Monday, April 12, 2010

This country deserves a better class of patriotism

There are few simple things which can be done for good of this country and its people. And why only this country, but to entire world and to all humans and other living beings.

1. Don't bloody throw your waste on the road

I carried my entire waste 300 kms in the rain, since I couldn't locate any wastebins and those hills were too beautiful. To me littering is suicidal. It hurts me most, when there are no dustbins for miles and there is no way you can carry all your waste in your pockets(yes, we have fucked up systems). I can't tell others what to do, but I can ensure every toffee wrapper, every bottle, ever packet I have used get disposed properly(and if required I will carry it until I find a suitable waste bin).

2. You can carry your stuff in your own bare hands, you would still remain yourself.

I carry a packet of milk and a packet of bread almost everyday from shop to my home bare hand without the god damn polyethylene bag. Yeah, its bit inconvenient, its ugly and oh no! your bloody reputation is on stake. Whole world will know that you looked so awkward when you carried your stuff in your bare hands. And you the great descendant of Mr Attila, the Hun will be disgraced eternally. Well, there are always better way of doing it with proper foresight, but you always forget to bring your bag along.

When you litter, someone else picks up that for you, who is that person?
oh! he is paid for it.... and what about those places, where there is no one who gets paid for picking up your waste? Why are we so oblivious? we just throw our shit around, without even thinking for one damn second.
And we blatantly spit around everywhere. How pathetic? Entire country is our spit bin.

Somehow people don't think all this has to do anything with patriotism. But what is love of country(or world for that matter?) Isn't it about protecting its existence and keeping it the way it was? Consider it as war, and hence the glory of protecting your beloved motherland.

Well if you are reading this, please, I request you to follow the above two, they are not all that hard to follow. And please follow it in spirit with your heart. You are smart enough to argue against these points, but this is not about winning this debate and I am not saying something, which we already don't know.

Firstly I wanted to get this thing printed in form of handouts and distribute it to people, but that would have defeated entire purpose of this activity. Printing this on paper will lead to cutting of trees somewhere. This is definitely not the worst thing I have ever said or done. But I wish I could stay away from all the "preachy-ness" and do something worthy, and hence sharing this thought

I want to spread this word, I am not sure how? I would be glad to know some practical way of doing this. But, I wouldn't like to talk, I would like to do something. We already talk a lot and implement nothing.


"FREE URSELF" said...

yeah man right.....

"FREE URSELF" said...

yeah man right.....amit tiwari

Dagny said...


There are 2 things I will say to you...

1. You can TELL people... not make them do anything. Despite reading this, people will disregard it. Be prepared for that.

2. I'll help you to promote this... to the limited extent I can. But I would need you to make some minor cosmetic changes.. will you...?

Love you for writing this... and love the ire. :))))


!Teq-uila Del Zapata said...

I have already prepared my self for that, so no issues.
As far as lingo goes, my blogs are generally like that, but I ll surely think about that.

Julia Dutta said...

I came here to see who this angry young Sapota was. I guess I like you to bits! Heaving and sighing, raving and ranting! Dagny did the good deed of the day - by posting your blog - er, correction - your blood and heart on the netracks (just coined a new word!)


!Teq-uila Del Zapata said...

@Julia thanks for visiting.
I hardly know the context of new term, so I should rather ask.

but, the whole point of writing this is something to be done about this issue. Hope i find ways of doing it.

saltyfish said...

Let me link to this post from my blog, that might help spreading the word without wasting paper and other ressources - what say, Sapota?

!Teq-uila Del Zapata said...

guess, this post has outlived it's purpose.
No point now.

saltyfish said...

suit yourself.