Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mustandas rox!!!

Well yes they do? do u disagree? if yes, then please fuck off. there are no exceptions to that. Some of sapotas friend will be disappointed with the fact that this blog is not about defining mustandas, well everyone knows that; U don't ?????, u looser! This blog is going to discuss sapota's visit to veer tha dhaba.
Well sapota has been to veer tha dhaba twice, once at real one and this time at the mini one. Veer the dhaba is not actually a dhaba by any means, it means that dhabas are completely something else, its unlike any dhaba. okay it is on a highway, owner is a punjabi, but then environment is totally different. This is a place where you see hundreds of dudes(literally!). They have come here to hang out with other dudes and have fun without much of hassles. You can see group of mustandas drunk and shouting and dancing and singing and huging and kissing(that's pretty embarrassing, but its okay, you do kiss ur brother, right!) each other.
They play loud music and most of this is kinda music sapota unlikes, but pretty apt for such venue. So here sapota was discussing some shit with his fellas and some guys were dancing and giving buday bump to one of them on some raised platform meant to dance. Songs were playing and then played this 90s song from some Pakistani singer "hawa hawa khusboo luta de" Oh My fawkin Gawd!!! that was like unleashing some monster, people went mad,every one was dancing and singing, even sapota was feeling euphoric. Every mustanda(hindi speaking... common ones), if he calls himself a mustanda, then he must have at one point of time in his life have loved this song, this songs is like one of the greatest romantic song which mustandas want to sing with his friends fantasizing a date with some chic. This venue is open under the dark black sky(we were there at night, offcourse!!!) near a highway and a hilly backdrop, all mustandas love getting drunk in such environment. Mustandas were doing all sorts of weird things, that possibly no one will even try in sane mind, but they were happy like a babies. Well Sapotas friends were loving this moment and yes, thanking each other for beautiful evening. Life seem so bright and simple out there.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Metal: a Headbanger's journey

Few days back sapota has seen this documentary titled as this blog. Sapota had heard about this one for quite some time, but couldn't spare enough attention for it. However, fortune favors the brave(haa haa ;) ). This fella called Sam Dunn is a Metalhead like Sapota and has shown many things and few of them were quite new. He made this documentary to let main stream people understand why typically metalheads are "what they are?". He has done quite an awesome work in covering things, particularly step by step analysis of entire heavy metal phenomenon from its origin to metal culture. Spota loved everything about this documentary.
Sapota would like to highlight few things which sapota find interesting. The documentary was talking about origin, although disputed, but everyone knows Sabbaths are the fathers of Heavy Metal. They interviewed Iommi and Rush vocalist to get an insight, which was too cool. But then they interview Alice cooper, who is quite a character, Sapota always took him for soft rock, but he is one of the originators of shock rock. Cooper made news for being wicked and bizarre, many countries banned him. This fella is Big mouth, he said he originated Metal!
Then one more interesting personality to be interviewed was Dee Schneider of Twisted sister, this fella has written songs on teacher-student and parent-student clashes from subject's point of view. He was questioned by congress committee for his explosive lyric contents, and he is such a dude that he blew them apart.
They interviewed Capt Dickinson also, who is always as welcoming as anyone can be, Sam Dunn is one true devotee of Iron Maidens. Documentary analysed female participation in Heavy metal, Sapota would like to say this section seems more like trying to be politically correct kinda or may be this guy is trying to be as impartial as possible. However not much females are seen in real Heavy Metal, only few in alternative metal, and quite few in newer gothic or nu-metal bands. Sapota is not trying to be racist of Chauvnist, but Sapota has not seen any female in metal worth appreciating.
Now most interesting part was Black Metal. Venoman early band with early sounds of metal, quite dark and controversial. Venom made an album called Black Metal, which can be attributed to be inspiration for this genre. Now the journey took us to small Norwegian town near OSLO. This place has an old Church, quite important to Scandinavians, which was burnt by some black metal vocalist,who was sentenced for long. Anyway this town is home of Black metal, so many black metal fellas were interviewed. Here the race is to become most brutal band and do thing never done, anyway black metal derives its lyric contents from norse mythology and has quite an element of melodic metal.
Documentary inspected violence and outrageousness of Metal fans and bands alike, but no definitive conclusion, since bands are just trying to express wildest of their imagination. They interviewed Slayer vocalist Tom Araya, who says "offcourse God does not hates us all, but then its a cool album title", Sapota full heartedly agree, period.
They mentioned almost everyone but mentioned Metallica just once, saying the biggest metal band. Sapota would have loved an interview with Jaymz and Marilyn Manson or Mustaine, but no place for them :(.
Concludingly offcourse this guy went to huge concert at Wacken Germany, the documentary ended with Metallica song.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lazy turtles of Hajo

Journey PART IX

Ha ha, that's probably a bad way of writing a title, but at this time, nothing better is coming to mind.
So after traveling to outskirts of Guwhati for more then 50 minutes, we arrived at this place called Hajo. Well contrary to popular belief Assam is predominantly a hindu state and most population is religious. Sapota must admit that he has developed a strong dislike for hindu pilgrims mostly because of Pundas and kind of environment there.
So here at Hajo there is a so-called lake,which is more like a dirty pond and it is believed that feeding fishes at pond is considered sacred. So we bought some biscuit and start throwing biscuits in pond, in no time there was many fishes and turtles at the spot. Most of these turtles and fishes have grown fat and goddamn lazy, they just want everything to be thrown in their mouths
We went to this ancient shiv temple with a plate full of some articles like garlands and "Prasad", Priest assumed we were there for rituals, so they started troubling us. But Sapota is a hard nut and has advanced training in dealing with these things, so sapota did not succumb and used his Bakarchodee skills to persuade pandas that he knows much more than those guys.

Anyway this temple was quite old temple, a very typical one situated at height and stepway to reach it, with beggars sitting along steps. This temple has strange sculpts of British soldiers guarding temple, which made sapota think about their relevance?

Anyway, next we see couple of temples, which they say are mostly from era of Pandavs.
There was this temple called KedarNath, yes! really they call this with same name.
Next we saw this HUGE "something" called Bhimthaal(Bheem's Plate literally) , they say Bheem used to eat in this thing!!!

Assam is quite a humid place, so after this visit we moved quickly back to Gautam's place, which brought Sapota's journey of North East to an end. Still many place in Assam, Arunachal, Sikkim and Nagaland were left unvisited.

Friday, October 26, 2007

It Rains really hard here !

From Shillong to Cherrapunji is much better drive, primarily because of good condition of roads and secondly because you are moving more towards rainiest place on the face of this planet. Our first stoppage was this view point near DUWAN SING SYIEM BRIDGE, (can't figure out how to say it!!!). Standing on this viewpoint gives you a magnificent view of an entire valley full of green beautiful trees, wild flowers, streams, clouds and this bridge, seems like this-is-not-real.

Well, we moved on.. this next place we visited was most beautiful place of this entire journey and made a profound impression on sapota's memory, which will last for ever. We were little unfortunate when we went to Nohkalikai falls, entire fall was invisible due to clouds, these clouds were so dense that you cannot see anything beyond 3-4 meters.

We tried hard to get a glimpse, for that we descended deep into jungles, but all we could get was sound of water head, but no sight of waterfall. This entire place was located on highest place in cherrapunji, so clouds were floating around and we were literally walking in clouds.

After moving around this place for some time, we moved towards Mawsmai Caves, these caves are natural caves, made by flow of rain water. Caves are dark and there is now way sunlight can enter, most important thing to notice in these caves are water made sculpts(or structures.), seems like been sculpted by man. But the kind of sculpting, that is, seems infeasible for humans. These caves have very very slippery and difficult surface, so walking across them was not easy.

In Cherrapunji there is this spot called seven sister falls, an attraction special to entire North east. We went to this viewpoint, but it was a hot day and it didn't rained for quite long, so these falls were thin. Moving back we visited this eco-park, which had man made structures and natural beauty combined together. And surprisingly(for us) all those falls were located here and now we had a clearer view of entire thing. The valley below was very deep, sapota tried to capture the valley along with fall, but not to much success. There was one more interesting thing that was a lost waterfall, which was suppose to come out somewhere from the mountain edge, but it was falling much before it and water was seeping to ground(actually the mountain!), again we tried very very hard to capture the thing, but could not.

This place was very near to Bangladesh border, which was somewhere towards some far end.
Well this part of journey was over with our arrival back in Shillong. Sapota will write more about Hajo visit in next blog.

Monday, October 22, 2007

A day in Shillong

Journey PART VII
It was rather two days in Shillong, we discovered some part the night we reached and other half next day. Well as soon as you enter Shillong, you will notice considerable temperature fall. We were staying at Center Point Hotel(courtesy Dutta), which was situated at center of main market in Shillong. We after checking in and all, moved out to have a walk across the city.
Shillong has a typical environment of a hill station; most of the roads are sloppy and one-way; if you are not sure where you have to go, you will be lost for sure. Shillong is one of the cities established by Britishers, so like all British-made-cities, its typically beautiful, neat and more organized. It is called as Fashion Capital of North East and one of the most prominent cities having rock culture. No wonder you can see dudes and chics clad in something unusual for other parts of India. So while roaming around Sapota was easily able to locate kool rock merchandise: Tees, Belts, posters, Music CDs, chains and many such things. It seemed like sapota was not at all in India. Next, Sapota went to a Thai Restaurant, Sapota had no clue what persuaded him to try this thing, but it was nice, having exquisite cuisines is always delightful.

Next day we went to this Lake called as ward lake. This lake is a beautiful man made lake, I believe(although not sure) it must have been made by Brits. We hired a boat and sailed across the entire lake. there was a small lotus pond separated by a fence in the lake itself, lake was surrounded by pinus trees and since it was early morning, so people were feeding fishes in lake from the foot bridge. Near this Lake was a Botanical Garden and it has a huge tree, which has huge roots, on which sapota hanged for a huge amount of time and posed for many snaps(Quite a bloody poser you know).

