Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I, sometimes, shutdown my PC

I was taken aback?
she asked me, don't you have instinct?
that's like asking me if I listen to Metallica.
So what do you say?
I just tell her that I will write back.
about instincts?
yes, My instincts tell me not to talk about them?
then, why are you?
I donno, this is also instinctive action.

Other day, I asked someone, dude you are talented, how do you keep upto it?
he told me, his instincts help him.
the other case where instinct play vital role, is with respect to tiger, he pushes them to the limit.
So what's the harm?
Instinct cannot be logically explained, I can feel it, I can smell things, i am gifted with it. I have inherited it.
in that case i don't see any problem?
there are no problems, I would rather use other talents than to push myself to use instinct, I rather use them as survival weapon and find it is best suited for it.
I have instincts too,
not, in the way I understand, as I said I can smell it, who had that kind of feel.
hows that?
I mean when you meet people your own kind, for example tiger, you know it.
So what will that lead you to?
Actually nothing, just this post and asking people to talk about
what are their intellectual verbalization about their own instincts?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Naka, Zona religiousa etcetra etcetra

Sapota had attended many hindu marriages, but this was first time sapota was experiencing a sikh wedding. Sapota hate attending marriages, but this one was of a very very dear friend, so Sapota went all the way to Balachaur with all excitement and enthusiasm.
On the way to Balachaur, Sapota purchased JUTIs at Chandigarh. Now there is only one man, who can wear such Jutis and that is Sapota himself(Hah!).
From Rajjo's Marriage
Sapota had recieved a very warm welcome at balachaur in a real punjabi village called as Thopia(looks like heard somewhere).
Among many antics to be noticed, the prominent ones were buffaloes and fodder slicing machine and earthen stoves. These things are rarely visible to sapota, these days. One of the fella(read Bison) tried posing with buffaloes for photograph, but buffaloes were reluctanct, they dont want to pose with a Bison.

The following day started with engagement ceremony. Ceremony's biggest attraction was "Bhangra Junction", which was a bhangra group containing hawt hawt punjabi kudiyan(chics). In all this high temprature sound and thump, Sapota was thrown on the floor(dance floor, fools!). The no-good-dancer danced between punjabis, who by the virtue of being who they are, dance very bloody well.
Other folks joined us in the late afternoon, and then all those discussions... this time business fundas, I mean all those lame ass management shit, and everyone preached them as if they are some top grade B-school Professors. Later Brides' folk arrived to perform ceremonial rituals and the groom was loaded with all sorts of gifts and golds and $$$$(Dallaran, lol).
Next day early the barat set forth to Ropar. Rituals in Sikh marriages are performed at Gurudwaras in the day time. Day time marriage at this quarter of year and in this part of world is not actually very pleasant.
On arrival there, we were greeted by a Sikh priest, who recited some sort of chants. Then as the barat followed, we danced in the bloody sunlight in the outdoors, drenched literally! Something interesting followed next known as "saaliyon ka naka" transliterated as barriers of/by Sister-in-laws(sounds so absurd in this language). To get entry in the marriage hall, the groom has to pay the bribe(or shall it be a "shagun", sapota likes bribe more!) to cross that ribbon on naka thing.
Hall was beautiful and food was upto mark and as we settled down, "bhangra party" started dancing, so again we have to dance, this time with girls from brides side. After dancing and all, we all proceeded to Gurudwara for the actual rituals. Sapota loves Gurudwaras and Churches becuase they are quiet and serene, like a real abode of god. This was a big beautiful Gurudwara with a river flowing near by. And you know how much sapota fancies rivers. So as sapota went inside, he went into "zona religiousa"(yes there is no such word). As they were performing rituals and sapota sat down in peace with himself.

After this ceremony sister-in-law were asking for shagun, Again! I mean this time for Grooms shoes. They steal the shoe and then they ask for money as much as INR 5k, this is no way correct, but then all is fair in marriages. Ok, sapota missed talking about the groom , the groom wore a full fledged turban and the sikh attire and looked like a real "Sardar".

After completions of nuptials, photo shoots followed, which led to chit chat and cracking jokes . The newer and interesting thing was ball dance. Yes, Groom and Bride danced together, which was a surprise element for many. But it was kool, Sapota missed the dance, he has to later catch it up on the video. Overall wedding was fun, but a sweaty fun, phew!