive me, forgive me not.

What is a good song?
How is it defined?
There is lot of technicalities, which can be talked about a fibre of good song.
But a good song is a great composition, which for some unknown parameter is so dear to you.
You have heard this song for 6 years, repeated it in loop for many times, you have lost track of the number of times you have heard it. You have heard it a zillion times, you have heard it so much that you got bored of it. You don't want to hear it anymore. You leave the song and move on to future musical composition. But then one fine day you feel an urge to listen to it again. And this urge is as strong as any narcotic drug. You remember every beat, every riff, every note, every pitch and all the words in the song. You lived your entire life in that song. Time stops every time you hear it. You don't care where you are, you want to get immersed in the song, its like a treasure island, where you are cluelessly wandering to find something priceless, which bloody never existed.

Sapota dont give a flying fuck what metal kids say about Metallica. Sapota had sufficiently ventured into all genres of Heavy Metal to have an opinion. And musical choices are driven by feel for it, not by coolness factor associated with it. Anyway, who the fuck cares!
Well this song is not really thrash, its more of core melodic metal. But more than its technical merits of being a metal song, this song tells a story, and story one can associate so easily with.
UnforgivenS(yes an extra "S" for the fact that there are three of them now) are one such lore of a man, who undergoes a lot in life. To be honest "unforgiven too" is my favourite in series for the plain fact that I heard it before the Super awesome original Unforgiven. Unforgiven is much more terse for a person who is new to such genre of music, whereas "Unforgiven 2" is much easy to understand. While by the time you come to "Unforgiven 3", you have heard previous unforgiven so many times, that you will never forgive Metallica, if they screw the series with a mediocre song. If it was for any other band, this song would have been easily regarded as the greatest song they could have imagine. But with Metallica, expectations are very different, they were once the GOD, and now they are God that failed. But let me assure you that "Unforgiven 3" is one of the greatest song ever created, though not comparable to originals, but priceless. It has same effect on you as the originals, the humming guitars just reverberates in you mind till you you get completely immersed in the song. The story of the man continues, but with a different angle.
The best part about any good Metallica song is Jaymz Hetfield will make you feel what he is feeling, or may be its just me, who associates so much with these songs. A lot of it is said in the way you always wanted to say, but never had right word. Metallica did it just for you and in the exact manner it was suppose to be.

There are lines in these songs, which hit you back, which haunt you in a very specific way, you feel a need to listen to them and try to understand if there is something cryptic or missing. You want to relisten to them as if you are trying to read between the lines. But I guess songs have said a lot in that small period of time.
After a very long period of time, the urge to listen to something so classic as The Unforgiven shows that it commands you by brute force which will pull you towards them. You were, for months, listening to super complex highly technical compositions which were executed in unhumanly precise manner, But you get pulled out of all that to listen to Unforgiven because "what I felt what i have know, never shine through what I have shown.... Never free never me... so be I dub thee unforgiven" and because "What I've felt, what I've known.... Sick and tired, I stand alone.... Could you be there?, 'cause I'm the one who waits for you Or are you unforgiven too?" and because "And how can I blame you When it's me I can't forgive?"

Monday, April 12, 2010

This country deserves a better class of patriotism

There are few simple things which can be done for good of this country and its people. And why only this country, but to entire world and to all humans and other living beings.

1. Don't bloody throw your waste on the road

I carried my entire waste 300 kms in the rain, since I couldn't locate any wastebins and those hills were too beautiful. To me littering is suicidal. It hurts me most, when there are no dustbins for miles and there is no way you can carry all your waste in your pockets(yes, we have fucked up systems). I can't tell others what to do, but I can ensure every toffee wrapper, every bottle, ever packet I have used get disposed properly(and if required I will carry it until I find a suitable waste bin).

2. You can carry your stuff in your own bare hands, you would still remain yourself.

I carry a packet of milk and a packet of bread almost everyday from shop to my home bare hand without the god damn polyethylene bag. Yeah, its bit inconvenient, its ugly and oh no! your bloody reputation is on stake. Whole world will know that you looked so awkward when you carried your stuff in your bare hands. And you the great descendant of Mr Attila, the Hun will be disgraced eternally. Well, there are always better way of doing it with proper foresight, but you always forget to bring your bag along.

When you litter, someone else picks up that for you, who is that person?
oh! he is paid for it.... and what about those places, where there is no one who gets paid for picking up your waste? Why are we so oblivious? we just throw our shit around, without even thinking for one damn second.
And we blatantly spit around everywhere. How pathetic? Entire country is our spit bin.

Somehow people don't think all this has to do anything with patriotism. But what is love of country(or world for that matter?) Isn't it about protecting its existence and keeping it the way it was? Consider it as war, and hence the glory of protecting your beloved motherland.

