Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Fuck Known as YOU PEE

Uttar Pradesh is largest state in india in terms of population, political activity, natural resources, religious importance and many such things. This was a state of great learning and spirituality, the epicenter of Indian culture.
While traveling back from Faizabad, we headed to Gonda, a small town to catch some train to Jhansi, we had a fine reservation, waiting for us there, but inevitable was to happen. So at this small station we were waiting for this train, which was getting delayed and delayed and delayed. So, left with no choice, we headed to Lucknow, with some other train, weather was drenchingly humid. But all was well till now, real havoc begun at Nuklow, there was not a single train to Jhansi till 4? What to do now? catch a bus to Kanpur! All ritie. A neat Air conditioned bus, kool. But the light at the end of tunnel was not the light of another bus from Kanpur.
Sorry folks, but kanpur is one of worst cities in this country, dirty and chaotic. We had hard time finding a bus, the only bus we could find was from Kanpur to Orai. The bus was so much loaded that even breathing was getting difficult. And since that was not enough some folks started quarrelling over seats; So now u knew that u are in U.P. The highway was pathetic and bus was dead slow. The journey from Kanpur to Orai, looked like eternity.
Finally we touched Orai, which looked like some city with black out for years. Entire city was shady and scaring shit out of us. We rushed to station, where we got some train(Lucknow Chennai mail) and finally arrived at Jhansi.
But all these efforts were futile, this is 00:00 hrs and our train has left this station at 21:00 hrs. I was damn sleepy, because of having literally no sleep for past 3 days and all this fuck.
Thankfully we managed to get some modifications done to our tickets and boarded some train, which was empty, so we finally had some sleep. We reached Daund in the evening next day, again we took another bus to Pune, this one also sucked big time, but till midnite we reached home. This journey has sent a wave of fear in the mind of sapota as soon as he hears the word U.P.

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Keshi said...

lol u sure sound pissed!

Trains r so peaceful and comfy over here. :)