Then next we went to see the Cathedral of Mary help of Christians, we had a tough time locating this church since we had no clue about the way. Finally we could locate the church, thanks to the CAB fella who took us there. The church was Grand, it was quiet and it was quiet, The home of god must be peaceful and it must be easily accessible. The church was beautiful, neat had huge seating capacity and it reflected some old construction, Sapota had no clue about architectures. Sopata was thinking in contrast to his visit to temples, where he was bugged by Pundas, who are exploiting the religion, no doubt people are afraid to go to temples. Well this part of city was full of catholic churches and schools. Shillong has a good amount of high profile Christian schools, famous all across the country.

Next Place we visited was Elephant falls, these falls were although not big, but properly maintained and worth visiting, this one is also an English discovery. Sapota can safely say Brits are much more lovers of marvels of nature than anyone else. While traveling to this place, we passed through Shillong Cantt. So when u see trees painted in white and red, that's signal: "this is military area". Shillong Cantt. is one of the most beautiful Cantts, pinus tree all throughout the sides of road, all of them shaped up so orderly and neat, I felt like staying there for the entire day.
But we cannot afford this, so we moved on, next stop we headed towards was "Shillong Peak or View Point(that's common name here, there are many other in nearby areas)" . This area was typically inside Air force station of shillong and no wonders it has strict timings. So we went to see this place. Well this is one of those places were we can view entire shillong in one glance. My perception that shillong was small, went for toss here, Shillong is quite big, not comparable to cities on plains, but yes for a city entirely on a hill, it is big. Sapota realizes the importance of this place here, as here u get a perfect idea of how beautiful this city is.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Entering the home of Clouds

Journey Part VI
This is one of the finest journeys of Sapota's life, crossing Assam and getting into the Meghalaya. We were traveling with Gautams car(he calls it dhanno!) so we can just stop anywhere and click whatever we want. Meghalaya is totally different from Assam in most of the things, one can say its a totally hilly state, unlike Assam which is more like plains or may be a plateau. Entire path i.e. guwhati shillong highway is very pleasant (minus potholes, sorry roads were really bad here.). The flora here is totally different from Assam, assam primarily has thick big trees and mostly bamboos, but in meghalaya its more of pinus and other such plants.

Since its hilly throughout there, so roads were spiral and towards shillong it was all uphill, Gautam was having tough time Driving. Anywhere just besides the roads you can see step farms or some times a small lake or pond and water-falls popping out somewhere from rock.

The first sign that we have reached Meghalaya came to us when we saw first clouds just over our heads among the pinus trees.Sapota was ecstatic, he said "WoW clouds !!!". From now on we can see clouds just anywhere and everywhere, it appeared as if sun is trying its level best to peep from clouds, but he had little chance, we knew now for sure that we are in Megh-alaya. Meghalaya's native are khasi people, female wears a typical khasi attire, which is something like a skirt and a top and one large single cloth going from front to bottom spirally around the body, they speak khasi, which is not a language and they use roman alphabets to write it, so its almost impossible to pronounce anything, which is written, at first go u will feel its english, but sorry dude, you are tricked! its khasi written in roman script. By evening we finally reached Shillong.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rendezvous with Mighty Brahmputra

Journey PART V
Sapota is always in awe of water bodies for many reason, one of them is sapota can't swim; the other is the kind of might, force and depth water bodies have, that inspires sapota to become an artist and keep appreciating the marvels of nature. Brahmaputra is one those few river, which awe-inspires sapota. One may feel that Sapota is some kind of freak obsessed with a bloody river, Well, that is not the case, sapota just loves nature and its beauty.
Guwhati is one of those big cities who are situated on the bank of mighty rivers. It is believed that all major civilizations have started on the banks of mighty rivers. So here we went to see this larger-than-life river and as expected, it was huge. It was much much bigger than any river sapota have ever seen in his life; Ganges seemed like a stream as compared to brahmaputra, and to add to this let me tell u that Brahmputra is only 1/3rd its actual size in Guwhati, To actually see how big Brahmputra is, one has to go to Tezpur.

Somewhere in upper Assam, Brahmaputra has an island called as Majuli island. Majuli is world's largest island in a river!!!
Well Sapota wanted to sit besides the river for long time and keep watching its beauty, but unfortunate enough, Guwhati don't have that kind of bank, where u can actually sit and watch. The water appears muddy, but still look pleasant and much cleaner than rivers in other part of country, at Tezpur the water is clear and transparent, which is real color of the river. Brahmputra is also know as sorrow of Assam. The volume of water in river is magnanimous and it rains too heavily in North-east, so during entire monsoon, river keeps this place in state of flood. Sapota wished if he knew swimming, but to his dismay, he was told its very very dangerous to swim in this river, although, otherwise very silent, but brahmputra has very sharp underwater currents, which are sufficiently powerful to sink a boat.
Some small islands with thick range of trees were adding to the beauty of this place. Entire experience was exhilarating, inspite of humid heat of Assam, bank of river were cool and pleasant. God has blessed Assam with rich flora and fauna and this river adds ornamental beauty to this green state.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

hot water and tea gardens

Journey PART IV
Garam Pani(literally Hot water) seems like one of the crudest naming conventions adopted, but in Asom it was pretty know place. So during this visit Sapota visited Golaghat, where he had some nice Assamese experiences. The first one worth mentioning is the hotel Nambor(sound like "number" being screwed badly), where we stayed appeared like some kind of resort.

So when in golaghat Sapota took a trip to garampani. Garampani is nothing, but natural hot water spring in the midst of a jungle. Well place was really hot and since Assam is humid, sapota had a tough time. Garam Pani is situated at border of KarbiOngLong and Golaghat. The jungle in this area is real dense and scary and to add to this, sapota discovered that this place has ULFA's Head quarter nearby. But sapota still went inside the place(off course not too deep) and clicked some snaps. The Flora and fauna of this place actually very rich, but due to all this tension, the place looks totally deserted.

Next day sapota went to see Numaligarh, this place has one of the biggest oil refineries in Area called as NRL. The other beautiful thing about this place is Tea Gardens. Tea gardens are one of the most beautiful creation of nature groomed by man. Tea Garden on the slope of a hill appears like a thick green matters, pure eye candy.

By the end of the day, sapota went to see some temple, forget the name(poor memory, u see) which has trees of some biological importance. These trees are declared as heritage fauna for the reason that they stand for a very long time and they are home of large honeybees. The Hives on these are huge, which means much much larger than any honey-beehive, one has ever seen. But sapota was unlucky, there were no hive due to rains.

At evening(okay actually night, its nite here at 5:30), Sapota was looking at dark highway and wondering if some bunch of elephant come out, but as usual nothing happened. Saopta kept looking at this board on highway and thinking about..... on a lonesome highway east of.....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I was in Nagaland

Journey PART III
Well Nagaland is not an easy state for an outsider like sapota. But sill Sapota traveled to the territory as tourist, totally ignorant of the Dangers like NSCN. The most pleasant part of journey was sitting near window and watching lush green Assam passing by. Sapota was practicing the art of motion photography in the train.As the say deep jungle of Assam, trust me every word is true, they are so bloody dense that seeing beyond second lines of tree is very difficult and they say sometimes elephants can be seen on roads, but sapota was not fortunate enough.

But scenic greenery, Meadows, water bodies, jungles and paddy fields were treat to eyes. Sapota was feeling a different kind of happiness altogether. When Sapota reached Dimapur, the entrance to the Nagaland and the only place in Nagaland sapota visited, he came across things contrary to his beliefs. Nagas are not that hospitable people and one may get caught in trouble, so its better to stay inside. But Sapota cannot stay inside for long, so finally Mr The Cha Moo took him finally to the so-called hongkong market. The market was usual roadside congested market, but the kind of goods it was selling was different. Replicas of branded apparels and fashion accessories, leather goods and woolen goods were available for much lesser price, and if you can bargain it well, then this is the place for you. The real fun of being a tourist is shopping, trying exotic stuff, bargaining with absurd prices and finally buying thing which will hardly be used. So sapota played this part well enough, enjoying every moment.

Okay one thing is left out, the legend regarding the Dimapur is that it is named after the Hid-gimba, the daemon wife of Bheem, they say there is a huge chessboard, where pandavs used to play. Unfortunately Sapota could not travel to place due to time and security constraints, but fun in fear was a different experience all together.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The royal Bengali Phaak

Journey PART II
Well not all experiences are pleasant even if u are traveling for fun. But this was different and in sapota's terms it was burning my money(read khoon-pasine kee kamai) and get fucked royally.
On this Netaji Basu airport, there is not a single pre-paid and sapota is wondering, "what to do", in the meanwhile his friend calls up and ask him to get to some place called Gariahaat. By the time sapota left pune he had news that Calcutta has pleasant weather(that means not raining, there is nothing called pleasant weather in Calcutta), but two days in Bombay has left him isolated from the world. So here sapota came to know its raining cats and dogs in Cal for last 2 days non-stop. So this part of world(read dumdum airport) is totally disconnected from other part of civilization.
Sapota used his Bakar skills with some security fella to get him out. Consequently sapota was taken to a shady hotel, which looks like Vyom kesh Bakshi(It was a detective serial on DD) type of lodge, sapota felt a chill of fear. Since it was raining Taxis were making hay, sapota was charged heavily for distance less 5 km. Sapota shut all his doors hard to avoid all forms of mishaps, and wake up directly in morning.
Thankfully there was no more rain in morning, so Sapota thought of using metro to get to the destination, so he boarded local bus. Bloody crowded and humidity made sapota suffocate along with hardcore difficult bengali all around making him look like retard. After 40 minutes of struggle bus finally stopped, but the light at the end of the tunnel is always another train coming your way; there u were at a place full of flood water, a bus or may be a truck was badly stuck in water below the bridge with water upto wind shields of the vehicle. Sapota was shocked he said in utter frustrations "this is what i called 'fuck de royale' ". Sapota returned back to same place where he started with the same bus cursing all the devils in hell.
Finally sapota somehow managed to get a taxi to take him to desired place, but this one burnt a big hole in Sapota's pocket. Sapota again managed to get another hotel burning another big amount of money for absolutely no good reason.
The tragedy did not stop here; Sapota was staying at supposedly posh area, so sapota circumscribed entire area of 500 meters to find out a nice breakfast joint, but to his dimay he could just find sweet shops and pooris, sapota was wondering ,"why the hell do these bengalis don't have breakfast". This was still 9 in morning and sapota was perspiring so heavily his entire clothes were wet, this kind of humidity is special to this place.
In afternoon sapota went to famous Kali Temple of calcutta, which turn out to be still bigger fiasco. The very reason hindus shun going to pilgrim is Pandas troubling devotees. This is so ridiculous, who are these people between devotee and deities. Anyway Sapota is a hard nut, so he managed to get out with out getting much in trouble, but he could not actually wait and see the place.
Floods and then heat made this experience of calcutta puzled sapota as to why did he wasted so much time and money at this place.

