Thursday, May 15, 2008

i'm so excited!!!

me: Hey! I am so excited?
me: Why?(pondering?) what is so exciting?
me: Nothing, i am just excited. I feel so.
me: what? there is a precursor to everything? there should be something.
me: (pondering)...
me: what? you are thinking, ha ha, you clueless fool, u are thinking! ROFL.
me: there aren't always reason for things.
me: u are pointless AGAIN???
me: (song: wherever i may roam, where i stay....)
me: STOP!!! you idiot, you can't listen Metallica, while talking to me.
me: you are an arrogant jerk.
me: SO????
me: you think that's kool.
me: LOL. you are trying to act smarter, you dumb looser, ha ha, you know what...
me: (aping) you know what...
me: (frowned)
me: every dog has a day.
me: you mean a dog-day afternoon?
me: yuck!!! that was a real bad one.
me: oh really!!! you think u are Jim carrey?
me: there is a minimum specified level.
me: where? ISO 840 and 420?
me: (twisting my mouth!!!)that was quite mature of you.
me: oh yeah, I know that, as always(hissing...).
me: hey man the excitement is gone.
me: oh again! back? - yeah......... May be then I will fade away
and don't have to face the fact.....SSSSSSSSSSSS.....


Jarppa said...

you must visit my blog and listen to my player...
you may think there is few good ones....

Raseel said...

ROFL !!! That was awesome !!
Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to converse with my ownself. But after reading this, maybe I'll start again