Monday, September 17, 2007

what a waste !!!

Life sometimes makes one to do things, which one do not wish to do. What sapota is trying to say is that since he has set some standards for himself and going below them is utterly tourturing. Sapota do not say or justify any of his statement on the ground of good or bad, but then he is always more inclined on his likes and dislike and sometimes strongly. Sapota went to see hindi movies for 15 times and found all of them unsatisfactory and disappointing, and after each movie he took a vow of no more repeating the performance but literally every time much to his own dismay and with heavy heart, he sacrificed his vows for dear ones. There is a limit to the number sacrifice sapota can make, but not beyond it. And this time after 15th repeated follies, sapota has determined "NO" and "NO". Sapota with strong will and determination persisted trough the vow for more then 4 months, but grass didn't remained green for long and sapota, inspite of his hard will and single mindedness, became prey of circumstances.
A usually bad day started with zero result effort and now here we are standing to make choice of which of these movies will least torturing, sapota had a sudden fear of undergoing a pain for next 3 hours. Sapota is standing at ticket counter, looking right into eyes of the ticket distributer, she has received him with dull looks, sapota with his hands trembling with fear, flashes his card, "6 tickets for this show". Sapota in the back of his mind is still thinking, "why the heck am i suppose to do this". May be, it not always your happiness that counts, but this is their happiness, which makes u happy.
Inside the hall, we are always happy until movie starts with our wise cracks and our goofy slapstick remarks. Bunch of chicks in hind row and some rowdy lads in front. Now as everyone was expecting movie will be crappy and to make things interesting everyone expected sapota to pass real funny remarks, but for some reason sapota's creativity and enthusiasm was yawing somewhere else. Anyway chicks at hind row were enjoying and passing some silly comments, which can barely make you laugh, but still chicks were enjoying, and sapota and his allies were making all efforts to get a glance of chicks by some or other way(this includes frequent visits to loo).
Movie has all forms of predictable jokes, below standard jokes and no humor whatsoever, some of the jokes were pathetic, some of them gross and most of them untimely and really bad. Only one person was worth watching, Javed jafri(sapota is his big fan, for his awesome comic sense). Arshad warshi was biggest disappointment. Sapota, until the end was figuring out as to what was he doing in movie. Anyway movie was a total fiasco, total waste of sapotas currency and more than that sapota's time, Sapota could have seen two nice movies in the time, but then man proposes and god disposes. So once more sopta has succumb to something really creepy and total waste.

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