Monday, October 08, 2007

The maiden flight

Journey PART I
Sapota was traveling by Bombay local and listening this conversation between some teenagers about airplanes. This one was bragging about how he has flown to various places and what all airlines. Sapota started imagining himself as a kid and how he wondered about his flying. Sapota always wondered as a kid that flying was for riches and he was unsure whether he will ever make it.
Bombay Airport is really one heck of a place. It was nice and upto the standard as what sapota imagined an air port should be, neat and pleasant. Sapota went to check-in counter and there was this make-up clad lady, which gave him a fake smile. Sapota hates all this fake smile thing, but he anyway returned back a fake smile.
Every where sapota saw many phony beauties and bunch of pretentious people around. After spending a grand amount on infinitesimal quantity of food, sapota boarded the plane. As sapota went inside he can see some form of fog all around, that was new! Sapota thought that was for the effect, but no it was just the air conditioning thing. Now the next thing Sapota saw was Ms Ekta Vohra, man! she was hawt and trust me she was genuine beauty, the punjabi one.
Anyway sapota has chosen the seat just next to wings just to see them, it was his earnest desire to see the so-called aero-foil. Take off was fast and one can really feel the force, huge amount of thrust and there we are, flying. Now due to clouds one can really see flow lines near the aerofoil, Sapota was thanking Bernoulli, Reynolds and Newton for what they have done for the mankind. Sapota during most of his flight was staring Ms Ekta and listening to some heavy shit.
Plane stopped at Nagpur for sometimes and all sapota can hear was flight attendant asking not to take snaps of this place due to military restrictions.
In between captain was giving updates on final of twenty-20, some jerk shouted "chak-de" in plane. Sapota felt, "What the phaak!". Finally reached Calcutta airport aka Netaji Subhash Chardra Bose(Basu in Bengali), which was utterly disappointing. not to say of what followed next.....

Monday, September 17, 2007

what a waste !!!

Life sometimes makes one to do things, which one do not wish to do. What sapota is trying to say is that since he has set some standards for himself and going below them is utterly tourturing. Sapota do not say or justify any of his statement on the ground of good or bad, but then he is always more inclined on his likes and dislike and sometimes strongly. Sapota went to see hindi movies for 15 times and found all of them unsatisfactory and disappointing, and after each movie he took a vow of no more repeating the performance but literally every time much to his own dismay and with heavy heart, he sacrificed his vows for dear ones. There is a limit to the number sacrifice sapota can make, but not beyond it. And this time after 15th repeated follies, sapota has determined "NO" and "NO". Sapota with strong will and determination persisted trough the vow for more then 4 months, but grass didn't remained green for long and sapota, inspite of his hard will and single mindedness, became prey of circumstances.
A usually bad day started with zero result effort and now here we are standing to make choice of which of these movies will least torturing, sapota had a sudden fear of undergoing a pain for next 3 hours. Sapota is standing at ticket counter, looking right into eyes of the ticket distributer, she has received him with dull looks, sapota with his hands trembling with fear, flashes his card, "6 tickets for this show". Sapota in the back of his mind is still thinking, "why the heck am i suppose to do this". May be, it not always your happiness that counts, but this is their happiness, which makes u happy.
Inside the hall, we are always happy until movie starts with our wise cracks and our goofy slapstick remarks. Bunch of chicks in hind row and some rowdy lads in front. Now as everyone was expecting movie will be crappy and to make things interesting everyone expected sapota to pass real funny remarks, but for some reason sapota's creativity and enthusiasm was yawing somewhere else. Anyway chicks at hind row were enjoying and passing some silly comments, which can barely make you laugh, but still chicks were enjoying, and sapota and his allies were making all efforts to get a glance of chicks by some or other way(this includes frequent visits to loo).
Movie has all forms of predictable jokes, below standard jokes and no humor whatsoever, some of the jokes were pathetic, some of them gross and most of them untimely and really bad. Only one person was worth watching, Javed jafri(sapota is his big fan, for his awesome comic sense). Arshad warshi was biggest disappointment. Sapota, until the end was figuring out as to what was he doing in movie. Anyway movie was a total fiasco, total waste of sapotas currency and more than that sapota's time, Sapota could have seen two nice movies in the time, but then man proposes and god disposes. So once more sopta has succumb to something really creepy and total waste.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A really kool non-offical after-the-office site.

Well Generally Sapota do not write to recommend something or endorse anything, but this one is worth every word Sapota is writing. Okay Okay... Sapota is deviating from the entire theme of writing things from his own great mind, but this stuff is so really kool(kickass kinda!!), that Sapota cannot resist. It has real good work done by someone sapota appreciate a loads. So without wasting thy time Sapota will put the entire press release here and then you can have some real fun(trust me, that is what is called sapota assurance!!!!!!): Launches - Office Gossip Site Lets Employees Evaluate Bosses and Share Office Confessions

Sep 04, 2007, Bangalore, India - formally unveils its wholesome office entertainment and gossip site to the general public, following an earlier release to a selected beta community. is a space for office gossip and entertainment, where one can laugh and unwind after that long grueling day at work. The website provides a platform for like-minded people to network, express and share their daily office adventures - be it romance, pranks, politics, confessions, workplace revenge, dressing disasters, embarrassing moments and practically everything that happens around the workplace, whilst maintaining anonymity. The website also provides the millions of employees around the globe a unique opportunity and interface to appraise their bosses and pass verdicts on their managers.

"Pouring one's heart out helps in reducing stress, anxiety and tensions in life and in turn makes us mentally and physically healthy. We want to provide our users the opportunity to let these negative emotions out of their system by exploring and connecting with other boss victims, sharing pranks, office romance stories, embarrassing moments, political office stories and other workplace confessions", says the Founder of

The website not only provides a platform for users to let out their steam but also encourages the development of its community. The "Gyan Guru" – traditionally a person with unfathomable knowledge - offers advice on various aspects of work and personal life such as career, personal growth, fashion, health, beauty, zodiac signs etc.

For those who want to interact closely, OGS has a forum where users can have detailed discussions on the topics of their choice. Eight categories spanning across entertainment, eating out, travel, wealth, sport and politics allow users to share nearly everything relevant on the forum.

"We want to hear what our users have to say about their bosses and what they want to confess. This is an employees forum to anonymously share with all the times they've been really naughty at the office, times when they were trying to woo someone, times when they were wormed into a horrible political situation or may be simply times when their boss gave them a hard time. It's that simple – your story, our forum - and we all share our experiences", says the Business Development Manager at

For more information, please visit or contact

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Great Craft of BakarChodee.......

An ancient tradition of conversation has been passed to us by our great forefathers. This form has been developed over the time and has been enriched by the works of scientific and artistic discoveries. This craft in it self has absorbed manier other such arts, in fact whole tradition and cults. Now this art has become a part of life as a religion and a life style.
Bakarchodee has many forms right from a typical whisper in ear to a loud commonplace gossip, it can be a formal corporate meeting or a Television chat show, everything in human world is driven by this great craft.
The most common form which is so omnipresent is Fundas, these Fundas are so much around one, that they are inevitable and inescapable, nothing can be so common than these fundas. Fundas brings life and energy to every form of Bakarchodee, they are heart and soul of Bakarchodee, they are the decorations of this art. Fundas make bakarchodee delightful and pleasant. they are like diamonds on a golden necklace worm by a beautiful woman.
The First Commandment of the Bakarchodee is:
1. Thous shalt giveth the Fundas, wherever possible.

Since fundas like any other worldly things have other side also. so another commandment is required to save the universe and human race:
2. Thous shalt never taketh the wrong Fundas.

Where as Bakarchodee exist in all forms of life, it also exist in unidirectional manner. This is what we know as Gyan Chodna(literally Fucking with Knowledge). This is another revered element of this cult. it is best understood as the transference of knowledge from one bakarchod to the another.
Before describing about Gyan, "What are Bakarchods?" has to be understood properly. Bakarchods are kind of people who holds reputed position in the great craft. Bakarchod follow bakarchodee religiously and adopt all practices whatsoever has been designed and agreed upon by fellow bakarchods.
So for a Bakarchod Commandment no. 3 and 4 comes into picture.

3. Thou as a Bakarchod shalt follow bakarchodee as religion and adopt all pious bakarchodee practices.

4. Thou shalt promote Bakarchodee as a greatest gift to entire Mankind and make new followers.

Returning back to Gyan, now gyan is mostly a preconceived knowledge, which is passed to a body of low bakarchodee content from a higher bakarchodee body. Then here comes another commandment about Gyan:

5. Thou shalt do gyan chodna at all possible instances without having any prejudices against its sources.

6. Thou shalt make sure that thy do gyan chodna, whether or not fellow bakarchod is accepting it or not.

Bakarchodee extends from the realms of reality to fiction, from known fact to boasting, from scientific theories to superstitions. Subjects of Bakarchodee are endless, but immaterial, a bakarchod must not get deter by amount of knowledge, he should rather focus on spirit of Bakarchodee, and should always be full of ideas.

