Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Salvation: Somewhere back in time.

I have never witnessed so many mood swings in single day or it looked like a single day from 13th of feb to 17th of feb. I had witnessed pre-gig anxiety and then I am having post-gig depression, they ain't just terms, I can really feel them . There are no real words, I know of, which can describe this state of mind, the level of entropy is highest, I am questioning every action of mine, the futility of everything is so apparent. I am incoherent and clueless, feeling as if I am killed. I am unsatisfied, cold and hungry for more.
This is damn third time, I am seeing IRON MAIDEN live, but I don't feel that I had enough. First time they played a good number of songs; Second time, they played 16 killer songs and they annihilated anything and everything that was under the influence of that thing called "IRON MAIDEN". I thought then, it was the best, I ever had. But this time, they were more murderous and to add to it there was an AWE FUCKING SOME crowd of Banglore. Fuck, I love the metal crowd of b'lore so much , I wish I could carry them along with me everywhere.
Unlike B'bay, there were no shitty-bang-bangers in the crowd of b'lore, so this time I have nothing to curse. This time, I have seen devotion at one of its best.

I will no more detail on stupid journey, I would rather focus on things that really matter in this mindset. So, the previous evening, I went to styx. This time late night, and the crowd was fucking amazing. Ladies and gentlemen let me declare a proclamation in the history of Indian metal, "styx is the best metal pub in country, unexceptionally". I happen to met two Sri-Lankan guys, who wanted me to join their band, but I am untalented so I can't contribute to their music, but I told them that I will support them as a fan. So when in styx, you ought to pay homage to gods, how? its simple, Scream! sing! headbang! or simply go round and round crazily!!! They were playing things like Amon Amarth, Satyricon, Kreator and when they played Sepultura's territory, FUCK FUCK FUCK, every single soul was headbanging, the energy level had tripled, It can't get any more insane. Every maiden track played in Styx was preparing a ground for the Mayhem, that is to take place the next day in palace grounds.

