Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lazy turtles of Hajo

Journey PART IX

Ha ha, that's probably a bad way of writing a title, but at this time, nothing better is coming to mind.
So after traveling to outskirts of Guwhati for more then 50 minutes, we arrived at this place called Hajo. Well contrary to popular belief Assam is predominantly a hindu state and most population is religious. Sapota must admit that he has developed a strong dislike for hindu pilgrims mostly because of Pundas and kind of environment there.
So here at Hajo there is a so-called lake,which is more like a dirty pond and it is believed that feeding fishes at pond is considered sacred. So we bought some biscuit and start throwing biscuits in pond, in no time there was many fishes and turtles at the spot. Most of these turtles and fishes have grown fat and goddamn lazy, they just want everything to be thrown in their mouths
We went to this ancient shiv temple with a plate full of some articles like garlands and "Prasad", Priest assumed we were there for rituals, so they started troubling us. But Sapota is a hard nut and has advanced training in dealing with these things, so sapota did not succumb and used his Bakarchodee skills to persuade pandas that he knows much more than those guys.

Anyway this temple was quite old temple, a very typical one situated at height and stepway to reach it, with beggars sitting along steps. This temple has strange sculpts of British soldiers guarding temple, which made sapota think about their relevance?

Anyway, next we see couple of temples, which they say are mostly from era of Pandavs.
There was this temple called KedarNath, yes! really they call this with same name.
Next we saw this HUGE "something" called Bhimthaal(Bheem's Plate literally) , they say Bheem used to eat in this thing!!!

Assam is quite a humid place, so after this visit we moved quickly back to Gautam's place, which brought Sapota's journey of North East to an end. Still many place in Assam, Arunachal, Sikkim and Nagaland were left unvisited.