Well if you are reading this, please, I request you to follow the above two, they are not all that hard to follow. And please follow it in spirit with your heart. You are smart enough to argue against these points, but this is not about winning this debate and I am not saying something, which we already don't know.

Firstly I wanted to get this thing printed in form of handouts and distribute it to people, but that would have defeated entire purpose of this activity. Printing this on paper will lead to cutting of trees somewhere. This is definitely not the worst thing I have ever said or done. But I wish I could stay away from all the "preachy-ness" and do something worthy, and hence sharing this thought

I want to spread this word, I am not sure how? I would be glad to know some practical way of doing this. But, I wouldn't like to talk, I would like to do something. We already talk a lot and implement nothing.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The high marriage

What makes this wedding most interesting is that this is among the few last marriages of sapotas chums, which sapota will grace with his not-so auspicious presence. But you guys are bloody lucky, that Lord Sapota himself was present on the ceremony. So for the first time Sapota was traveling toward uttaranchal, so he was excited about the jouney. The dood is sapota's ex room mate, Sapota and dude had shared endless experiences in life. But Mr TATA-SUZUKI(the groom) has been around, and he has been so powerful with his entire killer personality that he made Mighty lord sapota to relocate his ass all the way to Capital from Pune, but then just anything for friends.
Sapota was quiet well in acquaintance with both merging Multi nationals(you read it right, TCS and MUL Joint Venture, i.e.). The marriage took place a bit in haste, we were expecting it in the end of the year, but somehow it took off in May(yes, right, the blog is too late, but sapota has no obligations to write, BOOM!!!). So the total turnout at marriage from the gang was low, and Mr. Groom was bit pummeled for this haste(please get us married, we can't live separate anymore, du'oh!)
Anyway, me and kanpa made it to the wedding party a night early and had discussion with one of the fellow Groom's brother in law all night and it was fun, but scary fun. In the morning Mr model as usual turn out late(yeah yeah, you r the hero, all high and mighty *rolling eyes*). So Mr Suzuki got an old olive green esteem(!!!!!) for his wedding; me model and kanpa and Mr Suzuki loaded ourselves into the SEDAN and the journey begun.
So we started out as usual discussing all the previous marriages and then drawbacks and advantages of relationship and what-not-bull-shit and then all high fundas of cinema and music. But the funny thing is in all this discussion, the only victim was Mr Naresh Suzuki Tata. He thought since he is THE groom, we will spare him(LOL, fools paradise). It was bloody hot, but thanks to AC car, we were spared. Then the discussion started venturing into the theories of bird-and-bee and stork-and-baby territory(u guys guessed it right!), again Mr. Groom was blushing and couldn't say much, which was surprising, we even discussed various elements of bee-and-bird theory to which Mr suzuki pleaded all the innocence, but we again victimized him and had good laugh. By the time we entered uttaranchal, the climate became wonderfully pleasant.
When we reached our hotel in almora, it was totally dark, so had little difficulty in locating the place. Finally we got ready for what-we-were-here-for(comon, dancing int he marriage party, Is it that hard to guess?), but at this altitude with up-the-slope walk, we hardly could keep up much. Finally we reached to marriage hall, which was one of the most awkward constructed building sapota have ever seen, but at this particular terrain, this building seems to be the only way. We entered at marriage hall, and we were overloaded with joy people had, because we danced so well(NAWTTT!). Now one more funny thing was the location of buffet, it was on the terrace of this marriage hall, and the view from the terrace made sapota dizzy.
Now all the nuptial ritual took place one after the other, sapota had the camera, which he used to his advantage, and was later caught for mis-use of camera, much to sapota's embarrassment. We retired after the photo session. We woke up early in the morning to see what is going on at marriage hall. Much to sapota's surprise, the negotiation for stealing-the-shoe ceremony was still on. Sapota knew it, extracting money from the vault of Mr. Scrooge is not that easy, and he made few chics upset with that. Later on, we had the usual chit chat with bride's family and after exchanging pleasantries, we took off from Almora. This time we were in Innova, with bride and grooms friends, return journey was fun, with loads of photographs taken at many strategic location. Finally, Sapota was invited at reception, but due to dislike for this kind of functions, sapota stayed back(Mr Suzuki-Tata already know that, but I have to come with something for groom's family, since they were expecting me).

For now sapota has asked all of his friends not to invite him for any marriage functions as long as sapota doesn't want it.

Friday, January 08, 2010

That is so fucking punk?

Well, he just saw green day, he is just a teenager finished his high school. He has traits of rebellion growing inside him, he donno what is mass, what is class, he just have an attitude, but no experience. He simply wears a tie over his T-shirt. The so-called mature people will stare him with some sort of disgust and repulsively say "fucking punks!!!". Its not about supporting punks or Goths, but he is just innocent.

