Thursday, August 06, 2009

The escapist, they are.

What would make you say things, which are totally irrelevant to life. You are being asked if your life is in shambles and you tend to discuss the new rock n roll album, you purchased. The tiger(oh yes, I call him tiger) always blame his shirts and clothes for all the fight he does in the world. He says I wont wear this shirt, because every time i wear this I fight with people, he wont admit the fact, that its in his nature to be quarrelsome, and on the top of it he is superstitious.

Why on the earth would people blame the poor cat if some mishap happens. Isn't your life already miserable enough? you are not moving a single straw and expecting all the lacklustre to transform into a brilliant shiny beacon of life.

All the damn time, for all your losses, you end up believing that its gods will. I think god is a busy creature, he just makes the instrument for life and makes free will, what you do with it is purely your thing, he wont interfere. Well, you get result of what you do, but how does your fate come into picture, if you fail in exam?

This entire concept of destiny is pure unadulterated case of some big marketing hoax or some work of propaganda. The strong ruler or the party in power will emphasis on everything that will keep subjects to neglect facts and indulge in their own lives and overlook the very reason that these weak creatures are driven by someone else.

Why do u think god punishes only those sinners, who happen to be poor or weak, for same kind of deed, the rich and powerful enjoy all the cream in the world. Well it has been inculcated in our brains, all those beliefs, we can't question them in the lack of evidence and worse enough, we face such a strong resistance. Its really is incomprehensible, where there is such a strong lobby for such biased and prejudiced beliefs. Why are they selling unreasonable bullshit for centuries? Even they are not sure of what they are talking, but every one pretends otherwise.

Its right in front of your eyes? its a loss, its a phenomenon, bloody accept it. Why are you trying so hard not to believe it, or are you trying to enforce some sort of delay, that things will get any better. Unfortunately things get better, when you work for their betterment. Yes, there are factors, which are not governed by us and factors, we can't control. But what about the things, which we can do? Have we tried enough or we were so busy procrastinating about stuff we don't control that time flew and we were flying in our fancy world escaping reality.

Its for us to do, who else will do it, why we tend to postpone it, why are we not on it and finish it off, what is a better time than this. We are not in war sire! Its our every day work, so still what makes us avoid it? Alright, you don't like it, so then change it, there are always way of mending things, its all how badly you want to change it.
They don't understand it, they don't control it, but they fancy it, but what we can change is what we should be up to.