Friday, March 21, 2008

My First Rolling Stone

Sapota after watching this movie "almost famous" was very much impressed by Rolling Stone, the magazine. Now again after watching this flick school of rock, Sapota could relate rock and roll to his life more closely. Sapota was listening to rock and roll for a long time now, but the pleasure to discover more was becoming a passion. So Sapota started hunting around for posters, he could just manage one of "Nirvana", Sapota was desperate to get 'Metallica" poster at any cost. So Sapota started looking for magazines which publish poster, but to his dismay, in Pune there was only RSJ. So this hunt for poster ended in Sapota looking for magazines on rock and roll; as you become religious u start referring to fundamentals, so sapota started looking for Rolling Stone, but it was no where in Pune. So I looked around at internet, there were so many of them available but shipping charges from US were deterring. Then someone went to US, so Sapota asked him to get 1000th edition of Rolling stones, but again disappointment. Then again Sapota read 50 great stories in Rolling Stones, where Bono writes about Beatles and Marilyn manson wrote about The 'Holy' Doors, Sapota was bloody hooked, he desperately wanted the Magazine. Sapota once went to Bangalore, so here in Landmark Stores they had a "ROLLING STONE"!!!, Sapota was thrilled, but that edition had Jack Nicholson on cover and price was 500 bucks, Sapota thought not worth it, he wanted to buy, but like typical India consumer was justifying "if this would have been 1000th edition I would have paid 1000 buck, but for Nicholson, no way". Although Sapota likes Nicholson but this is the not the right place.
So when Sapota again went to Bangalore, he saw a street boy having a rolling stone in his hand, he said "what?", then he realized that its Rolling Stone India for just 100 bucks; there were no second thought, within seconds "give me the mag, here is your 100 bucks" Sapota was thrilled, he had his first Rolling stones in his hand. Sapota didn't like the cover a bit since it was some hip hop star. But inside they have Led Zeppelin and the holy God of Guitar Jimi Hendrix. Sapota is happy that they started it here in India and want to thanks them from bottom of his heart. Sapota's target to get 1000th edition and 50 great stories is still on list, but for now contended with his new prized possession.
long live rolling stone (\m/ *respect).

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babooshka said...

Just twigged how you got onto my blog, it was my "almost famous" post

Interesting blog you got here,takes me back to my mispent youth (the tache blaclpool).Like your book reviews and film posts.