Wednesday, January 30, 2008

what if........

What if I had known my life before
What if I was born 30 years before
What if I had everything i wanted
What if all my wishes were granted
What if I was an European
What if there was no competition
What if this place was less crowded
What if no one was guarded
What if we never emerged out of civilization
and archeology was just a mean of recreation
What if earth was flat and I keep walking till i fall from one end...
What if Rock Music comes out from a mollusc shell and sand...
What if sea was not deep and I knew how to swim it across
What if space was not empty and life would have been filled with water and not thoughts.
What if entropy was not governing universe and chaos was a friend of humans
What if Metallica played live at konark and there was millions of just me banging my head.
What if i could create cyborgs from lazer coming out my fingers.
What if alcohol was formed by oxidation of ginger with sulfur.
What if I could have changed things, without no one knowing.
What if there was a crop of bull dogs in a dirty swamp and no one was sowing.
What if all idiosyncrasies melt and take a form of pop-corns just busting out from opium poppy.
What if there is no judgement and all magistrates performs ballet in lockups.
What if all strips of calvin and hobbes were in forms of shloks from mahabharat.
What if I could create acids with hundreds of carboxylic groups with a single wave of my hand.
What if I can do ssh from one place to another, my very own transport.
What if closed source was open and patents were taken on things like burps and farts.
What if Allen made saas-bahu series and broadcasted them on pogo and all polar bears use them as a means of dancing in snow.

What if no one had known this art of writing..........


devesh said...

grt flow of thoughts initially but broken a lil somewhere in middle.. and the only other problem is extra occurence of what if.. if this can be little more spaced.. it would be grt...

Venkster said...

Now this is what I'm talking about, complete randomness stemming from a free-flowing mind...albeit at times its completely crazy, but thats the point of it...this is the beginning of true genius :D