Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Payne Killa

Sad wings of destiny has left a fallen angel on the earth. This angel has raised up to destroy all evils of man kind.

"Faster than a bullet
Terrifying scream
Enraged and full of anger
Hes half man and half machine"

Scott Travis starts with rhythmic drums, pure work with sticks and bass drum thumping power in blood. The tempo picks up with Ian hill's bass guitar creating an Inception for The Painkiller. The Metal God Rob Halford appears with a war like armor jacket holding mike as a sword and ready to tear you apart. High pitched soprano range vocals are thrilling entire body with joy and energy.

And here comes the Master duo Glenn Tipton and K K Downing with face melting solo.There is no force which can stop you from head banging. The double lead of judas known as Twin guitar attack in metal circles, is a killer stuff, just makes one bow to the two knights of guitar. Tipton is one of the most technically accomplished guitarist, he plays such a killer leads in painkiller, which even professional guitarist refrains from picking up. Halford returns back with a Scream, which can knock one out of his seat. He shifts vocals back to Bass Range, so clean and sublime, he is truly Metal God. No vocalist can make such swift octave range transition.
Scott Travis is back this time again with clean stick work, no thumping. Song is finishing with a high pitched echo of halford, "Payne Pain Payne " "killaaaaaaaaaa".......

This song has added new dimensions to heavy metal. In fact this is not a song, its a composition a master piece proving that Judas are The Metal Gods. They rule the Metal with their incomparable leads rather double lead and Killer Vocals.

(\m/ *RESPECT)

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Raseel said...

I really hate it when reviewers end up raving about a song whilst comparing it with other songs and how the one they are writing about is better than any other. I'm glad you did not do any comparisons, with other metal numbers, in this review. Not that this song has any comparisons ;-D