Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Find of the festival: Municipal waste live at bloodstock 2013

I have never in my life seen a moshpit starting before the band is even on the stage. That my friend is power of thrash and this outfit is one of the quintessential thrash metal band, which will just ram more and more thrash in your face as long as you keep chanting "Municipal waste is gonna fuck you up!". The chant was audible along the mosh pit, it was the war cry of the gig, a welcome prelude for their grand entrance. I was told that this is a pretty kick arse band and I should definitely check them out. As of now I really fully understand this band very well, but back then I had no clue who they were, what were they up to and what their music was like.
But as I would like to point out this band is my find of this festival and a very good find. I can listen to them for good amount of time. Initially their songs sounded same to me, which is pretty much true for any specialised genre at the beginning, but you need a lot of listening to find the distinction and appreciate the effort they have put in various songs. Municipal waste are comparatively newer to thrash scene and have a whole fresh take at the genre. Their songs are short and fast. In an interview I heard the lead singer saying it is hard to sing for longer duration and he don't really know his unholiness Sire Thomas Araya of Slayer does it.

Another noteworthy item is their poster and their album art is, as it looks like some kind of mutated waste containment unit or something. Pretty much all their albums are about either partying or thrashing or mutation of some kind, which is pretty kick arse theme for a band.
So I didn't know most of their song at that time and since they performed one song after another it was hard to tell which song was being played at the very moment. The performance was very tight, I was standing with my neck down and headbanging through out the whole performance, there was no fucking break.
They performed actually a lot of song for their slot time, which was in middle of the freaking day. This is list of all songs they performed thanks to setlist.fm:
  1. (inc Bass solo)
  2. Born to Party

    Pretty much after every song there was a chant of "Municipal waste is gonna fuck you up". Atleast there were people who knew these guys and understood their songs. I don't remember at this point if they talked to public or what did they say. For the most part of the gig my eyes were on the crowd or just head banging. I had no idea what antics band was upto, but from most of what I can recall there was nothing much but pure thrash coming from stage and simple high octane performance.
    I think somewhere in the end they performed the song "the art of partying" that is when the shit got really hyper. It is the song which have lyrics of "gonna fuck you up". This is one fucking skull crushing song and with face melting performance. The party was fucking at this zenith at this song. I have heard of crowd surfing and moshing wheel chair users. but I saw this myself in this gig. The dude was being pushed by the crowd and raise during one of the song. Totally respect worthy site, I love you all the crazy bloodstock metal head motherfuckers.
    I think another song they talked about was president Obama, which was a hilarious song title but interesting nevertheless.
    That was one of the maddest gig I have ever seen, the whole gig was one large thrash party. Anyway the last song they performed was Born to party, which is another great song form the album of the same title, it can be said that this is the best song to describe the band in one song. Fast, energetic, relentless and overall amazing.  I was too fucking tired by the end of the gig, so I got myself a wurst. I have since then, heard these guys quite a bit and they are now a permanent addition to my thrash list.

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