7. Thou shalt never discriminate on contents, but thy must focus on ideas and the spirit.

Two parameters solely decide bakarchodee, quality and quantity. On the contrary to belief that quantity is substantial to bakarchodee, quality is equally important. Bakarchod may not be equipped with contents at times, but should not fall short of ideas; since the race is not just about quality but quantity is prime to bakarchodee too.

8. Thou shalt not just focus on quantity but also on quality of bakarchodee.

Elevation through bakarchodee can be achieved by a bakarchod, when s/he can do bakarchodee without any reservations. Bakarchod must fit in all forms of Bakarchodee, s/he must not consider place, race, sex, content or even language as a barier, but must find means of Bakarchodee in any form, since they exist every where around us.

9. Thou can achieve elevation in the great craft by following it with pure heart.

While indulged in bakarchodee, bakarchod must exercise measure to make sure it appears interesting and mutual.

10. Thou Shalt never leave the fellow bakarchod in the middle of Bakarchodee.

Since Bakarchodee is a matter of principles and made up of most substantial elements, it must get priority over other worldly matters

11. thou shalt involve in bakarchodee, leaving all thee engagement to lower precedence.

Promotion of newer bakarchod can be resulted only with lavish appreciation and not harsh criticism, so

12. Thou shalt encourage novice bakarchod to attain newer level by lauding thy efforts.

Since we have been endowed with such a great blessing:

13. Thou shalt as a bakarchod thanks the almighty for bestowing thee with such a resplendent gift.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My new PC configuration

Well, Sapota is not very flaunty or showy or pretentious or pompous or whatever it is. But when you have some hardware which is worth talking about, then why not.
Sapota always desired to have a great PC config, one which is unmatchable and there is no bloody software which have higher requirement. after along period, Sapota have fulfilled his desire to get such a hi-end pc. I have waited for it as a 10 year old waiting for a new bicycle of may be 5 year old to have a chocolate or ice cream.
Well lets cut the crap and talk business now. So what is big deal about the entire config.
Graphix card: NVidia GeForce 8800 GTS make XFX, with 320 MB of DDR3 ram and yeah it is SLI compatible card, with support of DX10 and many hi-fi things which i even don't know.
Mother Board: ASUS P5ENSLI, with sli support and offcourse N number of things onboard.
Processor: heee hee haa haa .. Intel E6750 ie. core 2 duo 2.66 Ghz with 4 MB L2 cache and FSB of 1333(What the heck!!! man).
Hard Disk: western digital sata K series(with huge amount of buffer cache) 320 GBs
Power supply: 600 W Silver coated VIP(with two Fans)
Memory : 2 GB transcend 667 Mhz DDR2

See the Graphix Card is bigger than the Hardisk !!!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Payne Killa

Sad wings of destiny has left a fallen angel on the earth. This angel has raised up to destroy all evils of man kind.

"Faster than a bullet
Terrifying scream
Enraged and full of anger
Hes half man and half machine"

Scott Travis starts with rhythmic drums, pure work with sticks and bass drum thumping power in blood. The tempo picks up with Ian hill's bass guitar creating an Inception for The Painkiller. The Metal God Rob Halford appears with a war like armor jacket holding mike as a sword and ready to tear you apart. High pitched soprano range vocals are thrilling entire body with joy and energy.

And here comes the Master duo Glenn Tipton and K K Downing with face melting solo.There is no force which can stop you from head banging. The double lead of judas known as Twin guitar attack in metal circles, is a killer stuff, just makes one bow to the two knights of guitar. Tipton is one of the most technically accomplished guitarist, he plays such a killer leads in painkiller, which even professional guitarist refrains from picking up. Halford returns back with a Scream, which can knock one out of his seat. He shifts vocals back to Bass Range, so clean and sublime, he is truly Metal God. No vocalist can make such swift octave range transition.
Scott Travis is back this time again with clean stick work, no thumping. Song is finishing with a high pitched echo of halford, "Payne Pain Payne " "killaaaaaaaaaa".......

This song has added new dimensions to heavy metal. In fact this is not a song, its a composition a master piece proving that Judas are The Metal Gods. They rule the Metal with their incomparable leads rather double lead and Killer Vocals.

(\m/ *RESPECT)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pandharpur yatra

Sapota is not aware of all terms and is not very well aware of technical(or rather religious) terminology about this pilgrimage, so please forgive Sapota for innocence.

Since the year Sapota has arrived in this holy city of Pune(punya nagaree meaning pious city), Sopata has been witnessing a swarm of people moving on the road connecting his college to civilization. Sapota was hardly aware of anything as to what it is, and was just hearing outcries of people complaining about transportation. Anyway as soon as Sapota left college and came to his current place of residence, Sapota realized that this swarm is a constant fixture in the months of monsoon on this particular road called as Alandi Road.
As Sapota observed a huge number of people are coming from a place called as Pandharpur, which is some small town(or may be village), somewhere in Maharastra. These people(called warakaris by locals here) come all the way on feet from a long distance to see this temple in Alandi.
Last year it was raining very heavily and still the amount of pilgrims were same or may be more than the year previous. You can see people coming by all means trucks, jeeps, buses, vans and mostly on feet. They have a kind of enthusiasm and most of them are not sufficient literate, but still they are so devoted, that they hardly care for facilities or any obstacle. They have nothing in mind, no self interest, but they are here to have just a glimpse of the Lord. Even if they have some small wishes from lord, they are so meager in front of faith, they have.
Pune as Sapota witness, has been very hospitable to these pilgrims unlike any other highly urbanized city. You can see stalls every where packed with foods and water and such small articles of requirements and Municipal buses from all parts of city leaving towards Alandi and all the roads and traffic on the Alandi road is diverted . Its a belief that even servicing devotees of god is as good as servicing god himself.
These people seems so much free and relaxed, having no worries, Sopata himself have seen many religious places, but there is something about these people, which makes sapota consider their faith as highest. This pligrimage is unlike all those commercialized pligrimage, just pure devotion. I see everywhere people singing and lost in the name of lord, just flowing with the flow. One just feels wave of joy and happiness surround the entire atmosphere .

Friday, June 29, 2007

Homo Intellecta

Intellectualism is one of those things that has happened to me(okay you bloody nit picker, I am not intending that to myself, but even if i am, so what, this is goddamn my blog!) . By every mean I try not to get into this intellectual thing, try to simplify every thing and get into the zone of being ordinary or general, but then there is a kick related to it. It is more like intoxication, it is more like an addiction, it comes back automatically, i don't have to even beat my eyelash.
There are several places where i often try to intellectualize things, in fact I do it to every other thing. The kind of books i read, i will try to find kind of books, which are too deeply nested and too much philosophical and consuming all my mind and conscious. I won't settle for any story or any thing lesser than a classic or something very intricate. Simple books or books every one else read won't satisfy me; no way! I cannot read this shit. These guy know nothing about literature or reading; as if, I am some Shakespeare. Next thing that come to my mind and which i will not compromise, even on the grounds that i am not an expert on subject is "Music". Everyone has its own say and taste on music, but you never kill each other during genre war. But not me. Talk about any thing that is not metal or some classic rock in front me, i will deliver half an hour lecture on why rock is so good -- no no, why rock is great? Trust me or not, but Rock is truely intellectual music. Rock stars may seem some kind of roadies but they are very very evolved intellectual being and learned musicians. But then listening to hindi melody is not that bad either, but why would i settle for that? where are the kicks, where are the surges, I don't enjoy melody or even give a damn about it. Then somebody may ask me "dammit, then why don't you listen to classical?" hmnnn.... May be I have not still attain that level.
Now there is a thing which i proclaim my self to be The King; that is BAKARchodee(I know i have promised a blog on this one, but it is still incomplete, so keep watching this space.), yes I can talk useless and senseless and non-stop. I believe i can deliver both quantity(I can bet on this one) and quality(hah... vanity). Now why conversation comes in picture here is that, no matter how hard i try, no matter to whom i talk, no matter why am i conversing, if it stretches to little longer than my threshold of pretending simple, i end up saying presumed philosophy or for that matter some "gyan spreading" , babbling facts and throwing my own opinions developed over some bias over all these years. I can not just talk for the heck of it, the belief that communication is a must and that too precise and conveying exact idea is so strongly embedded into my system that I sometimes defeat the whole purpose, just putting some fundas like usual form of intellectual bakarchodee. i don't know why? but, entire result is complicating the simple meaningful idea or data into complicated jargon and funda-filled statement(and mind it interpretation is left to receiver at to his own wits). Plain talk are none of my business.
This entire intellectual thing has spoilt me totally, every thing i do is governed by a powerful thought, a notion and moreover, only few thing which i have not dealt with may go normally or with some intuition. Otherwise, there is a precursor to everything, okay i should have talked about it, knowledge is my poison, I have strong affinity towards it. Curiosity can kill the cat, but, still i will quench my thirst for it by all means (affording serious losses sometimes). I am too much suspicious about the source, Knowledge and that too in its purest form and highly reliable; oho...why don't you go to antartica to find out how penguins pee?. You know more, you feel more equipped, but actually you have more reservations and more prejudices, than it would have without knowing and thing still worsen up with incorrect knowledge. This fear of incorrect knowledge makes me paranoid at times, i feel almost killed if some of my information is wrong. Me and my data being wrong, no way, you must be kiddin! right.
My lifestyle typically moves around everything that has something to with that intellectual thing. My clothes, i will give them a huge amount of thought and justify every reason for wearing them, (In that much time, one could have done some research on extinct animals like Archaeopteryx and added another chapter in paleontology). The kind of movies i watch should be one of those critically acclaimed stuff and must give me a food for thought, some times i had to scratch my head to understand "what is going on" and "why"? But what is the big deal if the movie doesn't give you that pain in your head. Entertainment have taken a back seat and that too for a very very long time. Food, now you will think that, :"this is injustice to one self", but yes! nothing get spared, not even food. I will try to do some research on food joint and cuisines and diets and then only eat at particular place and that too a particular kind of stuff. Phew., quite perspirating.
Now even this blog is result of all those intellectual things, resulting me to blabber uselessly and pointlessly, believing that i have created a Masterpiece of writing, every time. But yet i know this is more relieving than not saying anything at all. I know intellectualism has consumed every bit of all thing i have, but i enjoy it more than anything, yes! more than being insane or ecstatic or rhapsodic. So let it be that way and let me enjoy this shit.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Man against Man

