Tuesday, May 31, 2011

lets kill them.


A: shall we kill someone?
B: What?
A: I mean how bad could it be? There is nothing bad about killing? people die all the time, killing will just be another medium to achieve it?
B: But why would you do that?
A: I am not saying we should just kill anyone?
B: so you are going to choose someone?
A: Yeah, potentially deserving candidates.
B: potentially deserving candidate? are you mental?
A: No, I am perfectly sane, Its a plot for a story!
B: Right! A bloody plot to you?
A: Look, we have this normal life which is perfectly all right in all senses. But we still crib and complain, Why not just correct it?
B: Correct it by killing? That doesn't make any sense.
A: Let me give you a bigger picture. If perfectly executed, killings will occur in different locations under different circumstances. And by the time investigation reaches a possible outcome, we can safely reach a number and this number will be proportional to the delay in each murder.
B: OK, Lets assume you can evade being caught.What are the chances that you will be successful in executing these plans and no one will know about it?
A: None, The plan is to find out 10 perfect candidate, study them and kill them while they are totally alone and send a message with each killing.
B: What? are you a serial killer who gives clues and messages?
A: ummm
B: Wait, you are trying to be a vigilante.
A: More like justice delivery girl.
B: and the candidates?
A: Corrupt politicians with records of charges against scam and history in general crime.
A: Policeman misusing power, taking bribe leeching general public. Public servant crippling the weakest and poorest. Some sort of money lenders to farmers, who sucks their bloods from interests like a pest. Lawyers who save politicians, criminals, who have no moral fibre. A journalist whose life is dedicated in bringing misery to innocent victims of misfortune. A fake celebrity, who is linked with crime and exploitation the naive. A child rapist, who has gotten away because of loopholes in system. Son of a rich businessman who ran his car over people who were sleeping on footpath and raped a foreign tourist.
B: exquisite! But this list is too vague. Do you have any real candidate in mind?
a: Lets take an example of the scammer politician who stole money from coffins of dying soldiers. Or take example of that police officer, who raped a child and got away with it. And the son of chief minister who ran over those innocent kids and murdered the waitress in that lounge.
B: great suggestions, But these people are highly protected. Besides they are known criminals and will be punished by the law.
A: punished? the trial? its a joke. Its all a sham. These people need to be brought to the justice by chopping off their balls and sending a loud and clear message through Mass media.
B: Well, this could cause mass Chaos, besides mass media is controlled.
A: Chaos is very much desirable. And we need to kill one these bastard journalists.
B: Isn't the integrity of your plan compromised by revealing it to me?
A: No, it isn't. I need to Brainstorm and I need to find flaws in this plan.
B: ME? I am not doing it!
A: Why? you have better stuff to do?
B: No, this is insane!
A: What is this about the sanity of yours? you live life like a rat. Someone have to take responsibility.
B: who? me?
A: No, I will do the honours, I just need a partner.
B: I don't want to get caught.
A: you wont. We will not be related. I just need ears.
B: RIGHT! and how to you intend to undo what I know?
A: How about killing you in the end?
B: damn you! you will kill me?
A: Its the only worthy thing to do.
B: May be not, can we return back to our boring Normalcy.
A: Think of how much good can be done, think of it as revolution.
B: Society wont see it as revolution. It will be seen as genocide by a psychopath.
A: Its not a crime. Its not driven by money. Its driven by a bigger cause and good faith.
B: good faith? what crap?
A: Yeah, restoration the faith in honesty and human values. 10 dead wont make a difference.
B: Right, It wont change a damn thing!
A: No, it needs to be sent as a message. A clever scheme is required. If I can evade being caught until I execute 10 killing, mission is pretty much accomplished.
B: Yeah and once you are caught. you will be the part of living hell.
A: We are already living in hell. I just need a way to send reminder to everyone else.
B: Ok, for sake of it everything goes as you say, which is highly unlikely. What you do next?
A: handover myself over or commit a public suicide with a suicide note or a suicide book with extensive details like say jim.
B: Quite brave and heroic, but stupid as fuck.
A: Not stupid. All ideas are stupid in the beginning. Good work and planning can get you what you really want.
B: Really? I think all you(or anyone else) want is shit load of money and beautiful women.
A: May be. But I am not that shallow to waste myself for material crap. As joker said, "we need better class of criminals"!
B: So we are criminals?
A: No, you are missing the point. What we are planning to do can be considered as crime in legal and civil framework, but its implications are far beyond the existence of this framework. All revolutions were called crime by the authority, Later it turned out it was the struggle for freedom/republic.
B: So you are a freedom fighter now?
A: No, we already have freedom. And this is about protecting it. And its not just me, its us now.
B: Woah! I am not a part of it.
A: you are, like everyone else.
B: If you want want to execute this. What will be the plan.?
A: Good question. First the selection of candidates. A detailed study of his/her lifestyle and creation of a profile. preparing an execution method and calculating timing.Planing the budget. Create a demo. Look for associated factors and parameter in this execution plan. Find the effectiveness of this killing. Methods of sending message. Capture avoidance planning till next execution. Estimation of time frame between each execution, I want to give them time to digest it and as the fear falls down, give them another dose of death. Human minds are so used to this freedom, fear is only way to stop its misuse.
B: So you don't rule out killing women?
A: There is no discrimination here. A scum is just a scum, nothing more.
B: Budget! Where do you get the money from.
A: Initially my own money and then each dead pays for his next companion in after life.
B. What about the families?
A: target's family would be financial secure in some way.
B: Don't you know that all crimes are driven by needs generated by family.
A: Exactly, So family need to pay the price. Besides someone will be sacrificed on the road to greater glory.
B: That sounds like lenin? You will still be affecting innocent lives.
A: The idea is to portray these filthy bastards as cancer to the society, which needs to be eliminated. The media would try to make martyr out of them. This is the biggest fallacy in the plan. So I need to kill the people who are already hated and who are in trial and send the message across. Once the message is through the martyrdom is gone.
B: Whoa, really? Trying to kill someone in judicial custody or police protection. you are not capable of that?
A: No, I will start with someone whose security protocols are loose. And I will sacrifice these easy targets first.
B: So you may still leave the biggest scum in the pool and go for an easier shot.
A: I have to strike the balance.
B: More like you want to just kill someone!
A: That is the only feasible solution to this super complex problem.
B. I suppose so. So what next.............................