Monday, March 17, 2008

The man who saw Mustaine live...

Yeah, I am the man, Fuck yeah, I have seen Mustaine live.... and yes I will bloody brag about it for decades. And one more confession to make I love Bangalore crowd, the fucking awesome crowd, this the best gig till date.
Ladies and gentleman, I went to Bengluru to witness one of the biggest rock festival in country know as "Rock in India", where 9 bands played live viz. Prestorika, Casino Blues, Junkyard Groove, Motherjane, Thermal and a quartet, Millennium, Pentagram, Machine Head, MEGADETH. By the time I reached Palace Grounds, It was around 17:20 hrs, so many of these small bands have already performed. I was looking at arrangement and it was fabulous, there were stalls of booze and cold drink and fast food and official rock merchandise all inside the precinct of concert grounds. One more exciting thing was bungee jumping equipment all inside the grounds, and many guys and gals were trying it. As I went inside, I saw the same large stage where my lords Maiden played Last year and hey! there was another stage on my right hand side. This stage was smaller and by the time I reached this band "Thermal" was performing, I didn't bother to hear them. I was looking around for a place to sit, yup! I want to conserve my energy.
So again the typical environment, which so much is a culture and for few its a religion, all forms of hip dresses and drooling beauties with fags in their hands. So I kept sitting at the end of the concert grounds while "Thermal" finished. Next came this Bangalorean band called "Millennium", this band has been performing since last two decades and the lead vocalist of the band was Fucking awesome. Their sound is quite heavily metallic and the vocalist and drummer were really good. I enjoyed the band, although I was clueless about the music. Then came this shit head band called Pentagram, the filthy Son of Bitch, Vishal Dadlani came on stage, and these guys were singing something disco remix of some bollywood shit, I didn't even bother to listen. I wanted to shout loudly "Fuck you Motherfucker Vishal, you dared insulted my Lords Maidens, you die after while your dick is being chopped off", but I resisted the temptation and just showed him my finger to say "you suck".
Now entire focus shifted on Main stage, where this band called Machine head appeared, this band is a thrash metal band. The vocalist was quite an impressive front man, he has loud screeching vocals apt for his band. Other band members were quite impressive, a truly international band. To my surprise the crowd here knew the vocals for machine head and there was this head banging, which soon converted into a Mosh pit. I shifted my location in oder to avoid being ran down in the mosh pit. The lead vocalist said, "when I came here they ask what will you get in India, but I tell you folks, Bangalore is fucking awesome", "I love you Banglore". He was mad at the crowd response. I am sorry folks, I have no clue what all did they play, It was first time I ever heard them, the music was groovy, but not to my tastes, but yeah the band has it.
Now the banner of machine head was taken down and there was huge Megadeth banner on the back of stage. So everyone was getting impatient, when they started playing some number from Ozzy and Pantera etc. There were bunch of guys and gals making the dope, just next to me.
Finally as stage went dark and the drummer Shawn drover started the thumping and then i saw James Lomenzo, the bassist and then Chris Broderick, the new lead guitarist kicking the lead and then Finally I saw, His Holy Lord "The DAVE MUSTAINE". Oh My holy Devil, this was the moment crowd was waiting for, there was an uproar, hands in air with devil horns floating in air. They played three songs one after another without a break, crowd gasped as to what is happening. There was one guy who was standing besides me, he was headbanging and jumping very enthusiastically, then this guy suddenly asked me "Dude, Can you believe I am seeing Dave mustaine live", I was stunned, "What is with this guy?". While they played "Sleepwalker" from their new album, then they played "Take no prisoners" and then they played "Never walk alone". Then after this Mustaine came for talking, he was brief he said "We will do the talking on our website, here we will just play". And then came "Hanger 18", Oh Devil, the dude besides me went mad. I thought that he was just another kid on high, but then I realized he is one of true devotees , he was madly holding his head with his hands and shouting "kill us Mustaine" and then again he asked me "dude, do you believe I am seeing mustiane live". I had no answer, For a moment I wanted to be him. The kind of Fan Following Megadeth has is awe-inspiring, he bloody knew all the bloody lyrics.
Then again they played "trust" and "skin of my teeth", Fuck man Dave does it so fucking well. There was a crowd uproar singing the lyrics. The song finished with killer lead by Chris. Then next came "toute le mode", Now was the turn to pay real homage to the gods, the crowd was singing in unison, every bloody one was knowing the lyrics, Love you Bangalore crowd for the respect shown to the lords. Next Came "Tornado of Soul", Fuck man!, the real Live "Tornado", Fuck!, Fuck!! Fuck!!!. Mustaine took the lead so fucking flawlessly, I went mad with my head banging with each riff and and each beat, as if time has just stopped.
"what do you mean I don't believe in god?....." Oh man here came the lead .... I must say Dave mustaine is my man he has resurrected the entire band from the ashes...... there came the killer solo by Chris, he is good, I wont compare him with Marty, but he does his job pretty well. So "Pe....aceeeee.... Peace sells but who's buying", I sang every line along with the crowd. Then Dave started talking he says we will come again and we love you all and things like that. This time the climate of Bangalore was awesome, clouds all over and little drizzling and wind blowing, I prayed to god for no rains. I believe Dave has an idea its going to rain, so they played lesser number of tracks than expected.
Next came "The symphony of destruction" the dude besides me again looked at me and pointed his hand in amazement. One more killer track with utmost precision, although the acoustics of the place sucked, but band didn't made people realized that. Then the band went inside and crowd was shouting for "she wolf" and "holy wars", I told one dude, they are not going to play "she wolf". After the encore, they came back and this time they played the song from new album "Washington is next", which is quite speed-metal stuff and I loved it very much. Now came the time, every Mustaine fan will kill for, "The Holy wars", Oh man I was totally mesmerized with the way they played it. What a band man. There are very few musicians who can match the capabilities of Dave Mustaine. I must say there is good reason, why all genuine metal fans respect Megadeth Most. We were waiting as if something else will come, but Dave threw some plectrums and his wrist band and drum sticks towards crowd. I wont say he is much of showman, but his music does all the talking for him. Dave you are my Man. (\m/ *respect)


rajjoacm said...

As from the review it appears to me that this time being nice and easy for you,the fact that no tickets lost and not much of heat in the was a fucking good concert,glad that you were there keeping the flame alive from our side...proud of you the way where is the comparision of Maidens V Mahadeath and where is the sheer mention of some lassies and styx...cant believe if u say u dint went to Styx...

BUNDESLEEGA is on its way.

chambilkethakur said...

i won't compare maidens with megadeth for the simple reason i can do it very well and that would lead to some form of insult to any of them, so i would refrain.
No we didn't went to styx, no partners :(
I skipped details on chics, want to be brief.