Third visit to palace ground, I still had those butterflies in my stomach. I sometimes act so weird, I thought what if we lose the tickets? that was so paranoid. I felt relieved once we entered inside. The setup was same as it was during Megadeth concert, except for the force one machine, which I really was not interested in seeing.
As we entered some band was playing, probably synaps or kryptos, I didn't bother much to notice them, because I was in a different kind of trance. While some folks were busy getting booze, I was looking around for fellow devotees and music merchandise. We finally entered the gig area, on the smaller stage De profundis, one of the band from UK were playing. The band was pretty tight and they put on the good show. I was not very conversant with their music, but it had elements of symphonic black metal and thrash. Vocalist and drummer, were two of my favourite members. We went out again and had some chit chat and looking around for jaw drooping beauties, with fags in their hands. Now Ms Lauren Harris was performing, I don't want to curse her, but she should not play in Metal concert. I know she is an honest artist, but with so many lunches on her daddy's pocket, she should stand on her own, now. We didn't bother to hear her anyway. Next in line was Ashley and the silver bug from Italia. I have a piece of advice for them, instead of focusing on those skinny dresses and all those sensual theatrics, I would have liked, if, they have put on some good music. Mr. Ashley, all that sensual dance was not quite apt, I mean you don't have that level, where u can do whatever you want, Sorry! but, you are not Rammstein.
Parakrima performed next, they were tight as ever, they performed pretty well minus that violin thingy,which i don't like, appears more like a gimmick. Anyway Nitin malik is kind of frontman I love most, his vocals resembles to Bon scott and he is full of humility. He is a popular man in rock circles in India, but still he chants "maiden" with same enthusiasm as any metal head would do. Now crowds were getting really really impatient, so Parakrima performed just one more single and they left with the chants, Crowd was roaring with "MAIDEN" "MAIDEN" , every'damn'where.
The anxiety was growing on me, as the stage and setup is getting ready, Maiden tend to take their own time, which drives me crazy. I can't, I really can't wait. While I was waiting for the ground lights to go off, those DNA folks played some lame tricks by playing some songs with full sound.
Finally they lifted the veils and the intro played, Jesus Christ! the all new intro with "Transylvania", the roars went loud, louder and loudest. Everyone knew, what is coming. As soon it stopped, the next throat slicer came down, "Aces high", Drums shaped as before, Nico Macbrain were beating snares violently, but with out any signs of effort. Bruce came running wearing same pants with those small patches, he wore in live after death. "Rolling, turning, diving, going in again Run, live to fly, fly to live, do or die", I almost felt like somebody has stopped all oxygen. Even before I can "phew", they started next riff, Dave Murray was on the killing spree, the same mild smile, the brutality was evident.... I screamed my lungs out "2 minutes to midnight The hands that threaten doom". I love Bruce, when he asks for 'SCREAM FOR ME BANGLO', the decibel level reached the new high, Bruce goes again SCREAM FOR ME BANGLO, this time previous record is broken. I had never seen Adrian with two pronged guitar, I was in surprise, what is to came, and I now seek apologies to my lord Maidens for being hazy with this track due to my own preconceived assumptions. They played wrathchild,which I was not able to participate, due to fatigue and lack of cognizance. Oh holy devil, I felt like such a sinner. Bruce started talking now, making some witty remarks. He told crowd that they were about to bring pyro techniques, to which crowd responded madly, then he told Indian laws doesn't allow that, I was like "fuck the bloody authorities". Next came the surprise number in form of "Children of the damned" It was hurled across me with such a force that I never came out of it. Next leads were started by Janick Gers, I had heard this one live once before, but in Paul Di'ano concert, who originally sang phantom of the opera. I banged my head left-right, up-down round and round, each note was hitting my nerves, I had a certain numbness when that triple lead by Dave, Janick and Adrian hit me.
The red uniform and fluttering of Union Jack and the back ground of The trooper, "You'll take my life but i'll take yours too". Bruce threw Union jack, this time two of them one after the other, crowd howled again. As if we didn't had enough, Bruce appeared in Nordic mask, the background changed to Eddie faced Sphinx. Power slave, whose lyrics are really hard to grab, but crowd thoroughly enjoyed. Steve Harris was shooting with his guitars, impact of bullets from his guns were right on the chest, I bowed down to him in order to express my gratitude for all that he has accomplished as the band leader and a great musician.
Then Bruce started talking about Nature and human, I fucking knew its time for "the rime of ancient Mariner", he told us to go and get some Samosas and break this is going to be a long 13 minutes song, I fucking said "NO, Bruce we are bloody here just for you". So as he says Samuel Coleridge's Rime of ancient mariner, there was echo back from my throat. The background changed to the fallen ship, Bruce appeared with black winged dress. 13 greatest minutes of my life, euphoria, ecstasy, second fucking time, I am listening one of the greatest songs of all times. "water water water everywhere, nor a drop to drink". God forbid the time to move on, I want to stay here, forever.
