Monday, May 31, 2010

forgive me, forgive me not.

What is a good song?
How is it defined?
There is lot of technicalities, which can be talked about a fibre of good song.
But a good song is a great composition, which for some unknown parameter is so dear to you.
You have heard this song for 6 years, repeated it in loop for many times, you have lost track of the number of times you have heard it. You have heard it a zillion times, you have heard it so much that you got bored of it. You don't want to hear it anymore. You leave the song and move on to future musical composition. But then one fine day you feel an urge to listen to it again. And this urge is as strong as any narcotic drug. You remember every beat, every riff, every note, every pitch and all the words in the song. You lived your entire life in that song. Time stops every time you hear it. You don't care where you are, you want to get immersed in the song, its like a treasure island, where you are cluelessly wandering to find something priceless, which bloody never existed.

Sapota dont give a flying fuck what metal kids say about Metallica. Sapota had sufficiently ventured into all genres of Heavy Metal to have an opinion. And musical choices are driven by feel for it, not by coolness factor associated with it. Anyway, who the fuck cares!
Well this song is not really thrash, its more of core melodic metal. But more than its technical merits of being a metal song, this song tells a story, and story one can associate so easily with.
UnforgivenS(yes an extra "S" for the fact that there are three of them now) are one such lore of a man, who undergoes a lot in life. To be honest "unforgiven too" is my favourite in series for the plain fact that I heard it before the Super awesome original Unforgiven. Unforgiven is much more terse for a person who is new to such genre of music, whereas "Unforgiven 2" is much easy to understand. While by the time you come to "Unforgiven 3", you have heard previous unforgiven so many times, that you will never forgive Metallica, if they screw the series with a mediocre song. If it was for any other band, this song would have been easily regarded as the greatest song they could have imagine. But with Metallica, expectations are very different, they were once the GOD, and now they are God that failed. But let me assure you that "Unforgiven 3" is one of the greatest song ever created, though not comparable to originals, but priceless. It has same effect on you as the originals, the humming guitars just reverberates in you mind till you you get completely immersed in the song. The story of the man continues, but with a different angle.
The best part about any good Metallica song is Jaymz Hetfield will make you feel what he is feeling, or may be its just me, who associates so much with these songs. A lot of it is said in the way you always wanted to say, but never had right word. Metallica did it just for you and in the exact manner it was suppose to be.

There are lines in these songs, which hit you back, which haunt you in a very specific way, you feel a need to listen to them and try to understand if there is something cryptic or missing. You want to relisten to them as if you are trying to read between the lines. But I guess songs have said a lot in that small period of time.
After a very long period of time, the urge to listen to something so classic as The Unforgiven shows that it commands you by brute force which will pull you towards them. You were, for months, listening to super complex highly technical compositions which were executed in unhumanly precise manner, But you get pulled out of all that to listen to Unforgiven because "what I felt what i have know, never shine through what I have shown.... Never free never me... so be I dub thee unforgiven" and because "What I've felt, what I've known.... Sick and tired, I stand alone.... Could you be there?, 'cause I'm the one who waits for you Or are you unforgiven too?" and because "And how can I blame you When it's me I can't forgive?"