Why am I being compared?
Am I a human or are I a commodity.
Life begins with being compared with other beings.... You look more like like you mom. So what do you expect should I look like? alien from pluto!
As I gained some conscious I am compared with John of Neighborhood. John get better marks than you . So what goddammit, I am no bloody John.
You have to be first in class. If I have to be first in class, what are all others suppose to be?
You are not growing tall.. look at Mrs X son he has grown so tall... Mrs X. son is particularly suffering from hormonal imbalance and has undergone a transformation better known as gigantism.
Then I compete against others of my type at all possible place and intellect believe that as competition becomes more quality improves, and better thing come into existence.
I want to be the best, paradoxically "what is best".... where does best exist. best in world, best in town, better than my friends. Nature has taught us competition at few places, but not everywhere. I am striving hard to prove that I am better than you in some terms or in all terms or may be in some other term. Just trying to prove some worthless crap!!
Humans become machine binded by criterion of some pre-designed human concepts and few of them hold the key, because they came early or found some like minded people and made a group, finally institutionalizing everything.
I often tend to become better than X number of people, but how much as human I tend to grow. How much better am I than our my own self.
I improvise because everyone else is improving. Does any form of innovation or ingenuity born out of such competition, I believe none. All great invention are constant improvement of its own self.
Categorizing people: why?
he is John Travolta look alike? or I aspire to be come Bjon Borg? Boss!!! why don't you try to become yourself first. This person is 50% something, I am being classified based on marks I obtain in my studies? Isn't this racism. Is it not equally bad as calling some me as "nigger". If I try to do things on my own or i remain self consumed you labele me as "Nerds" and even if I try to socialize, I am out casted because of that label.
You ought to do this because you father did this? why can't i find my own way and why can't i do things my way?
Ok I know systems, regulations and processes exist to make life better and easier and easily managed(now this is the whole key of the misery), but what about people? If people tend to follow process and find it miserable, should one continue with that and for sake of it get adjusted and say politely "it is nice process". These Idiosyncrasies of Process and management are converting people as nothing but productive machines, killing the man in him. Well, what is left is a clown in us often termed as "Manager".

What about me left as what I am? converting civilization as better process rather than making it loaded with Idiosyncrasies and do's and don't? Rules should make things easier and not complicate them. There should exist some form of logic and human-factor, which should govern things rather then being told what to do and how to do? Some form of agreement in terms of our human nature must exist. Running along with people to get ahead of them is not something I am born for. Gifted human beings are most destructive force of nature, which nature has produced and above all they are destroying themselves in order to prove some form of superiority, I don't know.... to whom?

Monday, June 04, 2007

In my dreams

In my dream I see her....
she is mighty , she is deep, she is silent,
she is large like an ocean.

I keep just observing her
all around me I see water....
the dusk is approaching very fast...
I cannot fathom its depth..

I wonder what mother earth has made...
so huge still, so silent,
It warns people with its waves...
destruction can be near anytime...

human have made so much..
still this creation of mother earth
leaves me pondering we are miniscule...
of all her creation this river creates an awe in me...
Oh the Mighty Brahmaputra.... you are in my dreams... always.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Illusionist V/S The Prestige

I would not say that this blog is a movie review, but rather it is a comparison.
Illusionist and Prestige are both based on common theme of "Magic". The Magical era of 19th century is common in both movies, and coincidently both of them were released nearly at same time. Climax for both movies end up in revealing some suspense.
In spite of all these similarities both movies are contrastingly different in presentation, approach and plot.

Illusionist has Edward Norton and Jessica Biel in lead, where as Prestige has huge star cast like Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johanson and Micheal Caine and off course a high profile director Christopher Nolan. Illusionist presents a different treatment of magic in form of a art and surprisingly disguised, as none of the tricks are revealed; whereas Prestige brings about scientific methodologies and craft behind the magic. Now the biggest attraction about Illusionist is Edward Norton, whose acting is perfect and flawless, Jessica Beil has also acted well, infact every one has played their part marvelously. Hugh Jackman's acting in prestige is disappointing, where as Christian Bale has acted very well. Bale has impressed me previously in Batman begins, here he has proved himself as much better actor than anyone else in movie. Scarlett has smaller role, not to mention her acting, but she was looking gorgeous(*drool) through out.

I liked set-up and backdrop of Illusionist very much, typical 19th century mannerism and old buildings and monuments and architecture, its just lovely. The screenplay of Prestige is whereas more impressive, and direction is also good. Illusionist is more focussed on love and feelings and emotions compared to prestige which has more of professional rivalry and talks more about tricks and sciences and other such things. Both movies tries to present that trick behind magic has to be disguised and that's what makes it interesting. Prestige tries to build up suspense till end and finally it is revealed in climax. Illusion has also very interesting climax, which few will like very much, while other will react as if it was just okay.

One more interesting part of Prestige is Tesla, one of the character who is a scientist building an electromagnetic machine. I will reveal any details about the machine, but it is an interesting part of story.
Overall both movies are good, but I liked Illusionist much better than Prestige.Illusionist keep you in fantasy land and it always shows magic like real magic, not to mention Edward Norton. His character Eishenheim carries an aura of magician or rather an illusionist, and Norton makes it look flawless. I must say that illusionist is a must watch movie.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I have never written a poem, but today i have to try:

Randomize my thoughts
I opened a hole.
deep inside i saw nothing
i tried peeping hard to found out
what is new.

Deep inside me is the fear
the fear of losing.
I wonder what will i lose.
Can I lose my thoughts
Is this the train of thoughts ever stop....
I see meadow passing...
 experiencing a celluloid  of lifetime.

coming back, i see a real world..
plain and ashen like colours of my walls.
simpler although it may seems
yet, more complicated than my random thoughts.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Comic review: Funkaar

Yesterday, Somehow, I obtained a hard copy of Latest Nagraj comics "Funkaar" from Pune railway station(I think probably only place in pune to obtain comics.).
First thing which is great about this comic is printing quality, Raj comics has came along a long way and they certainly needed to upgrade their stuff and this is a good effort, so kudos to them!!
Secondly this comic has presented an entirely different perspective of story. I am observing from last few comics, the story seems repetitive, e.g. some villain sending some weirdo kinda monster with some highly gadgetic super powers and Nagraj finishing them with some super logic(kinda boring!). However in Funkaar, they have put some different kind of plot and different storyline.
I always liked the idea of Nagraj's personal story-line in comics, that's why i loved all "khajana" and the adjoining series comics, and for that matter i loved "Fun" most. Now in this comics Nagraj is struggling against his own self and is forced to make decisions. In western comics I have observed that heroes are always struggling with their own, this part of funkaar seems an extension of the same.
Thirdly i liked many new concepts like a negative world or rather a complementary world kinda parallel universe funda, which i found quite innovative.

Mostly this comic is worth a buy, I also looked for "Flemina", but to my dismay it wasn't available :(.

Well as pros there exists cons, I didn't like quite a few things about the comics like the super emotional melodrama in the end by Visharpi and embryo transplantation(Kinda lame, well, that's wat i think). One more thing which was disturbing was suddenly kaldoot is getting extinct, to which I find no logic and explanation. Well, inking and graphix are pretty awesome and much more expressive, with some flaw in the faces of Nagraj(well, that can be forgiven). I am little orthodox person, so l like old kinda Nagraj graphix, now the Nagraj seems quite complex in terms of facial and muscular expressions, but it is alright super hero must look like super hero.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lieutenant Sonya Blade

Mortal Kombat has been my favorite game since I was in VIIIth standard. I started playing with MK3, then I played ultimate MK, then MK Trilogy, then MK4 and finally a little MK5: Deadly Alliance.
All throughout the series of game, I loved Sonya, the most. Why? Nooooo!!!, not because she is hot or something. Come on, that's that the last thing on your mind, when you play a game.
The first time, when she caught my attention was as an opponent in novice level(Hey, don't laugh, I was just a beginner then).She finished me flawlessly, her powers left my eyes glued to screen. Her finishing move was Kiss-fatality, which was too kool.
The first edition of Sonya was pretty, she wore a green attire with white sneakers and she had pony like most Indian Women. She was prettiest of all MK character. Her movements were fast, clean and elegant. She has three special moves viz Scissor hold, bicycle kick and fly over the top. Having three special moves in MK 3 was big deal and along with special power of throwing energy rings Sonya looked invincible. Now, taking Sonya as a character had several advantages like you never let your opponent try any thing that is air-borne, she can catch anyone from huge distance through her scissor hold, although inverted bicycle was a difficult to use but it damaged opponent severely and leaves him vulnerable to next attack.
The real fun lied in fighting against Sonya. She was a Nightmare as an opponent. In MK3 and Ultimate MK, she was always one of the last fighters of the series.
Let's say on a Masters II tower and extremely difficult level, you are playing against Sonya who happens to be the last fighter just before Motaro, trust me, it is as good as your worst horrors coming to life. At that level, she does not even give you a chance to breathe, she is too fast, aggressive, excellent and outstanding.Somehow, at higher level she develops those killer instincts(Great Programming, thanks, MK3 developers!!!).

