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Dee Dee Dee: Tenacious D at download festival 2012

Day 2 Band 3

Well, the onslaught of Steel Panther left everyone speechless. While most of the crowd remained pretty much same, there was some amount of shuffling. Some people told me previously that Tenacious D's new album is superb. To be frank I didn't check the album at all because of too much running around before the festival for me. Anyway I am here and waiting for the most rock and roll dude in the Hollywood. You have to give it to Jack Black for being the actor who knows his rock n roll better than the most people. We have already seen him do two kick arse movies on rock and roll. School of rock is easily in my list of the top 10 movies of all times. The movie pumps me up as much a real concert would to rock until every part of my body is sore.
The stage was changed with the poster of a Fenix, which is essentially a pun on penis and phoenix, the bird. As you can see from the picture below their is hardly any subtlety in the artwork, but I am big fan of such artwork. They are touring for their new album which is called "Rise of the Fenix". So they performed about 5-6 songs from their new album starting with  the opening track "Rize of Fenix". Jack Black appears with a white cloak, strumming with acoustic guitars. The crowd starts clapping and there is a rise of a penis shaped bird with balls and wings made up of fire. The sound is very much like classic sound of Tenacious D, Jack Black written all over the music. While they perform this song there were boobs flashing somewhere, Steel Panther left us with a huge hangover and everyone is reaping the fruit of their glorious labour. 

JB and kyle changed to plain Tshirts and full length pants, which was unusual for them, where is the fucking shorts guys? They performed Low hanging fruit as second song.
Before playing next song senorita, JB took out his phone and said,"this is the most incredible crowd I have ever seen, KG say cheese to crowd, I'll text the picture to you." Oh well I am still waiting for my text. The song has lot of strumming and jamming while a huge portion of lyrics are in spanish.
This performance was quickly followed by the Dethstarr, which in JB's words is for planet earth. But the song implies that we will be rocking on deathstar, and we need to build that fucking ship.There was someone dressed as squid on stage for some reason? I don't even know what that was about, I have no idea how that is even related to this song.
A roadie comes on stage to wipe JB's face and giving him a shoulder rub and then JB tells the roadie to get out of there. This one goes out to all the roadies for every band. So now we are seeing a lot of theatrics from JB which we have witnessed in his movies, he is taking the powerstand while finishing this song(The Roadie) with high pitch scream and making that angry funny face.
They performed another slow paced classic rock song Throw down after the roadie. The song followed with a short drum solo, which was nice to see from someone other than Dave Grohl. Dave Grohl was not touring with them this time sadly.
 At this moment the sun comes out in Sky and JB says, "Gorgeous sun for the Gorgeous crowd". Loud applause at this point.
At this very point they performed another sexy song, Kielbasa. Fuck yeah!!!! oh yeah!!!! The dropping rhythm and those guitars were superb. Currently one of my favourite songs.

As if this was not enough, it followed with
 A long ass fuckin' time ago,
In a town called Kickapoo,
There lived a humble family
Religious through and through.
But yay there was a black sheep
And he knew just what to do.

Holy shit, the song with DIO(*RIP \m/).
JD goes the brisk walk when he performs his part and KG sings as his dad. JB sings for Dio's part. The song ends with a long ass vibrato  Rock. Rah-ha-ha-ha-hock. Raye-yayayayaye-yock a lot of strumming by KG. The band takes a bow, what a fucking performance!

So JD asks the crowd next about what is the hardest from of Rock, everyone knows it is the Metal(for all you genre Nazis, shut up!). And he asked how many of you like Metal here? Oh well!!! enough to make the whole place echo with the word Metal. He said it is a great honour to perform at the same stage as Metallica, which would play later on the stage. Playing all the cards right, JB. So they performed "The metal" next, which is different from most of Tenacious D songs, with lot of electronic guitar with heavy riffs and fast drumming.
JB: "Dude, KG looks like something is happening to our guitarist. Oh god he looks possessed". Oh My Gawd, we know what time it is? This is time for some Beelzeboss and his final showdown. JB and KG goes, "FUUCCCKKKK!!!!" and the devil goes "Yes, you are fucked and my cock you will suck!". The song I was waiting for most, fucking amazing guitars, the brief drum solo and all the glorious singing. I wish I could re-live the song again today. I seriously need to see Tenacious D soon again. I love this freaking band.
Next they jumped to hilariously titled ironic song "fuck her gently", a great melodious song apparently romantic but holy shit the lyrics.  A lot of high pitch screams from JB on this particular one, I really like that style of singing, reminds me of the metal god, Robert Halford.
JB says me and my brother KG here came with this song when meeting the devil. Next song was "the Tribute", almost everyone in the audience was singing along word by word. 
We looked at each other and said "OKAY"
 And we played the first thing that came to our heads,
Just so happened to be,
The Best Song in the World, it was The Best Song in the World."

 The song is roller coaster ride with brilliant chorus and going low with all the commentary and high with all the high pitch singing. Somewhere down the road JD goes "oh ahh rak pak gi gig gig gi gi". There are some good riffs and drumming but it is mostly singing and strumming which makes this song shine.
The hands were raised in the air clapping with the song. Someone somewhere showed more boobs(oh thank you Steel panther again).

The next song begins somewhere along JB talking, this one was called Double team. Seriously good composition with lot of complex riffs. JB introduces the greatest bass player of all times John Spiker(ok, that line is getting old) and the bass dude does some seriously wicked Bass solo.

So JB now starts talking again he says, " I must say I thoroughly enjoy rocking you, the closest the man can come to rocking is making love. Today we have made love to your ears and hopefully you will have multiple eargasms. I am satisfied and I love this entire nation." Now the Fenix bows down and there are papers coming out of the Fenix which is basically orgasming at this point.  They finish with a lot of bowing and waving from JB and KG. Gosh, I am in sudden urge of seeing Tenacious Dee again.

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