Well everyone wears an attitude in someway or another. Oldies tend to be more subtle with same white shirt and black trousers and those shiny black shoes. Whereas a heavy metal rebel will don long hairs, black Tshirts, loads of Iron made jewelry. Its all about your own persona of yourself. Few have argument, this is not a suitably good looking dress; Who the fuck cares? Wear and don what you like, Fuck everything else!

With revolution started in early 70s by punk gods, Mostly speaking Sex pistols and The stooges, outrageous dress-up became so popular among the generation that it crossed all geographic boundaries and was seen everywhere. Sid vicious once wore a lock as pendant, and 40 years later its as chic as it was then. Lather Jackets with Black Rebel motorcycle Club written on back worn by Marlon brando along Aviator sun glasses riding on a customized Motorbike with long handles was first seen in 1963 and then same style was picked by Elvis Presley later on by James dean. And now we know that Leather jackets on Harleys with aviator sunglasses are rage.
Another god of style is Lemmy, prolly he inspired an entire generation of supermachos, his mutton chops can send chill across spines, and his cap, which NO-ONE and i mean no one else wears, but him. He wears a natzi cross, which has created some controversy, but a GOD like him can never be bogged by such petty nonsense. His stature as a rock n roll icon is so big that, he has undivided cult following, who are all Motorhead fanatics(Heil Lemmy \m/). Lemmy's influence is quite evident on Son of gun Like Jaymz Hetfield. Hetfield dons a brand new set of mustache and beard in every other concert, right from mutton chops to goat like beard. Jaymz and party even wore entire cowboy style costume with old school beard and as they call Metallica Goatee.

Wearing the attitude is not a new thing, ancient times people use to wear their own symbol of identity, Bapu for example wore a plain white cloth and the stick. He is nothing sort of an icon of popular culture, but he is a mass hysteria. The man, who is most relevant in todays society. Even rock videos made by marilyn Manson features him.

So than he told sapota may be dude you wear your attitude, these punks are bunch of looser wannabes. It made sapota delve deeper into the thoughts that he knows sapota and his remark is not for flattery, but apathy for herd behavior, when entire crop try to ape some one shot to glory star. But there is nothing which can stop people from following what they like, even if later it seems silly.

Talking of goths, I guess earliest sign of face make up comes from KISS, sapota never liked kiss, but Gene Simmons has inspired a lot of musician, and as they say, he is one of biggest womanizer of all times; you can say he is in the league of Steven tyler and Jack Nicholson. Later on entire generation of extreme metal bands wore face makeups, nails, studds, metal belts, and bullet cartridge straps.Most of death Metal bands, viking metal, black metal(Scandanavian bands) are racing to be next most brutal thing seen.

One of the subtle gothic getup was worn by shock rocker Alice copper, Marliyn manson took to next extreme. But as he says, its him and his music, other parameters are immaterial.

One of reason why there has been revolution in imagery of rock n roll albums, video making and lyrics is consequence of pop culture and punk attitude, it is when one thinks beyond the obvious. Pushing yourself beyond conventional. Videos made by Pink Floyds are so metaphoric in nature, at the outset, they hardly convey anything, but a closer look reveal so much. Iron maiden always use gory album cover, which is full of immensely well created art work. But they were once banned at many place on religious ground, since the album cover is dark, but band has no such persona.
On similar grounds, RHCP make videos which has this "rebel teenage dude" attitude trying to break away. Other bands dont paint, dont film obscure videos but their lyrics has been doing it all, one such example is Jim Morrison, probably one of the greatest lyricist of all times.

Why are sneakers such a popular footwear among youngsters. Without doubt Kurt Cobain has made them popular making them a symbol of freedom. They are part of entire grunge attitude.
skull rings are yet another popular accessory among Metal fans. Cliff burton wore them and after his death, James wore them as a love for the greatest rock bassist world has ever seen.

Sapota has his own bits and pieces of rock emblems and his own punk style. Few items sapota possess and few he desires. The original Led zep buckle is one of the most beloved possession. Few crosses, but I would like to have the same large plain cross ozzy and Tommi wore. The British steel blade pendant worn by Dimbag Darrel, I read somewhere, it mean that not to fuck with the owner. Motorhead helmet!!! man a motorhead helmet on Indian chief is utmost Nirvana. Same skull rings as Cliff burton, I have skull ring but not the bloody same. One possession is my Accadacaa keychain with beaded chain, some people find it awkward, but fuck them, as if I care! One more blasphemy is wearing natzi cross the same one lemmy wear, oh lord pardon thy humble fan, as he dare to ape the lord.
From kernel_barbarian