Sonya has been changed to a real hawt babe in MK4, but in MK5:deadly alliance she looks awful( I hate developesr of MK5). Anyway Sonya had newer moves in MK4 like twisting the head of opponent and her power was changed to release purple missile-like things. But in MK5, other fighters are much better than her, so I didn't kinda like Sonya of MK5, other than the fact that she was now much busty babe than her previous versions.
In Ultimate MK, her finishing moves included Brutality other than Fatality, they were good, but not kinda very good. For that matter, i preferred Noob Saibot and Jade, they finished in style, man! But since Sonya was too fast and her combo were already perfect, her Brutality does not appeared to be that impressive.May be like any other fighter, it was equally good, but I felt otherwise.
I have played many games and many characters, but no character has made such an impression. Not even Lara croft of Tomb Raider(My all time favorite game) is as comparable to Sonya.

Monday, April 23, 2007

kill for what?

This is not unusual, it happens and trust me I have seen all this. Narration is all work of fiction, but all events are discretely attached to real events.

Night 20:00 hrs in a typical village of Central India, hardly any lights are seen. Although, this village have electricity, but people finish their dinner by 19:30 and nobody leaves any light on, once they are on their beds. Ram Naresh Mawai was waiting in his farm for his father. While waiting he switched on his torch to see some one standing far away. By shadow, he made out that this is a some farmer guarding his farms. He knew his father will be coming from left side after crossing their granaries.
He started thinking about his kids and tomorrow, he will go to city for kid's admissions in school. His thoughts were broken with a sudden flash of light and then a thud of sound. It took him a wink to make out that, it could be nothing other than a bullet fired from a double barrel shot gun, he himself has fired the gun many times. He picked his torch and an axe and started moving towards the site. Across the paddy field some one was limping; as he went nearer he could clearly hear someone's groaning in pain. He started running towards that side to reach an old man, around 60 years of age. The beam from Ram Naresh's torch was on the face of this old man. It was Ram Naresh's Uncle Bharat Singh, who was village Sarpanch. Bharat Singh was shot on his right thigh by someone, his Dhoti was dripping with blood. Ram Naresh was taken aghast, not knowing what to do? His mind was filled with questions.But before he could think any further, Bharat Singh shouted "Naresh !", Ram Naresh immediately without giving a second thought, took Bharat Singh on his shoulder started running. He was running breathless, never ever in his life he felt running like this before. As soon as he reached his place, he started shouting "Uncle has been shot". All his cousins and brothers started gathering around to see what has happened. Fateh Singh eldest son of Bharat Singh ran to get a Jeep from their neighbors. Bharat Singh's son along with their wives left for a nearby village called Chandausee, where they have civil hospital. Before Bharat Singh left, he told Ram Naresh, he was shot near Chethi's Well.
Ram Naresh till now has recovered and started thinking in lines of vengeance. Last week, while deciding the case of Hariram and Jagdish Kansana, Bharat Singh decided the case in favor of Hariram. Kansanas and Mawais have ancestral animosity and Jagdish thought Bharat Singh has been biased and has taken revenge on them.
The Matter was of reputation of Kansana family and they did not let Hariram put his thatched hut behind their house. This area was used by Kansana for throwing wastes and as passage to their fields and hence Kansanas considered it to be a path or pagdandi(as called in local language). Making a hut on the path was considered as encroachment on their lands by Kansanas. But Hariram argued that area was unused and there was plenty of place to go around, besides Hariram was a poor farmer, so he cannot construct a house in main village. So panchayat considered Hariram's point as valid and awarded him the land.

Jagdish was furious over all this and he told Bharat Singh that "what he has done was not good and he has to pay the price for same". Jagdish's sons also had some heated discussion over the matter with Ram Naresh.

Ram Naresh was still thinking about what has happened at panchayat , a thought about the man he noticed in the field came to his mind. He was standing near the fields of Kansanas, Ram Naresh now had sudden feeling that Jagdish's sons have done something and he felt blood thirsty. He started running towards Chethi's well. This was too dark, he cannot see anyone or anything near the well. He then continued running till he reached Kansana's house. In such a small village news of firing spreads like forest fire.

As soon as Ram Naresh reached near Kansana's house, a bullet went passing by his ears. This was shear luck, the bullet went by him without harming him. This was Jagdish's second son. Ram Naresh had particularly good aim, he just threw axe toward him, Axe hit him right on chest. Breaking the entire rib cage, blood was bursting from it like a fountain. Ram Naresh without waiting for a minute took out the axe and hit him in head, which split into two pieces . Ram Naresh collected the gun and bullet-belt tied around his waist. Jagdish eldest son Parimal started screaming and cursing Ram Naresh and started running toward him with a sickle. Ram Naresh was ready for this and he fired bullet hitting him in shoulder. Ram Naresh was now ruthless, he took the axe and sliced Parimal's ears.
Ram Naresh knew now this is the time to run. So he started running back towards other village. Jagdish meanwhile along with his sons and nephews started chasing him, while trying to shoot him down. Ram Naresh was running to avoid being killed. By this time Ram Naresh's brothers and brother-in-law realized the situation. They took a jeep and loaded themselves with arms, they left for Jagdish's home, where villagers have gathered around. Some one told them Ram Naresh is running towards other village. They immediately left towards that side. Spotting Jagdish and his sons. Ram Naresh 's brother-in-law shot the first bullet on Jagdish, who luckily escaped the bullet and instead bullet hit his nephew in the groin leaving him dead.

So Kansanas started firing back towards Mawais leaving Ram Naresh alone. Jagdish's youngest son shot Ram Naresh's eldest brother right on chest. Till this time both parties reached each other within their physically vicinity and using sharp arms like spear, sickle, deggars, and axes eight people were slain to death. Jagdish escaped alive with his back being torn by sickle or daggere. Ram Naresh's brother and brother-in-law were killed along with Jagdish's son and nephews, only jeep driver survived, who was hiding behind the jeep.
Ram Naresh kept running for next three days. Bharat Singh recovered, but his sons were still in deep agony for Ram Naresh's brother and brother-in-law. Jagdish was still hiding from Bharat Singh's son.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Assasination of L518

Being clueless is one of those thing, which is not very comfortable to me. Still I dwell in all those states of being clueless and more often, if i come out of that state, then I often end up being pointless. According to me bieng pointless is still worse than being clueless. Because of the irrelevance of the things to which, i ponder a lot, i come up with a train of thought, which leads to ultimately nothing. Last Night while travelling back i was listening to some song and when my stop came, i stood up in a haste. The bus was fast and i was unstable, so while coming out of my seat, i felt a certain thrust genrated by pull. Probably some part of my cloth has stuck up somewhere in the seat, but without caring much i moved on. While i was moving back to home, i saw something very shocking and i was freezed for a moment, uttering four letter word in utter fury. I started to think of ways to get it undone, but i knew that can't be undone. In my fantasies i always dream of undoing things by not doing some of the activities in past, but practically speaking, they are just like me lost in the world of comics. Now since I have grown a little maturer and with my engineering senses always on, I thought in terms of what can be done now.

I starting remembering the day when I first went to the showroom to get this pair of Levis Straus and Co. Jeans. It was my first Levis' and that too L518. To all young dudes, the most prized possesion is a rugged pair of Jean. This one was no lesser than anything I can lose. This was a rugged vintage jeans, which has many signs of it being made specially for me. I have been wearing it for around two years and now it has taken a form, which makes it unloseable. I always thought that it is one of those few impregnable things, which i possess. While it stood by my side all the time, my good times and very much in my bad times. It has been to filthiest places to most poshe places, I know of. It was symbol of my being an ardent man, not giving up, but fighting hard to my own beliefs. Jeans are not Jeans they are cults to them selves, some times they represent revolt, sometimes attitude and mostly they represent nothing but arrogance.

Not manier times I think of losses as losses, but as my mistake, which if scrutinized strictly can be rectified. But getting my L518 torn is not such a forgettable loss. I wonder, what had made my such barbaric act of killing my own beloved possesion. They big scar on her face was much more than I can stand. It is left open in such a prominent place that it is mostly unmendable. "What not to do?" is what i am thinking? Life is to move on even if your pair of Levis is killed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MetalHead's Pligrimage to EDDFest.

Before i start anything, some terms need to be explained.

MetalHead: Metal head is a person, who listens to excessive Metal and considers Headbanging a religious practice. He goes to all gigs and rock concerts and headbangs and shows devil's horn, if he likes something or the middle finger otherwise.
Metal: Metal is a subgenre of rock music, which has very heavy guitaring and drumming and sounds like if some metal is being thrashed ruthlessly.
EDDFest: I can write and entire blog on Iron Maiden, but will explain briefly. Iron Maiden's Mascot is called Eddie or Ed Harris or Ed Hunter, so the rock festival in which Iron Maiden Performs is called EDDFest.

