Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Man against Man

Why am I being compared?
Am I a human or are I a commodity.
Life begins with being compared with other beings.... You look more like like you mom. So what do you expect should I look like? alien from pluto!
As I gained some conscious I am compared with John of Neighborhood. John get better marks than you . So what goddammit, I am no bloody John.
You have to be first in class. If I have to be first in class, what are all others suppose to be?
You are not growing tall.. look at Mrs X son he has grown so tall... Mrs X. son is particularly suffering from hormonal imbalance and has undergone a transformation better known as gigantism.
Then I compete against others of my type at all possible place and intellect believe that as competition becomes more quality improves, and better thing come into existence.
I want to be the best, paradoxically "what is best".... where does best exist. best in world, best in town, better than my friends. Nature has taught us competition at few places, but not everywhere. I am striving hard to prove that I am better than you in some terms or in all terms or may be in some other term. Just trying to prove some worthless crap!!
Humans become machine binded by criterion of some pre-designed human concepts and few of them hold the key, because they came early or found some like minded people and made a group, finally institutionalizing everything.
I often tend to become better than X number of people, but how much as human I tend to grow. How much better am I than our my own self.
I improvise because everyone else is improving. Does any form of innovation or ingenuity born out of such competition, I believe none. All great invention are constant improvement of its own self.
Categorizing people: why?
he is John Travolta look alike? or I aspire to be come Bjon Borg? Boss!!! why don't you try to become yourself first. This person is 50% something, I am being classified based on marks I obtain in my studies? Isn't this racism. Is it not equally bad as calling some me as "nigger". If I try to do things on my own or i remain self consumed you labele me as "Nerds" and even if I try to socialize, I am out casted because of that label.
You ought to do this because you father did this? why can't i find my own way and why can't i do things my way?
Ok I know systems, regulations and processes exist to make life better and easier and easily managed(now this is the whole key of the misery), but what about people? If people tend to follow process and find it miserable, should one continue with that and for sake of it get adjusted and say politely "it is nice process". These Idiosyncrasies of Process and management are converting people as nothing but productive machines, killing the man in him. Well, what is left is a clown in us often termed as "Manager".

What about me left as what I am? converting civilization as better process rather than making it loaded with Idiosyncrasies and do's and don't? Rules should make things easier and not complicate them. There should exist some form of logic and human-factor, which should govern things rather then being told what to do and how to do? Some form of agreement in terms of our human nature must exist. Running along with people to get ahead of them is not something I am born for. Gifted human beings are most destructive force of nature, which nature has produced and above all they are destroying themselves in order to prove some form of superiority, I don't know.... to whom?

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