Thursday, October 11, 2007

I was in Nagaland

Journey PART III
Well Nagaland is not an easy state for an outsider like sapota. But sill Sapota traveled to the territory as tourist, totally ignorant of the Dangers like NSCN. The most pleasant part of journey was sitting near window and watching lush green Assam passing by. Sapota was practicing the art of motion photography in the train.As the say deep jungle of Assam, trust me every word is true, they are so bloody dense that seeing beyond second lines of tree is very difficult and they say sometimes elephants can be seen on roads, but sapota was not fortunate enough.

But scenic greenery, Meadows, water bodies, jungles and paddy fields were treat to eyes. Sapota was feeling a different kind of happiness altogether. When Sapota reached Dimapur, the entrance to the Nagaland and the only place in Nagaland sapota visited, he came across things contrary to his beliefs. Nagas are not that hospitable people and one may get caught in trouble, so its better to stay inside. But Sapota cannot stay inside for long, so finally Mr The Cha Moo took him finally to the so-called hongkong market. The market was usual roadside congested market, but the kind of goods it was selling was different. Replicas of branded apparels and fashion accessories, leather goods and woolen goods were available for much lesser price, and if you can bargain it well, then this is the place for you. The real fun of being a tourist is shopping, trying exotic stuff, bargaining with absurd prices and finally buying thing which will hardly be used. So sapota played this part well enough, enjoying every moment.

Okay one thing is left out, the legend regarding the Dimapur is that it is named after the Hid-gimba, the daemon wife of Bheem, they say there is a huge chessboard, where pandavs used to play. Unfortunately Sapota could not travel to place due to time and security constraints, but fun in fear was a different experience all together.

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