Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My self

It is highly difficult to describe myself in a coherent manner. And here i am presuming, mostly people think so.
I am confused and always want to do thing, which i want to do. Well I am afraid of consequences, but not always, depending upon the severity of what am i doing?

Enough of this useless crap, i can say i am a thinker(hah... that's what i do the whole time). Think, think and think, the entire time and output........., i am afraid to say is hardly anything. And sometimes i wonder "why do i think so much?", but everyone else i know also thinks too much. Since I ought to think that, i am only bugged my myself; No it's not, its every other human being, who experience the same.

Secondly, i am a moody person, yes i am impulsive, i tend to acquire thing just in one single sweep. Why am i such a go getter? I just can't predict anything, all my prediction are always wrong all the time.
My favorite time pass is Saying what i want to just say ......... i.e. giving knowledge to others, which is hardly complete and insufficient.
Anyway when everyone else is doing the same , how can i be the last?

My passions......... Knowledge.........know everything and anything...... materializing two thing get zeroed down as for now........ROCK and programming in LINUX.

I do not know why i continued blogs again? But then I always think that ,i am hell of a writer, by now one would have realized, how lousy i am ? but that is not going to deter me anyway from writing(hah.... this is one more quality of mine).


Anonymous said...

very true my friend

Anonymous said...

Well pointed indeed. Sometimes I really wonder that Mr Amitabh is too obssessed with his Larger than Life image and media too is pressing hard for it to become a reality. He is an actor period. We should not treat him GOD and spare him of his foolish acts whatsoever.
Better for him to start picking roles which can reflect the society, rather than being something out of this world stuff !

Theoderus said...

Absolutely yes,
He has been a legend all his professional life. But i don't know why is he in for all the crappy roles.
By now he should have owned his own production house and given the audiences a couple of home made masterpieces.

Invincible Gaurav said...

hmmmm well, what to rite abt him.

I just can't predict anything out of him. I just like to trap him in his own sayings & it happens so easily :)

hey Dude, i must confess this that, u r one of those frienz, whom i will never forget in my Life becoz of all foolish actz u do :D.

Anywaz carry on Launde [hehehe] said...

this is studpid,nonsense&useless thing that u is not more than any absurd .i think if a comparison would drawn b/w reading ur blog and watching a mithun movie than it is better to watch a mithun movies atleast it gives a moral .
plz stop and cut this crap n bakwas on ur blog.

chambilkethakur said...

try writing something, we will see what great changes can you make?