Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shane: you are my man!!

why? or even why a post on cricket? Sapota hates cricket, wont explain why, because that will require another blog.
Sapota's point is about Shane Warne. He is my man, respect for him all the way. Reasons? Off course, not only on-the-field but also off-the-field, he is a real dude.
He is one the few Guys, who are worthy of the label "the real STUD"!!! why, because he have fucked so many women?
And silly bustard, that's what he is, has a hilarious clip where he is engaged in pillow fighting with girls. Silly? ain't he? Oh yes, but he was having fun.
Next big thing, he had phone sex, even when he was married and had two kids. They found proofs of him doing this. Others have also done this, come on don't tell me, Australians are no way polygamous people.
He was bound to be captain of Australia, but unlucky bustard was in the middle of all this shit. Australians must have smiled on him, "silly bloke, fucking women here and there!!!"

Shane Warne is Greatest spinner ever; about his performance and sportsmanship, there are no doubts and ambiguity. One man has made a team of underdog and youngsters perform and beat the shit out of all those so-called big guns and made them look like bunnies.
That day in match with Ganguly's team, Ganguly pointed at character of Shane Warne. why? who the fuck he think, he is? Ganguly is a lousy jerk, a filthy loser and fuck-all skipper. Everyone know you were after Nagma, but you are a loser man, only real man fuck women , not lousy losers like you. So better look at your self before you point fingers at this great man.

Shane has proved his ability: a single handed coach & captain, a performer himself, a shrewd strategist, a great leader, an impressive spokesperson and offcourse a lady charmer. Man, great respect for you. Sapota doesn't care if his team wins any more matches or not, but he has proved his point.


rajjoacm said...

Yes my friend, SHANE WARNE is a real asset to World Cricket, guess his retirement hasnt made a change to his Utter Master status, fans across the globe adore him for what he can do on the field [sometime beyond that as well :-)]
...he has shown what it takes to be the MASTER, and how to behave like one, he leads by example and thus no one, mind you no one is what he is...

I hope he kontinue like this and make the debut season of IPL far more than just-memorable :-))

Jarppa said...

Don´t know anything about Cricket..
Seems interesting game..
only few plays it here in Finland
listen to my playlist at

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