Monday, December 29, 2008

The Man auctions his spirit for a price.

He is stuck with nothing, but commercial innuendo.
They surround him with expectations, ask him to scramble,
he reaches a false peak.
He cares! but, why? & for whom?
The unanswered one haunts him... "Identity of Unknown?"...

Necessities overshadow Creativity,
Dreams get oppressed by reality.

The Sea lies ahead and he never knew the swimming; the sea of self doubt.
He set forth to become a genuinity,
but they prevented him; his own people.
they are adamant to make him a falsery, a shallow impostor.
He wanted to dwell deep and be true, but the desire diminishes,
A patch gets spun around him, which is made of nothing but obviousness.

Death is serene, life is a shattered dream, Why live?
LUB-DUB! Is that what live for?
They want to churn out his entire endowment & milk everything.
Eat, construct and reproduce
Load Earth with Daggers, kill it! KILL IT!!!

Innocuous appearance, he loses sanity, becomes arid.
his spirit leaves him, its gone...
its flying out into the empty firmament
he gazes, gazes hopelessly, endlessly.
it just escaped, he knows no way to shackle it back.

Its just a carcass into which his heart pumps the blood,
rock n roll still lives forever,
its just that he is not in it, Anymore.

sounds keep going, sounds keep coming, swooshing by.
air goes in, air goes out, but its just a thump, not life.
he asked for somniferum, but they gave him cannabis.

Let him fly, Let him soar.
Let him spread his wings
Let him reach the sun,
and when his wings char
Let him fall and let him die, PLEASE!!!


Ezekiel Barzillai Smythe said...

I am sure we have all auctioned ourselves at least two or times in life... not that that's a "good" thing but it makes for some good haiku! Am I right? :) Thanks for dropping by my draft pad of a blog. I like yours.

Keshi said...

omg this is BRILLIANT Anuz!

guess what Im doing now...CRYING.

**life is a shattered dream,

LOVED the way u said it..cos it is so true!


Venkster said...

Maan gaye've taken prose to new heights with this one...I think this is your calling...