Friday, October 26, 2007

It Rains really hard here !

From Shillong to Cherrapunji is much better drive, primarily because of good condition of roads and secondly because you are moving more towards rainiest place on the face of this planet. Our first stoppage was this view point near DUWAN SING SYIEM BRIDGE, (can't figure out how to say it!!!). Standing on this viewpoint gives you a magnificent view of an entire valley full of green beautiful trees, wild flowers, streams, clouds and this bridge, seems like this-is-not-real.

Well, we moved on.. this next place we visited was most beautiful place of this entire journey and made a profound impression on sapota's memory, which will last for ever. We were little unfortunate when we went to Nohkalikai falls, entire fall was invisible due to clouds, these clouds were so dense that you cannot see anything beyond 3-4 meters.

We tried hard to get a glimpse, for that we descended deep into jungles, but all we could get was sound of water head, but no sight of waterfall. This entire place was located on highest place in cherrapunji, so clouds were floating around and we were literally walking in clouds.

After moving around this place for some time, we moved towards Mawsmai Caves, these caves are natural caves, made by flow of rain water. Caves are dark and there is now way sunlight can enter, most important thing to notice in these caves are water made sculpts(or structures.), seems like been sculpted by man. But the kind of sculpting, that is, seems infeasible for humans. These caves have very very slippery and difficult surface, so walking across them was not easy.

In Cherrapunji there is this spot called seven sister falls, an attraction special to entire North east. We went to this viewpoint, but it was a hot day and it didn't rained for quite long, so these falls were thin. Moving back we visited this eco-park, which had man made structures and natural beauty combined together. And surprisingly(for us) all those falls were located here and now we had a clearer view of entire thing. The valley below was very deep, sapota tried to capture the valley along with fall, but not to much success. There was one more interesting thing that was a lost waterfall, which was suppose to come out somewhere from the mountain edge, but it was falling much before it and water was seeping to ground(actually the mountain!), again we tried very very hard to capture the thing, but could not.

This place was very near to Bangladesh border, which was somewhere towards some far end.
Well this part of journey was over with our arrival back in Shillong. Sapota will write more about Hajo visit in next blog.

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