Monday, March 10, 2008

David Herbert Lawrence's Sons and Lovers.

Classic Literature has its own taste, it is slow, difficult to comprehend, full of emotions and some times full of verses. It has a unique elegance, a fine tuned beauty, which is smooth and matured. Plots, Problem-solution Scenario and discussion may sound stupid some times, but for the times in which they are set, they are just perfect. Sons and lovers was written too early in previous century and considered to be swan's song of D. H. Lawrence.
Book is difficult to start with, as most classics are, however once you overcome that threshold and become comfortable with authors writing style, it is not easy to put down. Reading these books is no easy for the simple reason that the author uses highly appropriate words, which are hard to find in common writing. the language is too much polished, metaphors are very well placed, there are all forms of literary beautifications, which makes book difficult to read in a go. The book require careful attention to understand and more than that appreciate the beauty of literature. D H Lawrence, unlike other classic author do not dwell much into fancy lands, he is very practical in his approach to writing, he presents very careful psychological analysis of all emotions behind all the actions. Sons and Lovers is quintessentially a love story, but with huge amount of intelligent ground work, however it is rich in its presentation of contemporary society in most lucid manner.
Relationship between lovers has been discussed in full length and in the spirit of love and emotions, without any melodramatic approach at any place. Mother and son relationship is depicted to its best, love-hate-judgment-fear-apathy-pity, all feelings are illustrated coherently. Love making and finer details of life are sketched precisely, never ever in the book any exaggeration of a situation is encountered. Books takes a non-conservative approach of describing conversations and mental state of characters very accurately,in contrast event are discussed with lesser details, but are given sufficient space and time. Central characters are more or less simpler and author never makes any hero out of them, they are ordinary men and women, just living their life as it comes. But even all these simple characters have complex psyche and they show extreme sensitivity towards minutest of action. There is quite a level of understanding between the characters, they utter less and understand more.

This book is definitely a must read for anyone, who appreciate good literature. They have named it one of the finest of last century. The book is impressive, not full of surprises, well narrated and a classic in every sense.

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