So here i begin. This was around 01:00 hrs at very-commonly-visited Pune Railway station , which needs no description, as there is nothing much about it. All three of us were dressed in black, as part of tradition of visiting a rock concert. We were have same bakarchodee and we were laughing(can call it roaring) like mad men on all kinds of weird jokes, till the train arrived. No, the bakarchodee didn't stopped in train for next one hour, and we were bothering people inside the bogie. As soon as, we settled down we noticed people around us were more wierder, dressed fatally and much more deadly, it took us less than a blink to understand that these are those metalheads and according to me all devotees, who were going to pay visit to thier deities. Somehow we managed to sleep. Next day, the day was boring, three biggest bakarchod of all times(this is no exaggeration) were silent and saying only things, which were barely necessary. Besides us were sitting two bengali guys and with thier getup it was mostly confirmed, that they are also devotees like us. By night 22:30 hrs we managed to reach Bangl00r00 cit. I called up deeban to ask him the address. The autowallah left us at some Mantri Elegance instead of Mantri Elite, so we have to walk, in the mean time Deeban has a chance to call Surender and do some bakarchodee(man, Deeban is again one of the biggest bakarchod of all time). By the time we reached Mantri elite, Deeban thought we have been robbed by autowallah and he posted the news on the network, which we knew.... we have to explain to everyone as to what really happened. So here we reached Elite, Man Deeban is a lucky bastard, he lives in the palatial comfort with all luxuries at his disposal. Gupta had a sore throat(okay, this is one of the reasons we had a quiet journey), so he went down to sleep. Deeban and Rajjo are old chums, so they were having bakarchodee for long, i joined them for quite some time, but after some time i also surrendered myself infront of the Mighty Sleep. Later Morning we had a grand Break fast, courtesy Deeban. Then we headed to Styx(pronouced as sticks), this is the best rock pub in the country, no competitions, hands down.
As we entered we saw many devotees, you won't believe me but 12:00 hrs in the afternoon and pub was full, and as then they played maiden, man the crowd went mad. Then they played "I disappear" by Metallica, "PainKille"r by Judas, "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeath and "Master's of the puppet " by Metallica, Oh my gawd ! people were singing, headbanging and shouting, it appeared as if reahersal for the concert is going on. Then i noticed the Bengali dude of train with a real real hawt bong babe, all of us had our mouth open wide for a long time, until she realized that we all are staring her. We finished our drinks at styx and headed for domino's. Then we next went to YeswanthPur Railway station to put our bags at cloak room but to my greatest suprise they keep bags only upto 20:00 hrs, I said WTF man! We then headed to the sacred place, which was called Palace grounds. As we were about to enter the ground, the security asked us to take out our concert passes, Gupta shouted "Sir, I have lost my pass", Holy Christ Man! WTF! how can you fuckin lose the pass. I was mad, Rajjo was sad and Gupta, he started running back to locate the pass. God of Rock were favoring us, Gupta got the pass, I felt like tears in my eyes and wanted to slap him really hard. Then I and Rajjo had a great opportunity to fuck the Mighty Untamable Bakarchod Gupta, which we utilized to the fullest. We entered the Palace Grounds, it was ram packed with 20,000 strong crowd, full of people like us, it was scorching heat all over, sun was showing no mercy on the devotees, "but no one can deter us from doing what we believe", i suppose was the answers to every problem that stood infront of us.

After waiting for 1 and half hour in the heat, FTN appeared on the stage, crowd has some sigh of relief and every one started screaming and shouting. I saw 5 Delhi dudes, too young, full of energy, highly talented on the staged. The lead vocalist was very charismatic-on-stage and carries persona to control crowd. So he started with chants of "Maiden" and you can see the chants of "MAIDEN" everywhere. But this time FTN was sounding very bad, I think they didn't had sound check or something, but were sounding pathetic. In Pune they controlled, in fact owned the crowd, but they had little or in fact zero luck in Bangl00r00. There is a difference between an International Rock concert and Campus level rock competition, which was apparent here. The crowd in Pune at campus rock idol were college crowd, most of them were nu-metal listeners and loved "throats", very much and were there to do mosh pitting, without understanding much of music, but here in B'lore the crowd was much more mature and were listening to Maidens for long time and in short most of them were true rock devotees. Coming back to FTN, they made biggest mistake of starting with thier originals, as crowd had zero interest in listening nu-metal and gothic, so they were shown middle finger, FTN subsequently got raped liked anything. At last, they tried to sing Korn, but till that time crowd was killing them and were hardly listening. So FTN had to leave the stage like losers.
Next came Parikrama, they were sounding too good, clear and loud, which made me realized FTN were bad. Parikrama's Lead vocalist sounded like ACDC lead vocals Bon Scott, he made remarks like "This is the greatest day of his life" (to which i agree whole heartedly) and Chanted "Maiden" for some time. They played some of thier OC's which were pretty awesome. Then the band's Violinist played mostly same stuff with different speed, so the crowd went mad about the voilinist, as if he is some jimi hendrix of voilin. According to me, he sucked a big time, if you had heard a full time violinist, you will understand, what i meant, in country like India you will find violinst better than him in circuses, and if I talk class, then the classical musician who plays violin, are so good that violin starts singing by itself(okay that was a hyperbole). But , here the crowd was all metal people, so to them voilin was new and they thought it was simply too good. Anyway Parikrama finished with huge applause. They were indeed, very good.

Next came Lauren Harris Daughter of Steve Harris(i will revert back to him a little later), she was a real Hawt Babe, one worth watching English Beauty. But the songs she sang were totally out of sync with what crowd were here to listen, she was singing some alternative or pop rock or i donno what? But no body like it. Mind it, in India Metal fans are very explicit on expressing thier opinion and don't give a damn who it is?
So one can hear the chanting of "U Suck" and middle finger in the air, but she thought that all the shouting was applause, so she sang another 5-6 songs. Holy Christ, we were feeling like being killed. The wind was not blowing at all, people were standing too close to each other, i really felt the lack of oxygen and had to breathe with my mouth facing towards sky, dope and smoke was in the air, some of the girls started fanting and my feets were aching as if they will kill me. Rajjo and Gupta were in similiar state and we were thinking to leave the goddamn concert. Somehow Lauren finished, when she was leaving, i thanked god for having mercy on us.

Stage was all dark, revered silence all over, we we sweating, feeling like being screwed for nothing. suddenly i noticed drums were being beaten like military parade. I knew this is the time............ this is nobody else other that Nicko McBrain. Holy christ man!!!! i saw the drum set appeared like eddies' face and then i saw picture of Eddie in the Tank. Here was the band. Crowd went mad, people were shouting screaming and chanting "Maidens!!!" "Maidens!!!" all over. Iron Maidens and MegaDeth are probably the biggest and most repected name among the metal lovers in India(I am not talking about all those kids, who love alternative and punk). They are the pioneers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, in my words they are the gods of NWOBHM. I saw five English Gentlemen standing like mighty knights. The first one who got attention was off course, Bruce Dickinson, the great operatic singer, whose voice has given greatest edge to Maidens. Second person whom i noticed was Steve "The Eddie" Harris, one of the most repected man in the history of rock, the man behind the band, one of the greatest bassist ever, along with all this he is the main songwriter and composer for the band. He was wearing his trademark 3/4th and his fingers were so fast on the guitar that you can not see them. I was too too happy to see him.
Bruce started singing "different world" form new album a matter of life and death and on the screen above them, they displayed tank and eddie look-alikes, while singing Bruce was running here and there and Dave Murray and Andrain Smith were standing together and holding the guitar like a gun and were shooting towards crowd. Man! what an awesome site was that. Then they sang "colors don't run" and "incarcination of Benamin Breeg", the crowd was humming the tunes. Bruce started talking now and when he said in his typical british accent "scream for me, banglo' '', crowd was shouting at the peak of their voice. Then the light went out and the next song was "The number of the beast", oh man! i had goose bumps all over my body. While he sang tropper, Bruce was wearing a red coat and waving Union Jack, then he sang "run to the hills" and then he sang "Iron maiden", which i didn't like since Bruce has totally different way of singing song, whereas that song was sung by Paul Diano originally. Suddenly lights were off, drum was sounding like i have heard thousands times before and crowd started waving thier hands in the air and sound of the "Ho ho ho ho ho!!!" was in the air. This was "FEAR of the Dark", crowd went berserk, absolutely crazy as Bruce started singing. This was the moment i was here for, i was jumping and singing. Everyone else was also jumping and i was pushed by the wave of people, which came from behind. Afterwards it was difficult to even breathe, everywhere you see people falling on each other and some trying to survive. As Bruce laughed in his Devilish way, i felt a wave of happiness in me. After this song he sang one more song form new album and one or two more song, after which they have shown the tank on the stage and Dave Murray was moving guitar all over his body insanely. Then Bruce made an announcement "we will come back again" and he said "you don't have to wait for 17 years". We thought it is over, with heavy feets we started walking toward the exit. But the crowd was not in mood for such a small exit, so they shouted "we want more". After sometimes, they all appeared back, I said "yes". They then played "evil that man do" and "2 minutes to midnite", then they brought a huge Edie on stage, who was dressed as a tropper and his eyes were glowing dark red. Finally they sang the greatest song ever by Maiden - " Hallowed be thy name". This song is one song which all Maiden fan loves and considers it to be sacred. So here everyone was singing with them and i was banging my head, throughout the song as a symbol of my repect to the band.
Those moments were most precious moments to me. I wanted to keep listening to them live for as long as possible.I heard that many people were in tears, some of them bowed to Maiden on thier knees, I know this sounds insane but for Maiden people can do that.

Well we were here on Yeswanthpur station, tired like anything and struggling for sleep. Somehow(God knows how), We left the B'lore with a sigh of relief, but the next day was hot and we were feeling like dirty pigs and were totally dehydrated. By now Gupta has regained his powers, so we were having good bakarchodee sessions one after the other. I was in utterly bad shape, but then i remembered my last B'lore trip, where i have travel on the bonnet(or whatever is the right word) of the bus, so i thanked god for all that he has blessed us with. Finally we reached Pune, with memories that will remain, throughout my life.
I know that the day when Metallica will turn up to India, i will be mad and will be more happier than this, but as for now, i am very much contended.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Typical weekends

My weekends are typical. Why? Because they are typical.
This is 16:00 hrs Friday evening and i will fire a mail : hey dood are you coming to my place.
So i will get a reply which may be yes or there is no reply at all: that means he is not coming.

Some how i just leave the company thinking, "Please god there should be no last minute assignment."
God sometimes says, "Son have fun this weekend"
My lead says " Anuz, we have a release tomorrow" and I say, "Oh No".

Some how if god had mercy on me weekend goes great.

They will ask, " hey by what time are you reaching?'
Me: "unhhhhhhhh.......... i will tell you as soon as i leave".

Okay so here I am leaving for the day, "yippee, don't have to come for next two days".

Me: "which movie are we suppose to watch,....... no not this one. "
They: "Okay so what else do you want to see?"
Me: " Let see this one, but i am not sure as we will be able to get the tickets."

