Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lieutenant Sonya Blade

Mortal Kombat has been my favorite game since I was in VIIIth standard. I started playing with MK3, then I played ultimate MK, then MK Trilogy, then MK4 and finally a little MK5: Deadly Alliance.
All throughout the series of game, I loved Sonya, the most. Why? Nooooo!!!, not because she is hot or something. Come on, that's that the last thing on your mind, when you play a game.
The first time, when she caught my attention was as an opponent in novice level(Hey, don't laugh, I was just a beginner then).She finished me flawlessly, her powers left my eyes glued to screen. Her finishing move was Kiss-fatality, which was too kool.
The first edition of Sonya was pretty, she wore a green attire with white sneakers and she had pony like most Indian Women. She was prettiest of all MK character. Her movements were fast, clean and elegant. She has three special moves viz Scissor hold, bicycle kick and fly over the top. Having three special moves in MK 3 was big deal and along with special power of throwing energy rings Sonya looked invincible. Now, taking Sonya as a character had several advantages like you never let your opponent try any thing that is air-borne, she can catch anyone from huge distance through her scissor hold, although inverted bicycle was a difficult to use but it damaged opponent severely and leaves him vulnerable to next attack.
The real fun lied in fighting against Sonya. She was a Nightmare as an opponent. In MK3 and Ultimate MK, she was always one of the last fighters of the series.
Let's say on a Masters II tower and extremely difficult level, you are playing against Sonya who happens to be the last fighter just before Motaro, trust me, it is as good as your worst horrors coming to life. At that level, she does not even give you a chance to breathe, she is too fast, aggressive, excellent and outstanding.Somehow, at higher level she develops those killer instincts(Great Programming, thanks, MK3 developers!!!).

Sonya has been changed to a real hawt babe in MK4, but in MK5:deadly alliance she looks awful( I hate developesr of MK5). Anyway Sonya had newer moves in MK4 like twisting the head of opponent and her power was changed to release purple missile-like things. But in MK5, other fighters are much better than her, so I didn't kinda like Sonya of MK5, other than the fact that she was now much busty babe than her previous versions.
In Ultimate MK, her finishing moves included Brutality other than Fatality, they were good, but not kinda very good. For that matter, i preferred Noob Saibot and Jade, they finished in style, man! But since Sonya was too fast and her combo were already perfect, her Brutality does not appeared to be that impressive.May be like any other fighter, it was equally good, but I felt otherwise.
I have played many games and many characters, but no character has made such an impression. Not even Lara croft of Tomb Raider(My all time favorite game) is as comparable to Sonya.

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anshul said...

Well so i see u love sonya blade ha, so when are u two getting married but beware please don not kiss her as it may lead to fatility.........