Tuesday, February 04, 2014

This is Nirvana live @ Intrepid Fox London

Sapota took out his ten year old Kurt Kobain Tshirt just to wear for this occasion. This was nothing like ceremonial or anything but old fashioned nostalgia.

 For some reason Sapota thought the gig started at 7:00 pm and rushed to the venue, but on arrival it was clear the gig was not until 9:00 pm or later. Anyway, found some like minded chit-chatters talking about old school Grunge and Sapota flaunting his Old Nirvana Poster.

Anyway these guys started somewhere after 9:00, they looked like dudes in their 20s, and the dude on vocals for some reason had similar hair(blonde) like Kurt, but I am not sure if that was his real hair colour.
Anyway, they kicked off the gig with Aneurysm and followed with a whole lot of song ,but Sapota can remember following song and in no particular order. They performed Smells like teen spirit,Penny royal Tea, Heart Shaped box, Come as you are, Rape me, All apologies,Polly, Lounge Act, Drain you, The man who sold the world, Where did you sleep last night and lot of other songs.
They were overall very tight, in fact tighter than Nirvana itself(No, you did not just say that?). But then we know grunge has limited appreciation for technical accuracy so it is all immaterial. The vocal dude was playing leads and he was pretty good at it. They changed bass player and drummer for one song each but Sapota cannot recall which song. Sapota sang along most of the song he could, but to his surprise sapota was unable to recall lyrics or was at times unable to recognize even the aforementioned song from the intros. In between when they were playing some of the lesser known songs, Sapota was wondering if they are gonna do any of the above, but it is not surprising that without popular numbers you cannot woo the crowd. Overall it was a good old nostalgic fun. There was some dude who was headbanging as if it was a heavy metal gig. As much as Sapota appreciates a good headbanging, he was surprised at the choice of the music for this young enthusiast. But Sapota told the chick standing next to him that he would like to have whatever the handbanger dude was having and the chick chuckled, Sapota is such a womaniser!!!!!
Sapota was easily pleased with the song Where did you sleep last night and Rape me, it was done so well. They finished with Lithium, never realized that this song was such a powerhouse for a live performance with rapid drumming and fast guitar picking. The fun continued after the gig, the place was crowded. Sapota went to Maoz to get falafel at that very ungodly hour but Sapota is not ashamed of this conduct.

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