We just leave for the theatre, without giving much thought about tickets.
At theatre we have same type of conversation every time.

He: " Man, Is he(the one who was invited by the mail) coming."
Me:(This time) "yeah, this asshole has to be invited every time, i will go and get three tickets"

now as i am trying to get tickets. My cell starts ringing.
Me: "where are you Maaadar(that means mother fucker)"?

He told me that he will be coming in next 20 minutes.
Now we two are waiting and looking around.
Me: hey dood, look she is fukin hawt.
He: nahin yaar she is shit.
now, i am silent, cursing my self for the pathetic sense of rating chics.

He: Look, Man that's what you call a hottie, a real hottie.
Me:(With eyes wide open) yeah, i just want her, at least once.

Mean while this other lazy fellow arrives.
Me: Let's get inside.
They: wait man, let me finish my cigarette.

We are inside the theater and now begins the storm of demonic laughter, everyone is staring at us, as to what the hell are we doing?

Me: man, next month this movie is releasing and i am going to come and watch this movie for sure.
One of them: Motherfucker, you are watching every other movie, and to all boring movie, you just say, that it was a good movie.
Me: WTF, man i only say a movie is good, only when it is good. Anyway you have no sense of movies.
Other one: Looking at some other poster, man, i am just waiting for spiderman to release, and my roommate, he is so mad about this movie, he has been counting the number of days for spiderman 3 release.
Me: I have to watch spiderman with my brother. As per tradition me and my brother always watch spiderman together and that too in Gwalior(My home town).
First one: Hey guys you know rat(nick name of some one) has made a new funti(Girl friend).
Me: Fuck Man, he is a lucky bustard.
Other: hunn.. he is good in making funties.

Me: oye, take out the tickets man.

We are inside the hall and we are the only people, who are laughing apparently for no good reason. We are still chating, consequently annoying others. As soon as the trailer of a new movie is shown on the screen, we starts yelling and starts clapping as if we are some 4 year old.

As the intermission approaches, one of us starts cursing the movie.
The other guy: What a fuckin boring movie?
Me: Whatever, look at babe man she is hawt and her funta(Boy Friend) is a moron. Yaar, why such hot babes are always with such morons and doods like us are roaming around with people like you.
First one: Dood, our time is near.
Me: we will keep on saying this for ever.
Then we start making really nasty comment about all the babes in theater.
Movie restarts and after that till we reach back home we are mostly silent or talking only what is important.

The First Guy: see you tomorrow at 10.
Me: yeah, bye.

Somehow struggling with myself i wake up and reach gym. Since this is a holiday, i can see yoga classes going on. Oh..... there she is, the real pretty chick with sexy vitals. I try hard to avoid getting caught by aunties in gym, while staring the babe. I don't understand, what the hell are they doing in gym. They are not even letting me stare the only babe in gym. Anyway, i finished workouts in gym, wondering when will i lift those heavy dumbbells of 20+ pounds. Every time i see those heavy dudes lifting dumbbell of 25 pounds each in both arms, my tongue starts rolling back and my mouth become dry.

I then leave for breakfast with my friend. Believe it or not for us it is religion to have breakfast at vahuman cafe.
Although cafe is an old cafe with old infrastructure, doesn't look like something grand. But this cafe is run by a Parsee uncle and kind of English breakfast they serve is fuking awesome.
We have a standard place to sit near window, which is at the last of the cafe. The point of sitting near window is that we can see everyone in cafe and if there is some hottie, then it is a perfectly located strategic location.

We orders typically same breakfast everytime we come.
Me: Man I just love this cheese toast, fuckin awesome man.
He: dood, this satish(waiter) is such a busy man getting him at our table like scheduling process in an OS(operating system, typical jargon engineer use.)
Me: yeah, it is so.
Him: hey man, don't you think in our group also few people are choclatee(Pause: now the defintion of choclatee, requires a dedicated new blog).
Me: Yeah, they could have been choclatee, but all of them have that worm of bakar(Gossiping around, okay this also require a blog , keep watching the space.) inside them , so they have fallen along with us.
He: True.
Now we are silent for some time, which is little unusual.

Me: what are we going to do after this.
Him: Let's see, let me smoke, then only i can think better.
Me: We can watch a movie in my flat.
Him: What all movies you have.
Me: Many.
Him: Motherfucker, name some of them.
Me: Blah blah blah.
Him: okay so we can watch this one.
Me: okay.

We leave the table, this is still the Saturday after noon. We have word with uncle, who is a parsee and owner of cafe, although he is old, but he crack all kind of non-veg jokes so beware.
Sometimes my action are just like that. While i was waiting for my friend to get his bike. I was looking at this bike, a very old Luna.
Him: you know this legendary vehicle belong to uncle.
Me: hmnnn...
I took out my cell and took a snap of the Luna. My friend was smiling at all this incident. He would be thinking in his mind, "what a useless bugger is he", but that does not deter me from doing all this.

Back home, i had one more business to mind, washing my clothes. This is such a nemesis for me. My entire day is engaged in washing clothes. Some body suggested to keep a maid, but maids are such a nuisance, that i just hate to have one.
On my PC heavy metal is playing; while washing my clothes i am singing along with my old speakers, which sounds horrible with the kind of music i play.(okay they are always horrible.)

Meanwhile my cell starts ringing. We will then have lunch while discussing all the genres of rock and gigs and Metal and chics and every damn other thing which exists.
I will go and sleep in my room after lunch and when i wake up, we are planning where to have booze and dinner.
Him: Oye, You know he(some of our friend) is also coming for dinner.
Me: so where are we going?
Him: Yaar, he want us to come somewhere near adlabs(a theatre).
Me: Great, Then let's move.

Now, here we are sitting in a bar and a restaurant, with three other people.
One of them: dood, You should have a beer.
Me: no, not rite now.
Other: guys, i have only one wish and that is to have beer with him(i.e. Me).
Now here at this point i have to be diplomatic and sensitive, i don't want to hurt any of these guys by saying that drinking sux, which i say every other time. but this was not the rite time. so to change the topic.
Me: hey dood, you went to your place, are your parents trying to get a girl for you.
now everyone else has chance to fuck this guy, so everyone is alert.
Other guy: Man he is getting old, he should get married.
Him: no, there is nothing like that.
Me: Motherfucker, you sleep in every other party, you have grown too old, get married soon, otherwise you will not get a girl.
Him: (typical tone), don't worry i will get married.

This goes on till 11 in the night. Meanwhile we will also have some intellectual discussion(at least we think so.).

Next day morning also all the things repeat in same manner, that is going to gym and vohuman. But after vohuman, we again plan to watch movie. But movie is at 3:00 pm and it is 12:00 pm so what to do in the mean time?
Me: Let's go to central(a shopping mall).
Him: what will we do there? Motherfucker, are you going to shag there?(he is laughin with his ass off)
Me: We will buy something.
Him: I don't have have to buy anything for now. Do you want to buy something?
Me: Nothing for sure, but will be good time pass.
Him: okay let's go.

We then just keep trying number of clothes and this discussion and that discussion going on all the time non-stop inside the mall. His cell rings and that's the signal that other guys are waiting at theatre for us. So we leave Central without buying anything.(that's what we do when we go to malls)

At theatre again!!! some people wonder how much movies do we watch? I told those people, we can watch four movies back to back in a single day, we are just crazy about movies.

Now again the conversation begin. This time we are four of us and 4th one is my roommate.
One of them: This theater is a rage. the best of chics of this city comes here.
My roomie: You know, there is a new bom-shell in our company in development team, but she is married.
One of them: Asshole, why the fuck do you keep tell stories of these married women to us?
My roomie: Yaar ,she is hot and i just can' t help stop noticing.
Me: Mother fucker, Leave her apart. Let's look that hottie in white top.
Again, we start talking all forms of nasty things about her and start laughing (in fact roaring) outside the hall.
After some time we are inside theatre watching this movie. This movie came out to be total bullshit.
Me: what the fuck ? This is the worst movie i have ever scene.
Other Fellow: This is an utter peice of shit. What is it that they want to show?
Me: There is no art, no good dialogues, no plot , just load of big star, no story, loads of hype. Fuck man! wasted 150 bucks.

Now the entire time goes criticizing the movie, and the aunties and uncles sitting near us getting irritated becoz we have started fuckin this movie, but we never bother.
Some how movie finished, now i am yawing like anything, all my energy is sucked. I am thinking "what a waste, man".
Suddenly some one says: Where are we going for lunch?
One of them: Let's go to nandu's(some cafe).
Me: we can better go to chaitanya(another cafe).
all other agree to this one easily.

We had lunch at this cafe and we all are mostly quite, since the movie was such a shit. No one want to speak. We return back and i go to sleep.

This is Sunday evening. not many of them(i.e. my friend ) are fond of this time, since next 5 days are not going to be fun. Well in the evening again, at least one of them will visit my room. And this time this one is my junior.

Him: Sir, Do you have any new movie.
Me: No dood.
Him: Sir, bring one.
Me: dood, not in a mood to bring one.
Him: and Sir, how is your gym going on.
Me: fucking good man.
Him: I don't see any change.(now he is having a good chance to laugh at me).
Me:(without any interest) i have gained some weight.
Him: you are becoming a fat-ass.
Me: Motherfucker, don't you have anything else to do.
Him: No.
Him: why are you getting senti(short form of sentimental, meaning angry here).
Me: Asshole, you had nothing else but to do all this bakarchodee(meaning useless gossip here).
He: no sir, I just love pulling your leg.
Entire time he is trying to some how fuck me(not literally, but verbally). Now i have to give a excuse that since he is junior, i just can't do the same, we used to do same with our seniors, so this is just a return of favor.

Now this is eleven o'clock the great weekend has come to an end. I am thinking that i have wasted two days, may be i have read something. Now i am lost in my thoughts and wandering aimlessly inside my mind. And next day i am up for office again.