Before next track crowd were chanting "maiden" "maiden" so loud for almost 2 minutes, Bruce has to sit down and wait and when he asked "is that all", I almost said, "No", "maiden" "maiden" all again. He now talks about his love for India and he tell about the interview he was to give on "why people love Iron Maiden so much in India?", I wish I could have told him that its not jut love, but people worship Iron Maidens here.
So this time you better run for your life, run to the hills because white man has come across the sea and conquered our hearts.... This time Dave was playing with guitar around his body and smiling as ever.
There were no overture, there were no introduction, the first cymbal beat, fuck, Dave on spree again, The hand goes in the air, Maidens have that magic, "ho ho ho ho", this time crowd sings in chorus, entire Palace ground was singing. As the first lead approaches, the crowd goes completely nuts, every starts jumping, everyone is shifted 4-5 feet from their places. Bruce sings "Fear of the dark" and gives that hysteric laughter, Steve Harris is jumping and running here and there with his guitar. The crowd goes again "ho ho ho ho ho", everyone sings "fear of the dark". When the song reached its end, I was dumbstruck in utter awe. I felt like crying. Even before I could have controlled my self, there came the same chime, the same drum, the same lead by Dave, FUCK! FUCK!! FUCK!!!, the crowd started spreading itself for the moshing and head banging. It was getting more and more wilder, Everyone was singing in unison "I am waiting in my cold cell, when the bell begins to chime", when Bruce gave that last scream, everyone was jumping and headbanging, I was not expecting that kind of mayhem. I kept banging my head until I had a sudden jerk in my head, which looked like a pulled muscle, I was horrified, I wont be able to headbang any more. But I collected my self back and went on. For the first time I have ever seen Dave Murray splitting his legs while playing guitar. The song left me sore, my neck in utter pain, my head was blasting with shooting pain.
For next song "Iron maiden", I couldn't do much of those rituals, I was standing watching Janick gers doing that Angus young type duck walk, which looked a little funny on him. "See the blood flow watching it shed up above my head. Iron Maiden wants you for dead"; Come and get me lords, I am all yours.
Bruce started thanking and saying we love you all, I felt lightening-struck, I said "that's it???". The crowd encored Louder and Louder "more!" "more!!", "Maiden" "Maiden", restlessness was growing on me.
They returned back with the "number of the beast", Adrian smith went on rampage with leads and then Janick gers were displaying all sorts of theatrics with guitar; throwing it up in air, then circling around with guitar very very violently. "666" was in air, I can feel that number around. The song finished with some smoke kind of thing coming out from the some vents in the stage, that looked so damn amazing. The next number was "The evil that man do", to which crowd responded so damn well. 12 feet live EDDIE was walking on the stage, and he was hitting the guitar of Janick gers, then he was shooting Steve with his gun and while leaving he was jerking off, HAA HAA!!! For the last song, I again went blank, because of same stupid dumb reason, I felt like a sinner, again, they played "sanctuary", which I have heard only very few times. The song was stopped in between and Bruce started talking about the Iron maiden movie "Flight 666", he said that there is going to be loads of India in that movie. then the song resumed. As the song stopped they started thanking and all and they said they will come again next year with all new studio album. Then Janick pretended to throw the guitar towards audience, which he never did, lol. I felt like my pulses has stopped, how come they can leave so early??? I wanted more, there was huge bloodlust. My entire body felt so heavy when I was moving my steps out towards exit, I knew, they wont come back. I felt like drained and left in wilderness, all dry and alone, oh Gawd! they should have played atleast two more songs. But I later realized that they have played almost same number of songs, but my appetite has grown too much for metal. I donno how to finish this write-up, I am so dazed right now, All I can say "UP the IRONS", thou are my lord, I thank thee for all the great music thy hath created(RESPECT \m/)


Keshi said...

omg someone's gone all gaga abt that Iron Maiden ;-)

I prefer Metallica tho..and some Nirvana. I mean who can ignore God right!


!Teq-uila Del Zapata said...

they are my god too, but maiden live is something, which takes you in the dive, of which u can never come out!

Margie said...

**thou are my lord**
i can tell you love Iron Maiden!

Thanks for ur visit & nice comments!


Chronicwriter said...

i moved out of heavy rock.. those were the days.. but always a nice feeling to be in a live performance


!Teq-uila Del Zapata said...

moved out?
is there a way out?

ancientmariner said...

wow...excellent write up..felt like I was there..i have seen maiden two times too...missed the one in blore this time coz I am not there..going for nickelback and seether this week;) STYX is one of the most amazing pubs in blore..been there many times...hope to crash into it soon when I come to blore ..

!Teq-uila Del Zapata said...

kool man

Sucharita Sarkar said...


I'm too old to headbang and show the F-sign and stuff, but it was good to read and relive that kinda trip.

!Teq-uila Del Zapata said...

haa haa, headbanging is for youngsters, you may just raise your fingers to say thanks.lol.