Friday, January 08, 2010

That is so fucking punk?

Well, he just saw green day, he is just a teenager finished his high school. He has traits of rebellion growing inside him, he donno what is mass, what is class, he just have an attitude, but no experience. He simply wears a tie over his T-shirt. The so-called mature people will stare him with some sort of disgust and repulsively say "fucking punks!!!". Its not about supporting punks or Goths, but he is just innocent.

Well everyone wears an attitude in someway or another. Oldies tend to be more subtle with same white shirt and black trousers and those shiny black shoes. Whereas a heavy metal rebel will don long hairs, black Tshirts, loads of Iron made jewelry. Its all about your own persona of yourself. Few have argument, this is not a suitably good looking dress; Who the fuck cares? Wear and don what you like, Fuck everything else!

With revolution started in early 70s by punk gods, Mostly speaking Sex pistols and The stooges, outrageous dress-up became so popular among the generation that it crossed all geographic boundaries and was seen everywhere. Sid vicious once wore a lock as pendant, and 40 years later its as chic as it was then. Lather Jackets with Black Rebel motorcycle Club written on back worn by Marlon brando along Aviator sun glasses riding on a customized Motorbike with long handles was first seen in 1963 and then same style was picked by Elvis Presley later on by James dean. And now we know that Leather jackets on Harleys with aviator sunglasses are rage.
Another god of style is Lemmy, prolly he inspired an entire generation of supermachos, his mutton chops can send chill across spines, and his cap, which NO-ONE and i mean no one else wears, but him. He wears a natzi cross, which has created some controversy, but a GOD like him can never be bogged by such petty nonsense. His stature as a rock n roll icon is so big that, he has undivided cult following, who are all Motorhead fanatics(Heil Lemmy \m/). Lemmy's influence is quite evident on Son of gun Like Jaymz Hetfield. Hetfield dons a brand new set of mustache and beard in every other concert, right from mutton chops to goat like beard. Jaymz and party even wore entire cowboy style costume with old school beard and as they call Metallica Goatee.

Wearing the attitude is not a new thing, ancient times people use to wear their own symbol of identity, Bapu for example wore a plain white cloth and the stick. He is nothing sort of an icon of popular culture, but he is a mass hysteria. The man, who is most relevant in todays society. Even rock videos made by marilyn Manson features him.

So than he told sapota may be dude you wear your attitude, these punks are bunch of looser wannabes. It made sapota delve deeper into the thoughts that he knows sapota and his remark is not for flattery, but apathy for herd behavior, when entire crop try to ape some one shot to glory star. But there is nothing which can stop people from following what they like, even if later it seems silly.

Talking of goths, I guess earliest sign of face make up comes from KISS, sapota never liked kiss, but Gene Simmons has inspired a lot of musician, and as they say, he is one of biggest womanizer of all times; you can say he is in the league of Steven tyler and Jack Nicholson. Later on entire generation of extreme metal bands wore face makeups, nails, studds, metal belts, and bullet cartridge straps.Most of death Metal bands, viking metal, black metal(Scandanavian bands) are racing to be next most brutal thing seen.

One of the subtle gothic getup was worn by shock rocker Alice copper, Marliyn manson took to next extreme. But as he says, its him and his music, other parameters are immaterial.

One of reason why there has been revolution in imagery of rock n roll albums, video making and lyrics is consequence of pop culture and punk attitude, it is when one thinks beyond the obvious. Pushing yourself beyond conventional. Videos made by Pink Floyds are so metaphoric in nature, at the outset, they hardly convey anything, but a closer look reveal so much. Iron maiden always use gory album cover, which is full of immensely well created art work. But they were once banned at many place on religious ground, since the album cover is dark, but band has no such persona.
On similar grounds, RHCP make videos which has this "rebel teenage dude" attitude trying to break away. Other bands dont paint, dont film obscure videos but their lyrics has been doing it all, one such example is Jim Morrison, probably one of the greatest lyricist of all times.

Why are sneakers such a popular footwear among youngsters. Without doubt Kurt Cobain has made them popular making them a symbol of freedom. They are part of entire grunge attitude.
skull rings are yet another popular accessory among Metal fans. Cliff burton wore them and after his death, James wore them as a love for the greatest rock bassist world has ever seen.

Sapota has his own bits and pieces of rock emblems and his own punk style. Few items sapota possess and few he desires. The original Led zep buckle is one of the most beloved possession. Few crosses, but I would like to have the same large plain cross ozzy and Tommi wore. The British steel blade pendant worn by Dimbag Darrel, I read somewhere, it mean that not to fuck with the owner. Motorhead helmet!!! man a motorhead helmet on Indian chief is utmost Nirvana. Same skull rings as Cliff burton, I have skull ring but not the bloody same. One possession is my Accadacaa keychain with beaded chain, some people find it awkward, but fuck them, as if I care! One more blasphemy is wearing natzi cross the same one lemmy wear, oh lord pardon thy humble fan, as he dare to ape the lord.
From kernel_barbarian