Monday, April 14, 2008

No running with torch this time.

Sapota knows what you guys are thinking? See this is not about exploiting my stature. But this is about a bigger cause.
Sapota has decided this time not to run with olympic torch in order to support the Tibetan cause. Sapota knows that he should not mix politics with sports, but its not about sport any more, this is more about humanity. Sapota is an advocate of democracy, liberty and freedom, but these communist bustards have crushed a free democratic country for its political and military motives.
Sapota watched some hindi movie(yes friends, yet again) and there was so much of cliche, repeated dailogues and over-exploitation of themes like patriotism and emotions. Sapota is tired of bashing hindi movies. Sapota sound so much beating about the SAME bloody bush again and again. Commercialization has touched everything, but still there is a way of making good movies, with commercial value. Yet still these communist bustards are torturing peaceful protesters.
If Marx would have been alive and seeing what people has done with his peaceful theory of social development, he would have burnt Das Kapital with his own hands. Sapota wont advocate communism, but in spirit after imperialism and despotic reign, it was the best thing, which talk about a total social development. But these guys have twisted it as totalitarian regime. Nevertheless, nothing less is hindi movies doing, they are torturing people in name of entertainment. Each movie tries to show everything in a single go and none of them is shown well.
Phew, life is stuck with head in ass, national newpaper is a tabloid, national movies are big fucks and my friends in Tibet are suffering.


Raseel said...

I completely agree with you on your thoughts about Communism. It's like they started writing GPLv2 and ended with the Public Domain license.
But Dude, w.r.t Hindi movies, it's not true. What we call as repetitive , over-melodramaticism, is exactly what the common man of India wants to see. He needs more surrealism, more gaudy heroes than anything related to real life.
I think Hindi movies are not doing TOO bad a job of it. If we observe closely, there quite some English movies which are overdone too.

chambilkethakur said...

sorry about being too harsh on hindi movies, what i meant was here not all hindi movies, but the ones which tortured me, actaully two of them, this one and that one(the link in blog). Yes hollywood movies also suck big time.
Common man! u mean RK Laxman one. dude, he is a mute spectator and he really doesn't say a word. He just watches anything. All these directors and producers are masking their follies by saying that "they do it becoz public wants it". common man has never been asked what he really wants.

alan said...

I'm in agreement regarding Chinese aggression in Tibet. I also dig many of the movies and music on your profile. Do you like White Zombie? How bout Pantera? Anyway, nice blog

Sucharita Sarkar said...

You seem to be so full of angst. Thanx for the suggestion on intelligent protests.
Sorry to disagree, I love Hindi movies though I also think they are tales told many times over. But that's just what I like about them - leave your brains behind and enjoy.
I agree with you on tibet though.

Keshi said...

Im sick of politics and even Olympics. Everything has become a WAR!


chambilkethakur said...

no i don't listeb white zombie. oh I love pantera.

hindi movies are still growing and no offense, but intelligent cinema is now happening, but still we are far behind world cinema.

Sports are fun and they represent human spirit truely, AFA politics is concerned , i would say people shun from it, without knowing it.

Venkster said...

Hehehe general frustration over life not going your way ;-) ???