Monday, May 14, 2012

A walk in Camden town

It has been a while since Sapota had a rack of Black Tshirts and NOW is the good time to revise the lost glory of metal days. Since the Festival is coming in few days, It's high time to start getting in the mood. So Sapota found about "Camden town" as one of the places to find stuff related to as-they-call-it "alternate fashion". We started strolling in the place somewhere in the afternoon. It all looked like a place where sapota assumed would find cheap T-shirts and pendants, which he was looking for. Manish was there just for the company, he didn't have any plans to buy stuff, but that would eventually change. While the skull rings and pendants were about 15£ onwards, the Tshirt market was more reasonable.
We started looking at Tshirts with guitars and dragons and skulls and ganja leaves, which were moderately priced from 10£-20£. Manish immediately made up his mind to get a Big bang theory Tshirt. While as usual, sapota was zeroing the places which can be visited again. The best Tshirt sapota found was Slayer Tshirt, which he will eventually buy, but hey, we never carry cash!!!

Next we moved out of Tshirt market and went to shops where sapota brought a jacket, which was not the plan for the day, but the salesman was pretty good and he made it sound like a great deal. Now we moved to places where we can look at the bongs and other smoking equipment, some of them was pretty wicked and some have multiple filters. Manish ended up getting something called as "black mamba", which is new stuff for him. As we moved further, there was a small market around the river( or lake?) with scooter like seating arrangement. As soon as we entered the market the turkish lady was selling something similar to parantha but with feta cheese. The food was delicious, we spent some more time strolling around food place and got smoothies for ourselves. There were a lot of different cuisines to try out, but mostly it was all street food and it was rightly priced. There were a lot of different kinds of jewellery but mostly gothic or punk stuff. We then went into this gothic shop, which has one of the most amazing collection of gothic stuff. Sapota found two good Tshirts, one gojira and one messugah, but the price was too high in comparison to the fact that same stuff can be bought from internet for much lesser. The highlight of the shop were sales people, who were completely dressed in full gothic costumes.  
The market was flooded with leather stuff, rock merchandise, black corsets and leather pants and similar stuff. There were some more shops of antiques, interiors decors, painting and other stuff. We were going around very fast to cover as much as we can, but we couldn't see other place. Manish was specially happy at this place and want to visit it again and sapota agrees. We returned back to Tshirt market after the visit from ATM to buy Ganja and Slayer Tshirt. We also checked out the equipment which was made up of a police mask(the one you see in apocalyptic movies), we couldn't buy that stuff due to it's awkward size and difficulty of carrying it with us.
Out of all places in London, sapota highly recommends this place as worth visiting which includes food, the general feel and shopping. The day was quite eventful, but sapota, while returning home saw three people dressed as Batman, Wonder Woman and Batgirl(most likely) wondering if day could have been any more eventful than this?