Monday, August 25, 2008

Fainted section of a Cone or The Rings of firmament.

Smiling while rings of Cannabis fly by my side.
Frowning while florescence of lights are fainting on the other side.
Whispering and voices form repercussions of unknown memory,
They are singing, "Money, As they say is root of evils today, MONEY.....sssssss"
Cones of a brick, giggles of a baby
laughter of them all,
hammock swinging through,
while an unripe green banana is shared by all;
Burning of a candle is turning the wick stark and dark,
fluttering wind is making no mark.
Someone is louder,
other are lost in silence
half lying on Bed,
half lying on the floor.
Fear cuts the light, closes the window,
tail lights of a truck making a shadow,
shadow is cornered,
sittings are concealed.
hey, the applying of drum brakes somewhere...,
its lying on bed, keep the book elsewhere.
The musical note on the screen reminds me of something meant to be silent,
faces speaking, faces calm, spread newspaper says to be resilient.