Monday, December 29, 2008

The Man auctions his spirit for a price.

He is stuck with nothing, but commercial innuendo.
They surround him with expectations, ask him to scramble,
he reaches a false peak.
He cares! but, why? & for whom?
The unanswered one haunts him... "Identity of Unknown?"...

Necessities overshadow Creativity,
Dreams get oppressed by reality.

The Sea lies ahead and he never knew the swimming; the sea of self doubt.
He set forth to become a genuinity,
but they prevented him; his own people.
they are adamant to make him a falsery, a shallow impostor.
He wanted to dwell deep and be true, but the desire diminishes,
A patch gets spun around him, which is made of nothing but obviousness.

Death is serene, life is a shattered dream, Why live?
LUB-DUB! Is that what live for?
They want to churn out his entire endowment & milk everything.
Eat, construct and reproduce
Load Earth with Daggers, kill it! KILL IT!!!

Innocuous appearance, he loses sanity, becomes arid.
his spirit leaves him, its gone...
its flying out into the empty firmament
he gazes, gazes hopelessly, endlessly.
it just escaped, he knows no way to shackle it back.

Its just a carcass into which his heart pumps the blood,
rock n roll still lives forever,
its just that he is not in it, Anymore.

sounds keep going, sounds keep coming, swooshing by.
air goes in, air goes out, but its just a thump, not life.
he asked for somniferum, but they gave him cannabis.

Let him fly, Let him soar.
Let him spread his wings
Let him reach the sun,
and when his wings char
Let him fall and let him die, PLEASE!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

42, 000,000 and 1

Finally Sapota purchased his First Rock Album, this was the day destined for sapota by the lords themselves...
Lord Bon Scott must have looked at his not-so-humble fan and smiled... perhaps the message is Welcome little devil to the highway to hell....
So let there be rock....
There is real joy, much beyond this fakery all around. Sapota is now 42 million and oneth fan. Sapota is now the part of history, he owns the highest sold rock album. The pride of ownership and possession.
So all day long the music will play..... Ho! ho! ho! hey! hey! hey! I am back, I am "back in Black"....
The Black welcomes me, the black is to absorb me all the time. I become a part of black.
The tolls of Bells, chimes from the Cymbals, the first riff of Angus guitar, First thump on Bass drum, Metal beats on snare.. I never bloody knew that Hell bells sounded so fucking great. No wonder its the inception of the album.
Then they sing about the damn best women I have ever seen... knocking me down with those American thigh....
What if I leave you.. honey, what you do for money?
The slowest track has subtleties of love making, "let me put my love into you", its just a wonderful surprise.
Rock n roll, sex? what else remaining... booze babe, Booze! so have a drink on me, have whatever u want, gin or brandy, but have a drink on me and let the hell pay for it. haa haa....
and then the riff....Rock n Roll ain't noise polution... who the fuck says so and it ain't gonna die.

The vacuum created by the absence of Bon Scott can never be filled, Let there be peace on him.
Angus has done marvels on Givin the dog a bone. Brain has tried hard and he is good on Shake a leg and Shoot to thrill, he is different but not quite Bon.
This album has commenced a new era of rock n roll for sapota, this is just the beginning, but the frenzy will stay and sapota shall go berserk over and over.