Thursday, January 24, 2008


what is Manapa?
Well That is Muncipal Corporation of Pune, Is sapota gone into all those social hue and cry topics blaming authorities for all bads that had occurred?
Naah not at all, That's lame! This place has better things to talk about.
6 o'clock, 7 o'clock or may be 10:30 whatever time, exiting office is kind of comfort one always enjoys. Train of thought just starts its way, as if this is first station and a long journey is about to begin. Lift or stairs: why would sapota ascend down spending some calories? Sapota prefers salute over other ways of greeting, so he salutes hard to security person. Manapa may be around a Kilometer or may be 700 meters but no less than 500 meters.
Life is so colorful and humans are so full of doubts, it reflects so heavily even when one is walking down a road, which is just another repeatative activity. Showrooms are passing by, some of them are quite a mystery since never been there, sapota wonders what may be inside, but then you know showrooms are typically similar, and all these sale season thing is so much around these days that sometimes its enticing, at others it looks like huge chunk of accumulated trash.
This JM road is full of restaurants, some of them are nice, others shitty, there is one which is like open hall and chairs and table, that's it and hordes of people standing outside, sapota wonders what is so great about this place? It feels like as if eating on road. Who cares? people just want their share.
Now this is a secret Sapota is sharing. Crossing road is quite an exercise, one have to cross 5 roads, all of them runs as if electricity is flowing through wires. Sapota always try to find out most optimum path and fastest way of crossing the road. Till date sapota has found three mostly taken ways to do the same. Sometimes sapota is bored of taking this optimum path, so sapota just takes any path to cross these roads, pretty lame! right, but crossing road is a shitty experience, so trying to spice it up(huh.... seriously why would somebody extract pleasure out of something as useless as crossing road.)
Anyway now sapota is nearer to destination and he is walking fast and people are wondering "Is this guy supercharged or what or Is his ass on fire?", but sapota never even bother to give a damn and walks and walks like a soldier, just marching.
Manapa is utterly chaotic, Buses, autos, bikes, scooters, bicycle, all in same small place. Getting in bus is a hard exercise and trust me, if line is coming out of the bus stand, then better get ready for breath-stopping journey, couple of times if you are lucky you may get a shared auto, but then sitting in that rickshaw is heck of a pain in butt. Sapota is not frustrated or annoyed or for that matter complaining about all these discomforts, but darling this is typical scene, anywhere in this part of world, have to live with it and have to love it.

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