Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The phail party

For last two years, on new year eve, Sapota had blast in goa. But this year, due to relocation and lack of inevitable super planning, it was all mess. So to celebrate it on the First and not thirty first, we(Sapota with a friend and HIS girlfriend), went out. The plan was to go to a pub or disc. Because of new year parties, we couldn't find room and have to settle in some "Anchor" restro bar. Notably most pubs and bars in NCR are well decorated, and they charge hefty money for all those interiors, food may or may not worth the money.
But inevitable was to happen, like the last unfortunate night, this would turn into something horrible. So after meals and drinks, Sapota made a curious conversation with Mr DJ, who have no idea of equipment, he was using, but he want to talk about himself and how he had created a chance in world against all pitiful odds in the world. What a self obsession? Sapota felt like a moron asking question to someone, not worth it.
But fun was hiding somewhere in the corner and fun was waiting to spawn out of all the fog, which was surrounding the city. What is worst thing to handle? Sapota would say a drunk chic. Chic was already two pegs down and she wanted to drink more and she was getting wild and uncontrollable.
We were done with this bar, but she was adamant on drinking more, so we inquired in another pub, but things didn't turned out, so we proceeded to dens, however chic was reluctant to go home, she wanted more booze.
Somehow, Sapota reached home in all that i-want-booze war. So as sapota approached the door, he couldn't locate the key. Sapota searched all the pocket, even the hidden one ;). But Mr Fun was waiting to reveal himself. Sapota started cursing his bad memory and carelessness and such useless stuff.
Saptoa has a bad habit of taking stuff out of his pocket and placing them on the table. As sapota remembered, he placed keys and the cellphone on the table, he collected the phone, but forgot the keys. Since Fun was to begin, sapota called the bar and enquired,it felt relieving to know that keys were in restaurant only.
But the question was how will Sapota reach there? So sapota knocked on neighbours door and recited the whole story. So they suggested to break the lock and forget the key, forget the key!!! no way! the keychain is a AC/DC Angus Malcolm Hall of fame keychain bought all the way from HMV stores London, how can someone forget that??? I told them it has many keys. So the dude suggested that I should take the bike, they cannot drive because they are too bloody drunk.
Phew! Sapota had no choice, but to take the bike, Bike was too old and had no lights and brakes were hardly effective. It was around midnight, total foggy, one couldn't see beyond 4 meters and Sapota was driving this bike on road to glory. To make things more interesting, Sapota didn't knew the way either. So sapota was circling around the same stupid turn for quiet some time. Somehow, Sapota went inside the market, where everything was invisible and people were driving their vehicles very slowly using parking lights, even on the main road. Finally, Sapota reached "Anchor", but there was no one there. Sapota looked here and there, there was not even a single mosquito around. Sapota started cursing the devil, but devil smiled on him. After a minute or so, the watchmen came, who was waiting for sapota to come and get the keys, Sapota thanked him a tonne and sapota thanked God and satan, both for this great moment.
Finally sapota returned back, all this driving appeared like a blindfold game. Sapota's hand were all numb. Sapota's eyebrows were soaked in mist of the fog, it appeared as if sapota was in Antarctica, covered thick in snow. Sapota believed that fog has frozen his thoughts, mind was blank and painless. Roads were all barren. Finally sapota was home, he thanked his neighbours and lived happily till next morning.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sapota's adventure to Baburam paranthe wala

Sapota is a victim of inquisitiveness and sapota head starts on any adventure to satisfy his appetite for information. As soon as there was a power cut, sapota packed himself up and set forth to Chandani chowk. So as bus reached Lal Quila(Red Fort), Sapota tried to recollect the landmarks in the place, with small attempt sapota managed to reach Paranthe wali gali(Parantha Street.). This street was a ubiquitous narrow Indian street, nothing great about it, but it is quiet famous, and a must go for any Parantha lover. Well, Parantha is an Indian bread, which may be stuffed with some ingredients and is pan fried with oil or butter.
A babe with her not-so-hot mom was walking ahead of sapota, sapota followed her till she decided to settle in a dhaba(Road side Indian restaurant), but sapota has eternal itch to explore, so sapota decided to go till the end of the street. But, street was quite small, barely 200-250 meters, there were around 5-6 shops open at that time. The aroma of hot milk and other sweets were all around the street, sapota returned back to the shop where the babe sat, but but but... the shop has no place and it was all hot and steamy there. Defeated by the chance, sapota went to another shop, this one was called "Babu ram paranthe wale", this was clean and airy and not steamy, Sapota loved it and went inside. Now there is always a chance that you may not get the most popular shop in such place, but next shop is almost as good. So sapota ordered almond parantha, which took some time to get there. Most people who were sitting in dhaba seems to have came here, specially to have parantha, there were two families and couple of dudes, but no chic :(.

So sapota was served with plate full of red "sweet and sour" chutney(sort of sauce) made up of dried ginger(indian name: saunthh) then coriander leaf chutney, three vegetables one was gravy potato with makkhane(I donno what is its name in queen's English!), other one was pumpkin and last one mixed thick gravy potato(typically served in Hindu weddings) and couple of vinegar soaked vegetables. Along with this sapota ordered mango drink:Slice and Curd('course, no parantha without curd!). Finally the great Almond parantha arrived, but it arrived without much of a prelude(as in drum roll or guns firing; for the effect 'course!). Parantha was smaller than small pan pizza, deep fried and sliced in four, it was filled with almond stuffing. Sapota must say that small for its price, but too big for its taste, it was yummier than most paranthas sapota had. Sapota ordered another parantha this one was called kurchan parantha. Kurchan is typically the cream which sticks to the large pan, which is used to boil milk, this hardened cream is seperated from the utensil using sharp spoon or knife.

Sapota is floored with this parantha, it was crispy from outside and utterly soft inside because of milk cream and it tasted like having pooris(deep fried Indian bread) with rabri(milk boiled till it reduces its content by 3/4th). The third parantha which sapota ordered was layered paranta, This one again exceeded the expectation of sapota, it was very very crispy and with curd, it tasted like the second best thing in world. Sapota was so bloody satisfied with entire experience. This entire delicious food was for INR 125 only!!! Sapota took some pictures for you guys. Now to fulfill his religious endeavors sapota moved towards Gurudwara Sheesh Ganj Sahib.