Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Great Craft of BakarChodee.......

An ancient tradition of conversation has been passed to us by our great forefathers. This form has been developed over the time and has been enriched by the works of scientific and artistic discoveries. This craft in it self has absorbed manier other such arts, in fact whole tradition and cults. Now this art has become a part of life as a religion and a life style.
Bakarchodee has many forms right from a typical whisper in ear to a loud commonplace gossip, it can be a formal corporate meeting or a Television chat show, everything in human world is driven by this great craft.
The most common form which is so omnipresent is Fundas, these Fundas are so much around one, that they are inevitable and inescapable, nothing can be so common than these fundas. Fundas brings life and energy to every form of Bakarchodee, they are heart and soul of Bakarchodee, they are the decorations of this art. Fundas make bakarchodee delightful and pleasant. they are like diamonds on a golden necklace worm by a beautiful woman.
The First Commandment of the Bakarchodee is:
1. Thous shalt giveth the Fundas, wherever possible.

Since fundas like any other worldly things have other side also. so another commandment is required to save the universe and human race:
2. Thous shalt never taketh the wrong Fundas.

Where as Bakarchodee exist in all forms of life, it also exist in unidirectional manner. This is what we know as Gyan Chodna(literally Fucking with Knowledge). This is another revered element of this cult. it is best understood as the transference of knowledge from one bakarchod to the another.
Before describing about Gyan, "What are Bakarchods?" has to be understood properly. Bakarchods are kind of people who holds reputed position in the great craft. Bakarchod follow bakarchodee religiously and adopt all practices whatsoever has been designed and agreed upon by fellow bakarchods.
So for a Bakarchod Commandment no. 3 and 4 comes into picture.

3. Thou as a Bakarchod shalt follow bakarchodee as religion and adopt all pious bakarchodee practices.

4. Thou shalt promote Bakarchodee as a greatest gift to entire Mankind and make new followers.

Returning back to Gyan, now gyan is mostly a preconceived knowledge, which is passed to a body of low bakarchodee content from a higher bakarchodee body. Then here comes another commandment about Gyan:

5. Thou shalt do gyan chodna at all possible instances without having any prejudices against its sources.

6. Thou shalt make sure that thy do gyan chodna, whether or not fellow bakarchod is accepting it or not.

Bakarchodee extends from the realms of reality to fiction, from known fact to boasting, from scientific theories to superstitions. Subjects of Bakarchodee are endless, but immaterial, a bakarchod must not get deter by amount of knowledge, he should rather focus on spirit of Bakarchodee, and should always be full of ideas.

7. Thou shalt never discriminate on contents, but thy must focus on ideas and the spirit.

Two parameters solely decide bakarchodee, quality and quantity. On the contrary to belief that quantity is substantial to bakarchodee, quality is equally important. Bakarchod may not be equipped with contents at times, but should not fall short of ideas; since the race is not just about quality but quantity is prime to bakarchodee too.

8. Thou shalt not just focus on quantity but also on quality of bakarchodee.

Elevation through bakarchodee can be achieved by a bakarchod, when s/he can do bakarchodee without any reservations. Bakarchod must fit in all forms of Bakarchodee, s/he must not consider place, race, sex, content or even language as a barier, but must find means of Bakarchodee in any form, since they exist every where around us.

9. Thou can achieve elevation in the great craft by following it with pure heart.

While indulged in bakarchodee, bakarchod must exercise measure to make sure it appears interesting and mutual.

10. Thou Shalt never leave the fellow bakarchod in the middle of Bakarchodee.

Since Bakarchodee is a matter of principles and made up of most substantial elements, it must get priority over other worldly matters

11. thou shalt involve in bakarchodee, leaving all thee engagement to lower precedence.

Promotion of newer bakarchod can be resulted only with lavish appreciation and not harsh criticism, so

12. Thou shalt encourage novice bakarchod to attain newer level by lauding thy efforts.

Since we have been endowed with such a great blessing:

13. Thou shalt as a bakarchod thanks the almighty for bestowing thee with such a resplendent gift.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My new PC configuration

Well, Sapota is not very flaunty or showy or pretentious or pompous or whatever it is. But when you have some hardware which is worth talking about, then why not.
Sapota always desired to have a great PC config, one which is unmatchable and there is no bloody software which have higher requirement. after along period, Sapota have fulfilled his desire to get such a hi-end pc. I have waited for it as a 10 year old waiting for a new bicycle of may be 5 year old to have a chocolate or ice cream.
Well lets cut the crap and talk business now. So what is big deal about the entire config.
Graphix card: NVidia GeForce 8800 GTS make XFX, with 320 MB of DDR3 ram and yeah it is SLI compatible card, with support of DX10 and many hi-fi things which i even don't know.
Mother Board: ASUS P5ENSLI, with sli support and offcourse N number of things onboard.
Processor: heee hee haa haa .. Intel E6750 ie. core 2 duo 2.66 Ghz with 4 MB L2 cache and FSB of 1333(What the heck!!! man).
Hard Disk: western digital sata K series(with huge amount of buffer cache) 320 GBs
Power supply: 600 W Silver coated VIP(with two Fans)
Memory : 2 GB transcend 667 Mhz DDR2

See the Graphix Card is bigger than the Hardisk !!!!!!