Monday, February 25, 2008

In the last lane.....

There I go faster cutting the lanes
blood flowing faster in my veins

There comes a shadow so large
a sudden gush of anxiety in my brains.

Shall i, shall I not?
decision is hard?

What are my chances?
still, I will make my advances!

No, but do i know what is certain?
who knows what is to come?

The road is rough and ride is full of protuberances
the wind is harsh and full of turbulences

The life is stretched between now and next
why is difficult to choose the best.

sudden rush of adrenaline
a quick jerk, a smooth slow down
an intentional smooth sail
quickly popping in and out of the world and the thoughts.

coming from sides
turning left and right.
merging and streaming
navigating a sharp turning.

quickly l gain momentum and cutting past everyone.....
getting the last lane.


Venkster said...

Hmmm, interesting metaphor...a little on the obvious side, but I especially like the end.

Anonymous said...

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