Monday, February 26, 2007

Archetypical Ruler

Well, once i read a newspaper article about KBC, Amitabh Bacchan V/s Sharukh Khan. And these days media has new buzz word as to "who is the great", so this article was related to the same topic. However, it turned out, that the article has described both the gentlemen very well. I picked this title form the same article, which says Amitabh is a Archetypical Ruler. The Man started his career as a big loser, but his luck turned out otherwise, after some time and he became one of the greatest Actors of All times in the history of mankind. He can be compared to greatest of Hollywood actors of all times. Now, what inspires me to write an article about him is, the kind of disappointment which he has brought a number of times to him loyal followers. If we look him as an actor, he is immensely talented genius. Few of his roles have created a mark on the mind of the people, which just can never be wiped out. Let me quote some examples Deewar, he has done marvelous job, his acting has left my mouth Open wide. Second example which i can give is Zanzeer. Third example i want to quote is Agnipath and Main azaad hun. Fourth which i personally loved most Saudagar and Kaala patthar. In recent times as well, he has left me speechless at many places; examples are virrudh, black and bagban. His prowess of acting with just eyes has made his stature taller than what i always thought about him.

But the aspect i want to discuss here is little different and mentioning some of his great works before I criticize him, is really necessary because of his prominence. Now let me discuss some figures, He is currently richest actor in the country and is one of the strongest personality of the nation. I however wonder what attracts this man to do things which do not suit his stature in any manner.
Let me quote some examples : as to how he accepted such roles like LAL Badshah. What in the name of christ compelled him to accept such a demeaning role? Its just pathetic and lack of foresightedness. Lets look into his role in Boom. He occupies position of respect and pre-eminence in Indian Society, and this act of his, made him too apologize publicly. I do not understand he has ample financial resources , still he is seen doing sense less advertisements like Ban fool tel, what the heck. man! Now you can watch him in every other commercial whichever brand it may be. For god sake ! please maintain some class. I want to quote an example of an actor who despite having immense talent has chosen very few film and maintained his class. I am talking about Johnny Depp, who has chosen his movies so carefully and so less and number, that he is little know, but he is one of the most gifted actors. Not going far, Aamir Khan has made very few films, one or two in a year, but still maintained a level, okay few of his films are big disappointment, but most others are beautiful. Recent and most disappointing effort made by Amitabh Bacchan is Eklavya. According to some source it has taken a long time to write the story and the story has been thought of, by keeping Amitabh bacchan as Lead Actor in mind. Actors are made for characters and not vice versa. You choose a story and then you decide, who will suit this role best. Anyway, what is so great about that story of Eklavya; infact where is the story? there is no story at all. They have made a big propaganda around the movie, loads of exchanging of gifts and load of media hype. Still movie is lacking substance in all. The promos of movie are great, but i could not follow as to what they want to show. For god sake it is not some great kind of super human acting thing, i have seen thousands of movies of all kind, but this one is most weird and no element of creativity or innovation or even a movie in it. What is wrong with Amitabh and still worse what is wrong with Vidhu Vinod Chopra?????
A huge star cast ended up doing nothing! it seems as if audience is ridiculed and cheated. They have projected much hyped sound-guided knife-attacking scene as breathe taking scene in movie, but it is the biggest crap, i have ever seen, (God knows what it is !) they could have put and fit it for a purpose and could have added some more speed and elegance to it. But it is utter lack of sensibility as to what is good and what is art.

There is great American actor called as John Wayne, one of the greatest actor American film history has seen. Once at the end of the movie this man refused to take a bullet shot on his back, why? because he said the American Audience can not see John Wayne taking a shot on the back. And no doubt he is most honored actor in US. I have seen Amitabh bacchan in many advertisements for social, perfectly acceptable to me, but how will you explain that he standing beside politician supporting some party?
Every event associated with him has some short of money raising propaganda surrounding. He has been gifted Bentley for so-coveted(self proclaimed by Mr. Chopra) role of Eklavya, why??? why there is such a publicity stunt involve?
Great people can do much better by remain simple creating some class, maintain some standard and setting example.

Amitabh has become a big disappointment to me by accepting any crap, whatever comes to him just to make big bucks. Please, this is my appeal to him: please maintain a class and stop doing all this nonsense and make some sensible movies.