Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Danced till respiration became impossible.

Wedding are fun. Oh yes! they are, especially when its your dearest friend's wedding.
North Indian weddings are typical, and this marriage was in awadh, so it was more so. Sopata liked this city for many reason, language and a distinct culture, and the oblivion, as evident.
Great hospitality by grooms kin left sapota impressed. By the morning of next day of our arrival, entire gang was there. And as soon as the dog is unleashed it starts biting, so the burst of laughters and whipping each other's arses continued till the troupe landed at groom's residence.
It was a grande welcome, exchanges of pleasantries, mild jokes and nominal introductions. Finally Capt Upadhyay, the big brother entertained us with fables from Commando training academy, with likes of Mr. Hawa Singh and The Gorkha PTI("We want blood in the ground" fame.).
The troupe was sent to AJODYHA NAGRI, clicking and blabbering and usual gyan chodna business continued along with Site seeing.
So finally in the evening sapota's gang were all, three pegs up (or down), so all those senti's and well wishing and bakchodee and kissing(Mustandas are embarrassing people, sometimes) started. Again on arrival at wedding spot, we were received with great affection and warmth.
Sherwani clad Groom was looking like a Greek colossus. We were all dangling around him for snaps. Mustandas were getting impateint for dancing in BARAAT. So as soon the drums were beaten, two of them jumped, no light no camera, but who cares, we want to dance, that is the power of three pegs.
So the dance started and continued for some time, it was hot and humid and mustandas are gettting old, so it stopped in very little time. After lights and camera and Laila Majnu singer of RAJA band started, we danced once more, but this time, it lasted a little longer. By the time we reached at the venue, our bodies were evaporating, we needed water. But as soon u reach brides place, u have to dance again and with energy, we tried again, but couldn't last long. As soon as Groom descend from car, one Maha-Mustanda lifted him and took him to the ritual spot. Sapota's troupe gasped in awe.
Now we had food and some rest and then again we were there on stage to lift the groom for JAIMALA. Now the same maha-mustanda lifted the bride high enough that two of our mustandas have to work hard enough. And then clapping and giggles.
After a while, bride and groom were having dinner together and people had good excuse for commenting and cutting mushy jokes.
We thought entire dancing thing is over, but no! we again danced, and this time this was a fancy dance floor with a DJ and Truck-wala songs. and this time many unexpected people joined us. The awe-some dance done by grooms brother and bhabhi sent a chill in the minds of mustandas, so mustandas left the floor immediately to hide. U can run, but u cannot hide. U have to dance, and this time, who will dance with these dancing queens, so family man cylinder jumped to rescue And he saved the day. Entire experience was marvelous, till what followed next......

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Keshi said...

wow I love weddings and dancing!!

Glad to hear u all had good fun :)