Friday, March 20, 2009

Blearing ebonies and ivories

The segment has blurred,
there is not even a hole
Moralities diminishes
sins are virtues
virtues no longer matter
lines do not remain,
paths do not exist.
just invisible something
Something indistinct.

Where are the rules?
who are those fools.
They obey,
We uprise.
They comply,
we surprise.

We fail to know,
They say its a matter of fact.
What are those, accepted ways?
There is no clairvoyance,
pondering, still they know.
Foundering in the swamp
darkness becomes light.
Shine gets blurred
there are no ivories, there are no ebonies.
They are mere repercussion of shallow woods.
indistinction is so apparent,
exhibits appear obfuscated.

slapped, echoes of agitation
loved, thuds of serenity.
pale and right,
Wrong and bright,
They do the exit.
An applause for the grave
A grief over the triumph.
guffawing pleasantly
and sobbing over the milk.
But there is no cat,
Just the cow.
who dun it, who dun it.
Spare the one, he ain't.

hypocrite,the convinced ones
chauvinists,the philanthropist,
they stand in the way,
They make the hay,
while some suffer,
those who differ.
the ways to adhere
no bindings to tether.

No reality, No obscurity,
since the dissipating veracity holds
or may be unholds,
It will blur, it has to.