Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wolverine or Magneto

Its a futile to even think about killing Wolverine. And its stupid to think he will die, Until unless you are Lord Magneto. For many years Sapota has been a Logan fan, to the extent that he sometimes poses with the imaginary claws and call others as "bub". Sapota's interest rose from the movies, he haven't read any comics until recently. So Hugh Jackman had been the logan,the badass which initially was face of Wolverine. On the other hand, Sir Ian Mckellen is very impressive, but he gives no competition to wolverine as Magneto. Though in second movie when he lifts the entire bridge, its one of the most impressive moment in the history of comic book movies. For many years wolverine( jackman's persona) was the cool one, the hero with the attitude, magneto was still under his shadow. Though Sapota knew that wolverine got nothing on magneto even in the series. Magnus( in movie) told logan that he better stay away because he can destroy logan without a thought.
Now the next series sapota came across was xmen evolution a teenage take on xmen. In this series logan is even a much bigger badass. For the first time it felt jackman can't capture the total awesomeness of wolverine. At the same time magneto appeared to a much stronger character and much much poweful mutant. Entire team of Xmen is useless against this one mutant. He is much much wiser and have leader ship capabilities and intelligence rivalling of professor xavier. Logan on the other hand is troubled mind single dimensional killing machine personality. Though he is a shrewd fighter a total badass, but not much of a character which will inspire a lot of awe to everyone.
As sapota watched the good old original awesome series of 1992, that is where entire perception of xmen is altered. That is where you meet the most awesome of Magneto and much better logan. Logan have a lot of personality conflicts and a lot of issues with his past. He is still the same ruthless maverick who just throws himself at any danger without caring much about himself. Even in this series logan have a very little personal life, its widely known that he had major love interest in Jean. Unlike Xmen movies, scott is not some pansy boy, here he is pretty much the leader what xmen should have. Magneto on the the other hand have an aura of someone like a president of a country. He is awe inspiring, he motivates people, he calls mutants as his children. On top of everything his mutant abilities are way beyond most other mutant.
When sapota read polls from wizard magazine magneto was rated best villain and wolverine as best hero. As much as sapota loves wolverine, he still don't think wolverine is the best hero ever. Besides he is pretty much an antihero.
To discover more, sapota read House of M, Deadly genesis, Messiah complex and other related comics. The awesomeness of Magneto kept increasing with each comics. Its strange thing that most series sapota have came across are more related to magneto. But one one the biggest conclusion(which may be partial) is that Magneto is much more of three dimensional personality as compared to wolverine.
Magnetos skills and capabilities are on much much larger scale. He even have three ultra powerful kids. Wolverine commands a respect of lot of fellow mutants, but Magneto is worshipped by an entire country of mutants. His tactical, strategic and diplomatic moves are much ahead of any other mutant, even charles is not that shrewd to command an entire race of human beings. Magneto is driven by the philosophy and motivations much much bigger than any of his personal reasons. Though Erik has horrible past, but he has turned his rage and anger into creating a dream not just for himself but for entire homo superior. But, What makes logan a lovable character is he is fearless, there have been very few times in long history of Xmen that wolvie was afraid of anything. If they were to recruit him as lantern, he would almost be as strong as Hal Jordan.

Now looking at his powerlevel, Magneto can manipulate electromagnetism to atomic level and on higher side he can lift an entire planet. He killed an entire city with one thought and created wormhole to travel across great distances. Wolverine on the other hand is indestructible, he is one of the best hand to hand combatant adept in every marshal art known. Admantium claws make his supercool plus allows him to cut anything and everything.He is very intelligent when it comes to ambush or attack plans. He is a very skilled battle tactician but he is merely an alpha level mutant.One of the biggest moment in comic book history is when Magneto goes mad in anger and rips off all the admantium from wolvies body proving his superiority as mutant. The kind of moment that sends chill across any fan and every xmen character. And funniest part is he goes on rampage lecturing about how foolish logan is.
At this point sapota has developed more liking for Erik Lensherr as compared to Logan mostly because of superior powers and intelligence. And Erik as a character has much more dimensions. Probably sapota need to dig more comics with logan's story lines.
The new movie first class has established Erik as one of the strongest fictional character ever to brace the silver screen. Micheal fassbender has been a pretty good magneto(though nothing like 1992 series) and Mathew Vaughn have presented the character in his full colours.