Thursday, January 03, 2008

Zero Eight @ Goa

Sapota knows pretty well that writing a blog on GOA will be pretty a cliched piece of writing, So........ be brief! This was a meeting of most exceptional bakarchods of all times, 7 of them riping apart each other is fun of life. Everything seems to be part of life when you are with loved ones, Even with imperfection in our attainments; frustrations, anxiety and anger has surrounded us, but when mustandas are together pure fun overwhelms everything.
Well explored everything we wished to, sworn at everything and everyone, repeated n number of session of bakchodee and alcohol, stared and fielded with all possible forms of hotties available. Being at new year eve in GOA was a mission and trust me we did it pretty well(Sorry Naresh, I know you are cursing me). A picture is worth thousand words (OMG! one more cliched phrase! but life is so bloody cliched, donno how to avoid that?), so here are the link for the pictures of GOA, they will explain entire story:

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