Monday, May 20, 2013

Trivium at Download festival: A review

Day 2: Band 1: Trivium

On the second day of Download when we reached the main arena this band called as "Black Veil Brides" was playing at the main stage. The band members were wearing very odd outfits. The lead singer was wearing some kind of sleeves, but no shirt and these sleeves were shiny and black. Then there was paint on his lower torso which seemed like it is coming out of his butts? Then other member were wearing something made up of black feathers. Musically I have no idea what they were singing or what were their genre. I was generally amused by their theatrics, but the crowd was booing them and flipping birds at them. At this point, the lead singer thought it was a good idea to engage with crowd. So he started saying stuff like, "you motherfuckers think you are so cool?", "you guys give hard time to our fans"  and "we are here for our fans, and you all can go fuck yourself(or something like that)". I shook my head in disapproval because it was a terrible idea to insult a crowd composed of drunk metalheads.People kept booing them throughout their entire performance and then these guys left with a lot of swearing at the crowd. Entire thing was super hilarious. To be frank, these guys were pretty shit and their attitude was even worse. They should have stick with their performance and left without saying shit to the audience. Anywho, the next band in Line was Trivium. I don't listen to Trivium much, I have heard few of their songs and I liked one or two. I got introduced to trivium through the sound track "like flies to the light" from the movie smokin' aces. The song has very typical growling with beats and shredding guitar which sounds pretty badass until the singing goes into the clean mode, which ruins it completely for me.
Anyway, the performance started pretty normally with their intro song called as  "Capsizing the Sea" and they were displaying album art which looked some kind of explosion on the screen . The guitarist came on stage doing his antics and singer jumping around. The first proper song they performed was "In waves", which I have never heard before, but it was pretty well done. The next song they performed was "Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr" which is one of their popular numbers. The guitar solo is pretty good on the song however it changes track between growls and clean vocal which in live performance do not sound that bad. The vocalist was pretty cool dude, he talked about how the band was first recognized here in the download and he loves the British crowd. To be frank he was right, the crowd in download was pretty responsive and enthusiastic about them and Trivium is a decent band so they were getting decent crowd response.They performed next two songs one after the other called as "Rain" and "Black". I was a bit excited about black, there was bit of chorus which lead singer asked everyone to join in. There was a lot of energy in the performance. Next these guys asked everyone to form a huge mosh pit and if anyone falls pick them up. Well, that was new since it is pretty much understood but mentioning it is not such a bad thing after all. They performed "the Deceived" next which was again an unknown song to me followed by "Dusk dismantled".  It was all very groovy and good stuff, I was enjoying the music in general. Next they started talking again about this next song and they wanted everyone to go nuts for the song. "The gunshot to the head of trepidation" is their constant fixture at most gigs and a pretty good song. Some of the lyrics are sung by the lead guitarist who is tall guy who wears wide parallel trousers compared to tights by rest of the band. The leads were pretty sick on this song, the song was followed by small drum solo. I was not all that impressed by drums because of their generic sound but they were still pretty tight.  They finished with a whole lot of rapid drums and guitar typical of signature songs. The last song they performed was  "Throes of Perdition", which was again a pretty tight song but I was totally clueless about it. They finished with "Leaving this world behind", which is mostly a closing number played in background. Overall I liked their performance,they were fun band to watch, I hope to see them again sometimes.